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Thursday Afternoon Quick Look at #NN13 from a New Jersey Perspective

I haven’t run across too many folks from the Garden State here, but I was surprised how little national interest there is in our election as opposed to the only other gubernatorial election this year – in Virginia. Apparently, as Cliff Schecter had pointed out earlier, the fact that Christie is not perceived as a radical extremist has given him a pass on critical news coverage (as opposed to celebrity news coverage).

Similarly, we have the only Senate race this year, but it’s a yawner among the non-Jerseyans here.  Yet, I was pleasantly surprised that more people knew about and support Rush Holt than I expected. Perhaps his celebrity Jeopardy feats have helped with his national popularity. And many are unaware of Cory Booker’s ties to the education-industrial complex.

There’s lots of discussion on President Obama’s “worse than Bush” spying on Americans. Not a New Jersey issue, but well-documented in the blogosphere.

Senator Jeff Merkley is tonight’s keynote speaker. I’ll report on that later if jet lag doesn’t get to me first.

Political Strategist Cliff Schecter at #NN13 on New Jersey elections

Each morning of Netroots Nation starts off with a daily news roundup (sound familiar?) featuring political strategists and pundits. Regulars include former Daily Show writer Lizz Winstead, Alaskan blogger Shannyn Moore, and stragegist Cliff Schecter. Today’s guest was Congressman Mike Honda, one of the more progressive House members, who is being challenged from the right in a primary.

After the session, I got a few comments from Schecter on the statewide races in New Jersey.