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The state party’s grassroots commitment is REAL

First of the NJDSC’s new Deputy vide chairs to weigh in. The other 3 are welcome to do so, too. Promoted by Rosi.

Hi, everyone.  I’m honored to serve as one of the party’s new deputy vice chairs along with trailblazing Speaker Sheila Oliver, red-hot rising star Atlantic Freeholder Colin Bell, and the talented operative among operatives Vin Gopal.  They’re three of the truest progressives and best all-around people in politics with whom many of us have ever worked.  

Friends, over the years we have all lived through joy and the pain in dealing with the state party, the best of times and the worst of times, to an extent worthy of Dickens.  Oh, how I lived it all in our fight for marriage equality, particularly during the 2009 campaign for marriage equality when a number of  Democrats we’d long supported didn’t support us back.  You probably remember how pointed I was in response.  No sellout, not then, not now, not ever.

“Back to Basics” – NJ State Dems Conference in AC Thurs-Sat

I am on record saying that the NJ state Democrats should shift away from the big insidery shmooze-fest that the (mostly) annual Conference in Atlantic City is, to a less formal, discussion-oriented gathering somewhere in central Jersey; low-cost or free, one-day and not requiring an expensive trip to AC. I’d like to see something at a college campus, with at least some open-source component, and with work groups emerging at the end to take the party wherever that day’s participants suggest it go.  

I think this party is deeply in-need of connecting with its everyday adherents, in need of giving itself a good hard look, and determining anew and together what its bedrock values are. We’ve come through a period of deep disconnect with a lot of Dem voters, following the years of enabling Gov. Christie to remake the state’s policy priorities.

That said, I want to flag for you the schedule of this year’s Conference, which does start tomorrow night and in AC. Maybe it can serve as a bridge to doing things differently down the line, because there’s some good stuff in it. Note the start-up of a Progressive Caucus, and an LGBT caucus. And there’s a celebration of women in labor. If you ask me, a lot of the rock stars who help drive wins like Ras Baraka’s last night, are some of those badass women in labor.

On the jump page, the Dems’ schedule. Register here. Who’s going?  

Saturday: Booker, Weinberg, Buono – Rally to Support the Minimum Wage Increase Ballot Initiative

Just four days before Cory Booker – mayor of a city where so many residents are working at minimum wage – is sworn in as a United States Senator, he will join Sen. Barbara Buono in his city to call NJ voters to the polls to vote in an increase in our minimum wage. He’ll be joined by NJ progressive, labor and local organizing leaders, some of the very best in the state.  

New Jersey voters overwhelmingly support raising the state’s minimum wage, as two polls last month show. Monmouth University/APP poll found 65% of sampled registered voters backed raising the minimum wage to $8.25, and tying future increases to the Consumer Price Index. Only 12% were opposed. Rutgers-Eagleton poll found voters support the ballot question by 76% to 22%. But poll support isn’t the same as solid votes for the ballot question in November. And the vote is the purpose of the rally.

Booker and Buono will be joined SEIU Executive Director and state Democratic party Vice Chair Lizette Delgado, Larry Hamm, leader of People’s Organization for Progress P.O.P., Blue Jersey’s own Loretta Weinberg, the Senate Majority Leader.

What:Pre-election Rally in Newark this Saturday

Support the Minimum Wage Increase Ballot Initiative


When: Saturday, October 26th,  3-5 PM

Where:Washington Park in Newark

547 Broad Street, at intersection of Broad & Washington Streets,near the Public Library and Newark Museum

More info? bluewavenj2012@gmail.com or 201-306-4016.

Register here

At the rally, musical entertainment, elected officials supporting hard-working people, and info for voters. A host of good groups are sponsoring, including Planned Parenthood Action Fund, People’s Organization for Progress, Blue Wave, NJ Council of SEIU, NJ Citizen Action, Montclair NAACP, Local 194 IFPTE AFL-CIO, NJ State Industrial Union Council, HPAE, New Jersey Time to Care Coalition,

Rush Holt: Rocket Scientist & Mechanic & Jeopardy Winner & Jeopardy Host

I collect winning anecdotes about my old boss, Representative (he prefers it to Congressman) Rush Holt, this is a new favorite. Can’t help it. He’s a cool dude. Here’s a new one, from my friend, Deputy COS/District Director Sarah Steward:

You’d know that you work for a good guy if he was out of the car before you knew it, kneeling in a puddle, changing your flat tire on the side of the road in Trenton without making you feel dumb even though your own foolish driving mistake was to blame for the popped tire. If, you know, such a theoretical thing ever happened. In unrelated news: I work for a good guy.

