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Way To Go, Verizon

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Verizon released a powerful ad about the harm that parents, teachers, television and society do to girls with our words and messages.  While I have my issues with this New Jersey based company sometimes, this is brilliant and needed.

Buono Posts Economic Plan for New Jersey

I’m pulling this up to the top of the front page for anyone who might have missed it early this AM. – Rosi

Today, Barbara Buono released her plan for jobs and economic security for the State of New Jersey. The plan is based on needs of the people and businesses in New Jersey, not the cronyism that we see in the Christie administration like big, expensive contracts to politically-connected companies like AshBritt. The plan acknowledges that in order to attract businesses, we need an educated workforce and investments in education at all levels, and must include vocational education and county colleges. The plan also acknowledges that in order to make the state business-friendly, we need to invest in our infrastructure – an area where Governor Christie has been negligent. And it stresses that clean energy is a job-creator, not a burden to business in the state.

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