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Shutdown in New Jersey

In an article today the NY Times indicates that New Jersey is on the low end of the spectrum of the number of federal employees per 100,000 residents. Washington, DC is hit the hardest with 986 per 100,000. That seems…
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A House Divided

It appears our midterm, newly elected Democrats are early on showing their colors. (See the House new members in an orientation session above.) Two groups exist in the House which have separated themselves from the more progressive members and have…
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Poll: Congressional Republicans are losing the hearts & minds of Americans

This isn’t strictly New Jersey, except as vmars’ post below makes clear,the federal government shutdown perpetrated by (some of) our elected reps in Congress is all kinds of mess.

So, I had to flag this poll for you, just out from the Washington Post/ABC News poll:

Poll: approval of Congress

Hallelujah, the Republicans – and particularly its minority Tea Party faction – are losing the hearts and minds of America. And that’s despite the efforts of people like Chris Christie to somehow equalize out the blame to both parties (though Christie, ever self-promoting, has proposed himself as the solution).

I think this is key, particularly since it becomes ever more obvious that Republicans in Congress are driven by their radical fringe, who claim ultra-patriotism even as they gloss right over key tenets of America like majority rules (have you seen TIME Magazine’s cover photo?) and why playing chicken with default deadlines is a bad idea. And be clear: GOP Senate candidate Steve Lonegan is PRO-shutdown.

Disapproval of how congressional Republicans have handled this budget dispute (read: deep fear that ACA will be a success) has shot up to 70%, up from 63% about a week earlier. But there’s strong indication that the GOP tantruming baby’s dirty diaper stinks things up for everybody within smelling distance. Approval of President Obama’s response is climbing, but so are his disapproval numbers – moreso (with 39% approving strongly). And 61% now disapprove of congressional Dems (up from 56%) with strong disapproval up to 45%.  

Meanwhile approval of Pres. Obama’s response is climbing (Congressional Dems don’t get off easy either, though, proof that the GOP tantruming baby’s diaper stinks it up for everybody nearby;  

Honor Flight veterans storm the shutdown World War II Memorial

Iowa Honor Flight vets enter shutdown World War II Memorial

I’m following the tweets of @LeoShane, D.C. reporter for Stars and Stripes military news. He is reporting that within the hour, Mississippi honor flight veterans knocked over the barriers to Washington D.C.’s World War II Memorial, placed there to close it during government shutdown. And they walked – and wheelchaired – inside, to thunderous applause. The vets have taken control of the Monument. Then the Iowa vets showed up too. The Park Police were called. And politicians started to show up. Nobody would dare to kick out these vets, not right now. Damn the shutdown, they want to get to their state’s tower, like the one for New Jersey below.

New Jersey Monument at World War II MemorialI know honor flight, because in July my beloved volunteered with an honor flight group of several busloads of WWII vets from all over New Jersey. He was a one-on-one assistant assigned to a 91-year-old Army vet of the European theater. He did that in honor of both our fathers, veterans of the same war. And it was one of the best and most sacred days of his life. From his stories of the determination of these aging but determined group of Jersey vets, I can totally believe no government shutdown orange barriers stopped them getting in.

Want to be moved? Help make an honor flight possible.