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Honoring Senator Kennedy

Jay …. this is lovely. — promoted by Rosi

One of the best things about spending the last four years following politicians around with a video camera is the tons of file footage I’ve acquired.  It’s an especially useful tool for expressing one’s self when words are hard to find.  Like now.

I’m the candidate. I’m out here.

The Corzine campaign just released a new video, produced in-house, which underscores the point that Chris Christie’s had some trouble with the cascading evidence of questionable conduct he engaged in as United States Attorney for the District of NJ, and questionable ties he still maintains to that office. And would rather avoid chatting about it just now.

My own opinion: red meat for the cognoscenti, but might scare off undecideds. I think people need to hear – every way possible and from all angles – what he did. That’s the meat, the substance, the muck of the muckraking.

Harsh, unflattering video that underscores that he’s avoiding talking about it – which has some truth – may turn a lot of people off, and reinforce perception that the campaigns can’t tell the difference between muck and mud.

But that’s my 2 cents. What’s your opinion?

“Cherry Hill will be Christie Country!!!”

Promoted by Jason Springer: Chris Christie was in Cherry Hill today and Jay Lassiter, who dubbed himself the official welcome wagon head cheerleader was there to say hello.

Chris Christie and I crossed paths today at my local Jersey diner.  Thankfully the encounter did not happen in the men’s room.

P.S.  Kim Guadagno was there too.  She was pretty smooth with the crowd and and came off appealing.  (just saying……)

Pascrell and Pallone and the “poster child for abuse” Chris Christie [video]

This week, congressmen Frank Pallone and Bill Pascrell testified before the House Judiciary subcommittee investigating Deferred Prosecution Agreements. They followed Chris Christie’s prickly testimony.

Pallone, who called Christie the “poster child for abuse” on Blue Jersey Radio [listen here], and Pascrell,  laid out the real costs to our economy of not reining in people like Chris Christie, and propose a legislative fix.

Pascrell first, Pallone after the jump. Sound quality is from the House Judiciary Committee website feed.

Saturday Morning Video

I love this video of the Pilooski re-edit of New Jersey great Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons’s song Beggin’.

Of course more than a million people saw it before me.  What viral videos do you recommend?  A bonus 4 to any that are Jersey-related.