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NJ Marine comes home to jubilant, relieved family

I’m getting to be a huge fan of Star Ledger’s well-made, and very direct video news coverage. But I missed this one the other day when I was compiling the news roundup, because my mind just wasn’t attuned to video. Dunno. But this one – the return from Afghanistan of NJ Marine Lance Cpl. Owen Curry to his family in West Orange – is such a pointed reminder that our soldiers in war have families on the homefront, and their days soar or sink with news from their loved ones. Nice job capturing that, Nyier Abdou:

NJ Marine returns home from Afghanistan

One Hurdle Down, Three to Go: a schizophrenic day for Marriage

Jay Lassiter planned all along to go down to the statehouse yesterday and blog for us. But then, something happened in his hometown, that made him stay there, to capture for you today what the people of Cherry Hill did when the fools came to town. Great job, Jay – promoted by Rosi

Today the NJ Senate Judiciary voted on gay marriage equality.   And what a long strange trip it’s been clearing the first hurdle.

Pallone wades into the new mammogram study – live streaming the hearing

In the wake of highly controversial and contested new recommendations to women on when in their lives they should have mammograms, Congressman Frank Pallone is convening a hearing to examine the issue.

The hearing begins in a few minutes, at 10am. You can watch it live streamed here.

The recommendations, released last month by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, urge women with average breast cancer risk should begin screening for tumors at 50, not at 40. The study also advised women ages 50-74 need screening only every two years as opposed to annually, and that women over 75 can skip the test altogether.

The federal recommendations – a sharp departure from medical orthodoxy – produced immediate reactions, from women flooding into their doctors’ offices demanding an opinion, to charges that this was the government getting ready to ration care and kill off older women. Well, there’s no accounting for Fox News.

Pallone chairs the Health Subcommittee of the House Energy and Commerce Committee.  

Marriage Equality, the Highlight reel

Promoted by Jason Springer: Jay gives us more of the view from Trenton, this time in Video. Thanks for being there to tell the story for us.

There’s too much work to be done to WIN marriage equality that I don’t have the time to polish off the perfect video.  It’s a rush job.

But it’s only 2m20 you totally get the message.


The Corzine campaign just released a new web ad, detailing the benefits the Christie boys, Chris and Todd, got from all that money they raised together for Christie’s old boss, George W. Bush:

I think this is a story that can’t be told enough. Special privileges and getting off scot-free are advantages the rest of us don’t get to have, like Christie and his brother do. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Documentation for all this – worth looking at – is after the jump.

Thank You Speaker Roberts

Thanks, Jay,for bringing this sharply into focus again. – – – Promoted from the diaries by Rosi

Twenty years from now this is how I will remember Assembly Speaker Joe Roberts.  (Flashback from November 2007)

Honoring Senator Kennedy

Jay …. this is lovely. — promoted by Rosi

One of the best things about spending the last four years following politicians around with a video camera is the tons of file footage I’ve acquired.  It’s an especially useful tool for expressing one’s self when words are hard to find.  Like now.

I’m the candidate. I’m out here.

The Corzine campaign just released a new video, produced in-house, which underscores the point that Chris Christie’s had some trouble with the cascading evidence of questionable conduct he engaged in as United States Attorney for the District of NJ, and questionable ties he still maintains to that office. And would rather avoid chatting about it just now.

My own opinion: red meat for the cognoscenti, but might scare off undecideds. I think people need to hear – every way possible and from all angles – what he did. That’s the meat, the substance, the muck of the muckraking.

Harsh, unflattering video that underscores that he’s avoiding talking about it – which has some truth – may turn a lot of people off, and reinforce perception that the campaigns can’t tell the difference between muck and mud.

But that’s my 2 cents. What’s your opinion?