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NJDSC releases a web ad making light of Steve Lonegan’s ‘obsession’ with Cory Booker

The New Jersey Democratic State Committee has a new communications director – Matt Farrauto. Today, DSC released a new web ad that makes fun of the mileage Koch brothers-fueled Steve Lonegan is getting by mentioning Cory Booker’s name – a lot – as he goes around the state (and quite a lot in Newark). The conclusion? A laundry list of the things Lonegan’s actually about, which wouldn’t fly in most places in New Jersey.

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

PolitickerNJ Announces “Release” of GOP Campaign Video

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A lot of folks think that PolitickerNJ has a rightward lean at times, but this has to be a new … something for a purported news organization partnering with a political campaign.

Assembly Minority Leader Jon Bramnick (R-21) and some GOP candidates in swing disricts are jabbing at Democrats in a new web ad set to be released on PolitickerNJ.com on Thursday and Friday.

Is this what campaigns can expect?  That if a campaign pays for an advertisement on PolitickerNJ they can expect to have an article pre-announcing the ad, and article that has all the content of the ad but is not labeled as such? No need for a disclaimer, ’cause it’s a news article not a paid ad!

Gotta wonder if the Democrats, or Greens, or Libertarians will get these added bonuses should they pay for an advertisement.

Buono Web Video: “Always Proud”

Chris Christie’s salesmen are peddling the idea that New Jersey’s doing great under this governor; that the Jersey Comeback the numbers tell us never ever happened under this Governor — despite his Mission Accomplished Jersey Comeback banners unfurled at his town halls taxpayer funded campaign rallies — was real just because he says so. Christie’s first ad papers over the impact Christie’s policies have affected the middle class and working poor. He hopes you don’t notice.

Here’s the video, called “Always Proud”. What do you think, Blue Jersey?