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Transit Fare Rally

In his post earlier today, josef outlined how the Democrats are complicit with our anti-worker governor in the hike of NJ Transit fares and the failure to raise revenue to cover mass transit and infrastructure.

Today, in front of the Capitol Annex, a coalition of advocacy groups under the umbrella of New Jersey for Transit spoke about this situation. Here are some highlights:

A full, unedited audio podcast will be posted in a few days. Names and affiliations of the speakers are below the fold.

Protest Slideshow: Outside Chris Christie “Town Hall” in Morris County

Today, in his homeboy territory of Morris County, Gov. Christie is road-testing his milky, Gandhi-mentioning budget plan among the reliably white and Republican folk of Stirling. Scandals – Bridgegate, misuse of Sandy funds, Hoboken mayor-threatening – and fallout are the backstory of every Christie public appearance now, though he skirts questions. On what he knew and when he knew it, Christie has clammed-up and lawyered-up. But Christie’s schtick isn’t working as reliably anymore. Cracks appear in the well-orchestrated mojo propaganda front. There are protesters now, outside and inside the Christie show.

My favorite from today, is the pregnant Ann Vardeman (NJCA) holding the sign about her soon-to-be baby.

“I feel badly about the kids.” David Wildstein, text.

“They are the children of Buono voters.” Christie Deputy COS Bridget Kelly.

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Coalition of Groups Protest Outside Christie’s Women’s Conference

Governor Christie sponsoring a conference on women’s issues is like the Westboro Baptist Church sponsoring a forum on decorum at funerals. Nevertheless, while the mainstream media (other than one Star-Ledger reporter) was inside the Trenton War Memorial protected from the intermittent rain, Blue Jersey was outside talking to an enthusiastic group of protesters – men as well as women – who handed out leaflets describing Christie’s true track record on women’s issues. The video below airs some of the comments from the demonstrators – leaders of advocacy groups as well as ordinary citizens.