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What’s Happening Today Fri. 10/25/2013

Immigration Reform: President Obama calls on the House to act now to pass bipartisan, comprehensive immigration reform. The Senate has already passed a bill which the House could vote on (with or without amendments), but the House seems more interested in either passing its own measure or doing nothing. Following the federal government shutdown Roll Call reports optimists say that Republicans, “wanting to win back some of the popular support they lost over the past month,” will press for some type of package. The pessimists say, “Action may be stymied by continued infighting over government spending and lawmakers who have little interest in helping the party resuscitate its damaged reputation.”

Here is what some New Jerseyans say:

U. S. Senator Robert Menendez: “Our current  immigration laws have failed us.”

Rep. Frank Pallone: “Now more then ever, we need a fair immigration plan for the 21st century that provides opportunities to the workers that are here and contributing to the success of the nation.”

Rep. Rush Holt: “Reform will significantly boost New Jersey’s economy: providing a path to citizenship for some half-million immigrants living illegally in New Jersey – grow their wages, spur small business job creation and thus increase tax revenue and overall economic activity in the state.”

Paul Boudreau, President of the Morris County Chamber of Commerce: “Many law-abiding businesses find it difficult to find workers with the right skill sets to fill positions, and, as result, they’re “missing a huge economic opportunity” by not hiring workers who lack a legal employment status.”

Gov. Chris Christie: While he has declined to take a position on the Senate bill, he recently said, “We’re going to have to come up with a solution. You need to provide people with confidence that the system’s going to be fair and that means everybody.”


Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: 11:30am, Radio Interview, Barbara Altman’s Front Porch, WOND 1400 AM;  Barbara Buono: 8:00pm, Newark NAACP 99th Annual Freedom Fund Awards Dinner, Robert Treat Hotel, 50 Park Pl., Newark.

Christie/Guadagnio gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 10:45am, with Motor Vehicle Commission chairman Raymond Martinez, greets patrons at Sabor Latino Bistro and announces an expansion of New Jersey’s American driver license transfer privileges to include the U.S. territories and commonwealths of Puerto Rico, American Samoa, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands, North Bergen.

The Working Families United for New Jersey, Inc.: 5:00pm, “Raise the Wage” campaign will join with local elected officials including Rep. Frank Pallone (D CD 6), community supporters and union leaders to hold a press conference and to educate the community about the importance of voting “Yes” on Ballot Question #2 to raise New Jersey’s minimum wage, Asbury Park Train Station.

U. S. Sen. Jeff Chiesa: 12:15pm, speech at a New Jersey Human Trafficking Task Force summit focused on ways people can help anti-trafficking strategies at events such as the Super Bowl, Trenton War Memorial, Trenton. He remains our Senator until Halloween when Cory Booker is sworn into office by Vice President Biden.

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