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A step forward for community news

“We believe that positive social change, racial justice and meaningful engagement in public life require equitable access to technology, diverse and independent ownership of media platforms, and journalism that holds leaders accountable and tells people what’s actually happening in their…
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NJ Media: Historic Choice….not that newsworthy.

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Yesterday evening, as I sat at a table for the Sussex County Democratic Committee at our local version of NJ’s ubiquitous summer concert series, the news broke of Senator Buono’s pick for Lieutenant Governor. Wow! I was blown away with excitement. This was BIG NEWS! She had chosen a female candidate! I began furiously messaging all the women I knew who have been working for the Senator. I began talking to women around the campus, and the feedback was overwhelming: they were thrilled about the historic choice! Seriously, my phone was buzzing non-stop and the best word to describe the consensus was “giddy”.

So, imagine my surprise this morning as I scrolled through the NJ news websites only to find a smattering of coverage–often on the bottom of the page– of this historic moment.(NorthJersey.com, I’m looking at you). It was the kind of media black out I’ve come to expect from my local right-leaning Herald, but even supposed progressive media, like NJ Spotlight, had a shocking dearth of coverage. This is extremely disappointing and yet another example of women, and the issues that are important to us, being ignored by the media. The NJ media seems particularly guilty of this; after all, even The Huffington Post ran a better story than any of the NJ online publications.