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Koch Conspirators

There’s an old Middle Eastern saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” I don’t buy into this philosophy, but it does provide a starting point for evaluating that enemy of my enemy.

Today, the Koch Brothers’ organization, Americans for Prosperity, released a 2014 scorecard of New Jersey legislators. AFP has a simplistic philosophy – government and taxes are bad. However, the real world is more nuanced than that, but it’s interesting to see how AFP rated some of our New Jersey legislators.

Stack says he would endorse Christie for president


Says he doesn’t believe Zimmer’s clains.


Yet this piece of crap continues to sit in the Democratic caucus.

The pathetic Senate Democratic “leadership” does nothing.

The election is over.  The Democrats did not lose any seats.  There’s no “control” reason not to kick him out of the caucus.

When will the pathetic Senate Democratic “leadership” actually lead?

Kick him out!

Bridgegate – The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Bridgegate saga has a lot of characters. Some we have known for while, and some who we are just meeting for the first time. Here’s a partial cast.

The Good

Transportation Committee Chair John Wisniewski. His measured, calm response provides a nice counterpoint to the governor’s obfuscation, word parsing, and bombast. If Senator Sweeney and Mayor Fulop batter each other sufficiently in the next three years, Wisniewski could rise as the logical Democratic gubernatorial candidate in 2017.

Local Media: Rachel Maddow covered this well last night. In this day of cutbacks and downsizing of traditional print journalism, reporters like Shawn Boberg of the Bergen Record rise to the top with their relentless pursuit of the truth. Maybe the Fourth Estate isn’t dead after all.

Mark Sokolich. The Mayor of Fort Lee put his constituents ahead of politics and stood up to the bully-in-chief.

The Bad

David Wildstein. By placing his loyalty with the Christie machine instead of the people he’s paid to serve, by using private e-mail for his insensitive rants, and by his role in the bridge closing, Wildstein is the head villain of Bridgegate.

New Jersey Republican legislators. For giving Chris Christie a pass with only pro forma statements decrying the abuse of power.

Bridget Kelly. She had a promising career in politics, but got involved with the wrong crowd. Whether she is the perpetrator or just the scapegoat, she joins people like Golan Cipel as footnotes in the history of the downfall of political stars.

The Ugly

Chris Christie for perpetuating the stereotype of New Jersey as a bunch of boorish ethically-challenged egotists. Whether he gave the order to close the lanes or not, his half-hearted apology doesn’t cut it and his management style shows that he’s not fit to be an effective chief executive.

Brian Stack. Because, well…  he’s Brian Stack, the Chief Christiecrat.

What’s Happening Today Tue. 10/01/2013

Breaking Bad: Congress used to pass budgets, which proved too difficult so it shifted to continuing resolutions (CR’s). Last night it could not even pass a CR so this morning is breaking bad. The TV show of the same name, with a chemistry teacher who became a meth cook kingpin, took many dark turns and ended this weekend on an almost uplifting note. No such luck for Americans from a congress where one group can threaten a government shutdown or a federal default if it does not get its way on some totally separate issue. The Republicans, hell-bent on destroying the American Care Act, stood together, including New Jersey’s Sen. Jeff Chiesa and all six Republican Representatives, as the pingpong-like game of shooting the bill back and forth continued. To add insult to injury, on a Dept of State and embassy security funding ammendment where the vote was 384 Aye to 37 Nay, Republican Rep. Scott Garret (CD 5) was the only member of our entire delegation to vote “Nay.”

Ironically the bill could have passed had House leadership presented a clean bill (just the CR) to its members, but those with presidential ambitions, Tea Party members, and fear of the Tea Party won the night. Spoiler alert for those who still plan to view the final T.V. episode of Breaking Bad. When Walter White dies, it is to the tune of Badfinger’s “Baby Blue”: “Guess I got what I deserved.” Apt for the Republicans, but in addition to the mayhem they have now brought us, they live on to bring us further dark turns and machinations as they work to resolve the shutdown and move toward the next debt ceiling crisis with a similar threat.

