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Gatekeepers to Marriage Equality for all New Jerseyans

Promoted: From Jay’s vision, to reality. (Let’s hope.) -JG

Old b-roll footage can be intriguing to watch, including this clip with Senator Barbara Buono from last summer’s paid family leave bill signing.   She praises the leadership skills of Sen. Steve Sweeney — who’s since become Senate majority leader.  It kinda got me thinking about what’s possible for GLBT rights in New Jersey.

Truckers for Obama: Volunteer-created ad

A contrast ad with no scary voiceovers … instead, some adapted film noir that transitions to a happier land, represented by the open spaces of Mercer County, New Jersey … inhabited by Betsy the yellow 1952 Chevy pickup truck.

Updated with a new opening title and a tag line that urges viewers to “Grab the wheel. Choose a new direction. VOTE November 4th.”

Obama video: Road to VoteForChange

After 8 long years on a road to nowhere … it’s time to change direction.

High-quality version is also available.

The video ends by urging viewers to “Grab the wheel. Register to vote at VoteForChange.com“.

I’ll update the ending in a few weeks after the voter reg deadlines have mostly passed, simply urging viewers to vote on November 4th.

Made in New Jersey, in the beautiful open spaces of Mercer County. BTW, the yellow truck is a 1952 Chevy pickup named Betsy.

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4000 NJ Guard Troops to Iraq

The largest deployment of NJ Nat’l Guard troops since WWII is happening very soon. Hopefully the Soldiers come back to their families safe and sound. And in the meantime. hopefully NJ won’t suffer any natural disasters while our Soldiers are gone.

Anne Milgram, our civil rights may be violated on February 5 (Help!)

When NJ attorney general Anne Milgram got a five month extension to get her act together, New Jersey voters were left wondering if their vote will be properly counted.

It was Madonna, Lord Byron Juan Melli who once cleverly remarked “we can send a man to the moon in ten years but they can’t figure out how to print out a piece of paper in three!”

We have an election three weeks from today.  Go ahead and cross your fingers now, watch the video and send it to every New Jerseyan you know.