So right. Last night, Rush was a hands-on trainer at Princeton meeting – hosted by ACLU-NJ, Garden State Equality & the Unitarians- teaching how to lobby legislators to vote to override Christie’s veto on marriage. You don’t often find people in Holt’s position giving out the secrets of what makes people like him, or legislators, tick. Very useful.

Jeopardy: We don’t usually note fundraisers here, but one I want to is Rush Holt’s Jeopardy fundraiser Thursday night. Holt, 5-time Jeopardy winner and the man who reduced the mighty IBM supercomputer Watson to a helpless little Atari in Jeopardy, will play Alex Trebek to a bunch of smartypantses.


Tom Byrne (former Dem state chair)

Marie Corfield, LD-16 Assembly candidate, former Jeopardy contestant for reals

Lizette Delgado-Polanco, SEIU ED & Buono’s pick for DSC vice-chair

Princeton Prof. Jeffrey Eugenides Pulitzer Prize winning author

Gov. Jim Florio (defending his title as 2012 winner)

Professor Sean Wilentz, Bancroft Prize-winning historian on the Princeton faculty

Assemblyman John Wisniewski, NJDSC chair


Gov. Richard J. Codey

Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, chair Buono for Governor  

This event’s always fun, the contestants fun. And I’m pumped my candidate and friend Marie Corfield is playing. But I’m a mass of jelly to meet one of my favorite authors, Jeffrey Eugenides, now on the Princeton faculty teaching creative writing, and the author of Middlesex (which shed much light for me on what life can be like for an intersex person, like one of my friends is) and captured 1967 Detroit perfectly, the year I moved there. And The Virgin Suicides, so good.

Got a cool fundraiser coming up? Hit us up in comments.  

Buono endorses Lizette Delgado for Democratic State Committee Vice Chair

Lissete Delgado.aspxBarbara Buono is endorsing the executive director of SEIU, Lizette Delgado, to be the NJ state Democrats’ number two. She would be the first Latina in New Jersey history to serve in that capacity. Delgado made history in 2002 when she became the first Hispanic to be named Assistant Secretary of State.

This is fresh off an announcement last weekend at the Democratic state conference in Atlantic City that her pick for chair is Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell. It is NJ Democratic party custom for the nominee to have the right to set party direction by selecting the officers that will run NJDSC. Those selections are traditionally confirmed when the party reorganizes after the June primary. But it’s unclear what will happen this time. The O’Donnell pick didn’t make Senate President Steve Sweeney happy, and he has been very vocal about it, undercutting both the Buono campaign and her authority as nominee (and his Senate colleague) inside the party.

I don’t know whether a vice chair pick from Labor is meant to shut Sweeney down – his day job is General Organizer for the  International Association of Ironworkers – but Delgado on her own merits is an excellent choice. SEIU is a strong progressive union, representing more than 40,000 workers across the state in four major industries. Most importantly, many of the workers Delgado has spent her organizing years working for are low-wage workers. Delgado understands to her bone what the lives of the working poor of New Jersey are about.

In a state where the Governor’s policies – sometimes with considerable Democratic enabling – favor the state’s wealthiest and the expense of New Jersey’s children and those who are working but struggling to pay the household bills, including Delgado’s voice in Democratic Party leadership is a major forward step. And it would signal a return to the values and principles the Democratic Party is supposed to be about.

A first-generation Hispanic American, the highly-regarded Delgado believes that our economy is strongest when the middle class is growing and workers are represented and fairly compensated. Delgado:

“I am honored to be named Vice Chair of New Jersey’s Democratic State Committee. This campaign will decide what kind of New Jersey we want to be. In Governor Christie’s New Jersey, economic and educational opportunities are scarce, property taxes are at record highs and union workers are vilified. That’s not the kind of New Jersey I believe in.”

A champion for the working poor, Delgado has spent her career advocating for the underrepresented. A first-generation Hispanic American, Delgado believes that our economy is strongest when the middle class is growing and workers are represented and fairly compensated.

“I am determined to elect Democrats up and down the ticket. Our party is the best way forward to restore New Jersey’s economy and strengthen our middle class by investing in infrastructure, reining in property taxes and protecting workers’ rights.”

Boom. Deal with THAT.