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New Leadership Lights the Way in Edison

Edison Mayor Jun Choi hosted a star studded event Tuesday night with Governor Corzine and former Governor Florio.  At $1000 VIP and $100 per ticket, the event raised several thousands of dollars into the Jun Choi for Mayor campaign account.

The event was very high profile yielding a triple shot of press in the Home News & Star Ledger in only 2 days, attacking Mayor Choi’s consultants, introducing a nemesis, and potentially leading up to a recall election in Edison Township.

While Mayor Choi is not up for election until 2009, there are four council seats up for grabs in 2007 and talk around the campfire is that Choi is gearing up for another battle in Edison.

Two of the council members up for election in 2007, Joan Kapitan & Charlie Tomaro, attended the Mayor’s event.  While Councilmen Sal Pizzi and Peter Barnes III did not attend, and have been profiled in the papers as possibily supporting the idea of a recall election.

It looks like 2007 will be another fun and exciting year  of elections for New Jersey’s 5th largest municipality.

Florio: Corzine is no Florio

The Star-Ledger has an interesting interview with former Governor Jim Florio concerning his budget battles and the current situation with Jon Corzine.  The result: Florio seems to believe that Corzine and his supporters will not be punished the same way they were in the ’90s.

Join me below the fold to find out why Florio says that.