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Ted Cruz is out

Ted Cruz, who just hours ago named a running mate, just dropped out of the race for the Republican nomination for president, technically suspended it. Man, Carly Fiorina must feel like the unluckiest girl in the whole wide world.

Lumping with Trump: Here’s how the DNC is dogging Chris Christie today

Rule #1 of the GOP clown car – though individual candidates flail about in early primary states, trying mightily to distinguish themselves from each other (and failing) – is this: As long as they stay a clown car, when one of them says something moronic, the sticky gets all over all of them.

Donald Trump’s bombast seems pitched to generate the most scorn and ridicule beyond his own limited audience among the angry, aging, caucasian right. He’s a buffoon, and the rest of them wish he’d STFU. (He doesn’t care). Lucky NJ gets blamed for both the worst, Trump the Buffoon and Christie the Bombastic. Embarrassing.

So back to the sticky. We come to Trump’s latest offense, that Mexico is actively sending us criminals:  

DNC screen shot Donald Trump & immigration

Bullshittery, clearly. But are his opponents far off? Nope. And the Dems are happy to take the opportunity to connect the dots, since the GOP makes that so easy. Ted Cruz? Nope. Marco Rubio? Nope. Scott Walker? Nope. Chris Christie?

Is Chris Christie Pandering to the Moderates?

Every action that Chris Christie takes is filtered through the lens of his political ambition.  Whether it’s his stance on hot-button issues like gun safety and marriage equality, or his top-caliber cadre of social media propagandists, the governor has one goal in mind – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Some of his recent actions may indicate that he’s given up pandering to the extreme wing of his party and is hoping that the dying breed of moderate Republicans may come out victorious among the dozen or so contenders for the nomination.

A few days ago, Christie surprised us (and probably his dirty energy backers) by announcing that he thought global climate change might be man-made. And on Friday, his Department of Environmental Protection stepped in to a controversy about destroying hundreds of acres of forestland in the Six Flags Amusement Park to install solar panels. The DEP made an offer to purchase the land from Six Flags in order to save the trees.

Of course, these two actions in isolation don’t make Christie a moderate. He’s still in favor of draconian cuts in Social Security and has shown no empathy for state workers whose deferred compensation is being stolen to balance the budget.