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Rob Andrews & Bob Menendez on CREW’s List: Most Corrupt Members of Congress

Watchdog group CREW – Citizens for Responsibility & Ethics in Washington – today named two members of New Jersey’s congressional delegation to their annual list of the Most Corrupt Members of Congress 2013; Rep. Rob Andrews and Sen. Bob Menendez.

Only four Dems are on the list; Menendez and Andrews are half (the other two are from NY). New Jersey’s 15% of the list. Only other senator? Mitch McConnell. Both are under investigation; Andrews by the House Ethics Committee, and Menendez by Senate Ethics. CREW was instrumental at pointing the finger at both, so it should surprise nobody they’re trumpeting their own work.

robert_menendez_new_jersey_corruptionBob Menendez: It was CREW that sent documents to the FBI and DOJ. The suspicion about Menendez’ dealings in the Domincan Republic was sexed up by allegations that he cavorted with underage prostitutes, an anonymous charge that is  likely a right-wing fabrication and smear job. But Menendez has had a harder time offloading suspicion that he used his position to benefit longtime friend Dr. Solomon Melgen, a Florida eye doctor who has donated to Menendez for years.

rob_andrews_new_jersey_corruptionRob Andrews: CREW says this:

Donors to Rep. Rob Andrews’ campaigns likely have no idea that the congressman is treating his campaign account like a personal piggy bank.

With Andrews, it’s about alleged misspending of campaign funds on personal luxury expenses; a family trip to Scotland, airline travel to L.A. for himself and his daughter, who wants a career in show business, and a graduation party for another daughter. One thing new to me was Andrews earmarking more than $1.5M for Rutgers Law School, his wife’s employer (you remember Camille Andrews).

CREW’s got a page on each lawmaker on their list. This is what they say about Menendez. Here’s the page on Andrews.