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2017: President Christie is in the White House. Who Gets the Credit?

So Chris Christie is running for president. No surprise there. Chances are he will never inhabit the living quarters of the White House. But the election is a year and a half away and anything could happen. Suppose he does become our next president. Who would get the “credit” for this upset?

Certainly, a lot of the credit would go to Christie himself. He wants it badly and is willing to do whatever it takes (ethical or unethical) to reach the Oval Office. His whirlwind tour of the other 49 states has just begun, and he’ll throw in a couple of overseas visits to “establish” his foreign policy creds. He would win debates with Hillary Clinton on style points, and that’s sufficient as most of the electorate can be swayed on the issues.

Deval Patrick in Willingboro

Cory Booker surrogate, Governor Deval Patrick of Massachusetts is making the rounds in the Garden State today. His first stop this morning was the Willingboro Senior Center – a South Jersey venue that Booker has appeared at regularly.

Despite the fact that Patrick was unable to generate the electric excitement that Booker excels at, the governor was well received by a friendly audience.

To me, as a progressive, Patrick’s paean to Booker’s support of public education rang hollow, but that wasn’t the main theme of his remarks. The thrust of Patrick’s remarks was a direct counterpoint to Steve Lonegan’s comments about someone who is diagnosed with cancer (“that’s your problem, not mine.”) The Massachusetts governor emphasized that we are all in a community, and by helping each other we help ourselves.

Booker is not a perfect candidate. We had a chance to elect a true progressive in the Primary, but we didn’t. But change does not happen overnight. The right wing has been working for decades to dismantle government and subjugate the middle class, and their efforts are just beginning to pay off now. If we wish to have successful Progressive candidates moving forward, we need to continuously work the system. Bitching and moaning outside the system is fruitless.

As I wrote in a previous diary, and despite what other BLoggers may have to say here, it is better to elect Booker than to sit out this election. A Lonegan victory in a blue state would be a disaster for us and the nation.

What’s Happening Today Tue. 09/24/2013

Fuzzy Teddy Bear vs. Pit Bull: While U. S. Senate candidate Cory Booker has portrayed himself as above the fray, sometimes aloof with an inexhaustible number of fuzzy quotes that appear on his Facebook page, Republican Steve Lonegan has been tenacious, even ruthless, in stalking his prey even in Booker’s habitat of Newark. Today’s Quinnipiac University Poll finds “Booker leads Lonegan 53 – 41 percent among likely voters in the U.S. Senate race, closer than expected given Booker’s wide lead among registered voters last month.” However, don’t underestimate the importance of Booker’s huge warchest and staff, for even while he is out fundraising his people are mounting a substantial ground game. Nonetheless, for some who may not like him, consider the alternative: a pit bull, who once seated as a Senator becomes extremely difficult to dislodge, and one who will seek to destroy so much that progressives and moderates support.  

Public Schedules (your opportunity to jeer or cheer)

Buono/Silva gubernatorial campaign: Barbara Buono: 8:00am, The Hoboken Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Council, Teak On The Hudson, 16 Hudson Pl., Hoboken; Barbara Buono: 2:-00pm, with Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, New Brunswick Voter Registration Event, Rutgers University, Brower Commons, 145 College Ave., New Brunswick; Barbara Buono: 4:00pm, NJEA Fall Focus Program, The Westwood, 438 North Ave., Garwood.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 10:45am, dedication of Union Township train station in honor of the late U.S. Rep. Bob Franks; Christie: 12:00 noon, Richard J. Codey Arena, remarks at Essex County Senior Wellness Day, West Orange; (Will he make a comment about his not so good friend Sen. Codey?); afterward a walk through the Orange downtown business district with Essex County Executive Joseph DiVincenzo and Mayor Dwayne Warren.

U. S. Senate candidate Cory Booker: Deval Patrick is in New Jersey, as the press reports, stumping “for” (not “with”) Cory Booker. Booker had a celebrity high-dollar fundraiser last night in L. A, and he has two scheduled events tomorrow in New Jersey. However, it’s unclear as to whether he will accompany Patrick at any of the below events. Patrick is using money from his political action committee to pay for this trip.

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick: 9:30am, visits with seniors at the John F. Kennedy Recreation Center, Willinboro; 12:00 Noon, rally with Princeton University College Democrats and the American Whig-Cliosophic Society; 2:00pm, with Barbara Buono (see above); 5:30pm, Essex County Democratic Committee meeting, East Orange.  

U.S. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr.: 10:00am, news conference on the upcoming enrollment period for New Jersey’s health insurance marketplace, PSE&G Children’s Specialized Hospital, New Brunswick. The often complicated and confusing enrollment, which can benefit so many New Jerseyans, starts October 1 – underfunded with little support from Christie.

U. S. Senate candidate Steve Lonegan: 6:45pm reception and 7:30pm, speaking at the Rebovich Institute for NJ Politics, Rider University, Yvonne Theater, Fine Arts Building, 2083 Lawrenceville Road, Lawrenceville. (An opportunity to question Lonegan: RSVP to Susan Cuccia at 609-896-5350 or scuccia@rider.edu. free and open to the public.)

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