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ICYMI: Buono’s daughter comes out, takes on Chris Christie & Bill Clinton

Supporters of Sen. Barbara Buono’s campaign heard this week from her daughter, Tessa Bitterman, who discussed her mother’s campaign in terms of some of the issues this race is about for her. Tessa is 22, and about to enter law school. And she’s gay.

“As governor, (Chris Christie)  has been a giant roadblock to New Jersey achieving equality for all,” she wrote. She also called him out for misrepresenting himself as a moderate, which he is not. And she questioned why Democratic leaders, like Bill Cllinton, spend time with Christie. They must not know the real Christie, she suggests. But the stakes aren’t just personal to her. Christie”s using his position on LGBT rights to impress 2016 Iowa GOP caucus voters.

If you got the email, you might like to meet Tessa Bitterman. This email is her introduction to her mother’s voters.

Do you know a young voter on the sidelines in this contest? Send them this video. For so many young people, the issue of gay rights is a settled question. They’re at the falling-in-love age. And impatient with our failure to get on with it.

Buono has acknowledged the marriage rights of gay people for a long time. And right now, the only thing standing in the way of a whole lot of gay NJ weddings is her opponent, Gov. Chris Christie.