Breaking Good: The ACA enrollment starts today offering health insurance for the many New Jerseyans who are uninsured, expanding Medicaid, and providing subsidies. Another irony is that there was never any chance of hallting enrollment into Obamacare, as funds had already been dispensed to the states, it is a mandated program, and the President would have vetoed defunding or delaying tactics. Go to this federal website or call 1-800-318-2596 to find out more about our health exchange. Your Health – Your Choice. (Be aware there may be a slowdown and glitches as the enrollment rolls out.)

Public Schedule: (your opportunity to jeer or cheer)  

Buono/Siva gubernatotorial campaign: no public events.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 11:00am, Speech at Ramapo College regarding a campus construction project, Mahwah; 12:30pm, a campaign stop at a senior citizen picnic with “Democratic” Senator Brian Stack who endorsed Christie, Bella Vista Senior Apartments, Union City.

The always articulate Texas Gov. Rick Perry: 11:00am, endorses and joins Republican U.S. Senate nominee Steve Lonegan, town hall meeting about “Obamacare,” Smithville Inn, Smithville, and 1:30pm, Berkeley Township Recreation Center, Bayville, and finally 5:00pm, rally at the Bendix Diner, Hasbrouck Heights. Will Perry be able to remember the third location?

U.S. Senate Democratic nominee Cory Booker: 2:30pm, An invitation-only speech on how to make higher education more affordable, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Madison. One suggestion: insist that colleges live within their budget and end the exorbitant tuition increases, which do more harm than the outrageous loan programs.  

What’s Happening Today Wed. 09/25/2013

Power to the People! The Star-Ledger reports, “As the Republican governor campaigned on Main Street in Orange, a crowd of protesters trailed him, bearing signs that read “Christie Stay Out of Orange!” and jeering loudly when his supporters chanted “Four more years!” Thank you folks from Working Families Alliance for standing up to our governor. May there be many more such efforts!

Positions on fighting Obamacare to the point of shutting down the government: Christie: silence. As a recent AP story says, “Christie has accepted for his state key provisions of the law, yet campaigned on behalf of candidates who support dismantling it. He has taken no public position on whether to fight the law to the point of government shutdown.” All our Republican congressmen voted to include defunding Obamacare in their continuing resolution to fund the government now before the the Senate. We will soon find out how Sen. Jeff Chiesa (R) votes on the matter and then how our Republican congresmen respond to the Senate. Encourage your Republican congressmen not to vote (probably over the weekend or Monday) to close down the government over Obamacare.

Are you Still Stuck with the Storm? Many are.  Fair Share Housing says: “Tell us your story, so we can advocate for changes to funding programs that are not working well. We are getting lots of calls and emails from people who need help rebuilding and finding housing who are dissatisfied with the state’s programs.”  You can send an e-mail to Fair Share at stillstuckwiththestorm@fairsharehousing.org or use this form if you applied for grants or loans and were denied or use this form for general comments or to share information anonymously.

Message from a Senate “Democrat”: Union City Mayor Brian Stack in a hand-out to his residents: “While Governor Christie is a Republican, it is important that we look past party affiliation and look at what he has done for our residents and community.” He continues praising Christie while stopping just short of urging people to vote for him. Why is Sen. Stack (D-33) still on three Senate committees and Vice Chair of one of them? Boot him from the committees!

Public Schedules: (Your opportunity to cheer or jeer)

Gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono: 11:00am, Tour of Karnak Corporation, 330 Central Ave., Clark; 3:35pm, Radio Interview, The Michelangelo Signorile Program, SiriusXM Progress 127; 4:30pm, Paterson Education Association Delegate Assembly Meeting, The Brownstone, 351 W. Broadway, Paterson; 5:15pm, NJEA Bergen Fall Focus Program, The Venetian, 546 River Dr., Garfield; 8:00pm, Unity Party, 527 William St., East Orange.

Christie/Guadagno gubernatorial campaign: Chris Christie: 10:30am, Teachers Village ribbon-cutting ceremony, 230 Halsey St., Newark; 4:45pm, Cabinet meeting, Statehouse, Trenton; 7:00pm, takes calls on New Jersey 101.5 FM’s “Ask the Governor.” (Always an opportunity to ask a good question.)

