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NJ Education News Round-Up, 5/18/13

Here’s this week education news for the Garden State:

– Christie Christie: A Gigantic Fraud

Chris Christie told teachers, cops, firefighters, and other public employees that he was “saving” our pensions. What a crock:

More important, however, is that no one in the press seems to be interested – in this election year – in getting Christie’s plan on the record, once and for all, to come up with the $5.5 billion a year he’s going to need starting in 2018 to fund the pensions.

Let’s face it: he has no intention of following through on this promise. Christie is going to hem and haw and tap dance and yell at “town halls” and preen and walk dignitaries around down the shore…

But what Chris Christie will never, ever do is clearly state a credible plan to make the pension payments he promised would “save” the system and “save taxpayers $120 billion.” Because he doesn’t have a plan.

Chris Christie may be the darling of the Morning Joe set and the NJ-101.5 crowd and his pension plan may have been beloved by the Star-Ledger editorial page. But the honest truth is that the man is a complete fraud.

Texans who knew the truth used to say that George W. Bush was “all hat, no cattle.” In the same way, Chris Christie is an empty fleece.

– NJEA Elections: Yawn…

NJEA officer elections were a boring affair: basically, the current president retires, and everyone else moves up a notch.

Whatever anyone thought of Barbara Keshishian, you have to admit her term was really defined by a war with NJEA that Chris Christie started. Wendell Steinhauer is going to have to continue to fight that war whether he wants to or not: Christie has already made quite clear he has no interest in toning down his rhetoric against the teachers union during his campaign.

– Education Privatizers Put Fulop Into Office in Jersey City

And so the Healey era ends in JC, and the Fulop era begins. Fulop’s ties to B4K and E3 the rest of the corporate education “reform” movement are well known.

So expect a new push for charter schools in JC, and expect a series of bruising fights between the Fulop-backed JCBOE and the local teachers union, led by one of the emerging stars of the labor movement, Ronnie Greco.

– Why Can’t Tom Moran and I Get Along?

Tom, you are going to force me to continue writing pieces like this until you start figuring out that charter schools do not educate the same kids as public schools.

The editor of the Star-Ledger’s op-ed page shouldn’t be this willingly blind to the facts.

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