U. S. Senate candidate Cory Booker: 10:30am, Teachers Village ribbon-cutting ceremony, 230 Halsey St., Newark; 7:00pm, Reception at the home of Mayor Chuck and Stephanie Cahn, Cherry Hill, for more info go here; 8:15pm – 10:00pm, with Mayor Cahn  “Run with Cory”, start: Cherry Hill High School West, 2101 Chapel Ave W, End: Cherry’s Water Ice, 632 Haddonfield Rd. Cherry Hill.

Sweeney backs up Dem Chair Currie’s statement on Sen. Brian Stack

Yesterday, new Democratic state chair John Currie rebuked Sen. Brian Stack for a letter dropped to Union City residents (where the state senator is also mayor) calling Barbara Buono “out of touch and clueless”. Sen. Loretta Weinberg responded to Stack here last night.

Today we have a statement from Senate President Steve Sweeney, backing Currie. Though, we’re a bit unclear as to who “we” refers to, the statement is below.

From both senators Sweeney and Weinberg, we’d be interested to know: Will Sen. Stack be stripped of his Budget Committee vice-chairmanship?

We completely agree with Chairman Currie’s early statements, Senator Buono is a true champion for New Jersey’s working class.  Barbara has our complete support not because of her party affiliation, but because of her commitment to the people of New Jersey. While Governor Christie is continually out of touch with the rest of New Jersey on marriage equality, increasing the minimum wage, funding for women’s health care, fighting for low income earners right to the Earned Income Tax Credit, and eliminating the wage gap, among many others, Barbara’s commitment to these issues has never been in question.

                                 – Sweeney statement

Brian Stack Signed On to 12 Bills With Barbara Buono

So, earlier today volunteers for double dipping Mayor and Sentor Brian Stack’s political organization Union City First — which was just fined a whopping $68K for elections law infractions — walked door to door and handed out a flyer slamming Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono as being “out of touch and clueless.”

Stack, who allowed his ex-wife to use a city car fueled with city gas until caught by NBC, is registered as a Democrat.

However, Stack has sponsored or co-sponsored a dozen bills this year with Barbara Buono, and many more in years past.  Is Stack then, by his own admission, “out of touch and clueless”?

We’re not talking about votes here, of which there are hundreds if not thousands of votes where their tallies match.  These are bills that they each decided to affix their names to as sponsors, taking leadership roles together in working for passage.

So what is it, Stack?  Were you “out of touch and clueless” when you signed on to these bills?  Will you take your name off now that Buono has her name on these bills?

The list is below.

Mayor Brian Stack to Union City residents: Buono “out of touch and clueless”

This is what passes for a Democrat in Union City, New Jersey. Mayor and state senator.

Here is a letter just dropped under the door by Democratic state Senator and Union City mayor Brian Stack to residents of his city. Stack, who formally endorsed Christie last month, asks his constituents to join him in endorsing Christie, saying he’s worked closely for three and one half years with him.

About Barbara Buono, Stack writes this:

The Governor’s opponent serves with me in the Senate – when it comes to your needs and concerns, she is out of touch and clueless.

Full letter is below the fold. Contacted by Blue Jersey with a copy of this letter from Stack, Buono campaign spokesman David Turner said the campaign would have no comment.  

Christie Proud Of Support from Mayor Stack with $68K ELEC Fine

promoted by Rosi

This picture is from the day when Governor Chris Christie proudly accepted the endorsement of Union City Mayor and State Sen. Brian Stack — a Democrat.

Today we learn that Stack is not only a cross-party endorsing, double-dipping Mayor but also a major election law violator, to the tune of $69,000 in fines.  That’s pretty impressive, to get hit with high five figures in penalties:

The New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission recently leveled a historic fine against a campaign committee run by Union City Mayor Brian Stack for failing to make timely disclosures about its donors and expenses.

Now, there was a time when Chris Christie railed against people taking two public salaries (it was this year).  And there was a time when Christie railed against people who aren’t willing to follow the law (it was this year).

There’s also a time when Christie ignores these “outrages” from people who endorse him, give his campaign money and offer get out the vote help. That would be today.