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Christie Was With Trump When Video Surfaced, Considered Withdrawing Support

Chris Christie took another break from his day job as Governor of New Jersey to substitute as co-host WFAN’s Boomer and Carton morning show to discuss baseball, football and how disgusted he was by Donald Trump. Christie had been silent…
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CWA Anti-Gay?

After a conversation I had with a relative who likes to make fun of my union and calls us hippocrits for being greedy liars, he said something that reely made me angry.

he said that he knew for an fact that some of the people running CWA were gay haters and liars. when I argued with him about it he showed me a web that is done by the vice president of one of the cwa offices. her name is rachel merrill and she uses a website to scare people about gay people and people that don’t believe in Jesus.

I was really stunned because i have been reading stuff in this web and I always thought that my union was about being fair and equal to everybody but when i read some of the stuff rachel merrill puts on her web, i was shocked and disgusted.

I don’t hate people for there beliefs but if she is going to be a leader in a group that is based on equality and rspect, how can she put such hateful things on her web?

one of the things I saw said that if you don’t believe in jesus and you tolerate gay people or people who aren’t married but have sex and kids without being married, that you are going to burn in hell.

i found some of this garbage at a place called www.rachelmerrill.com/AreYouSavedorAreYouDeceived.aspx

Maybe the stuff won’t be there for a long time because somebody at cwa will call her on it but I have to wonder how long she has held these ideas and how she really feels about the people she is suposed to speak for like me.

She is the vice president of cwa 1038 and maybe the members don’t know about her but i think they should and i think she shoould be removed from that position because it isn’t right to have such a  hateful heart and be a representative for people you think are going to hell.

I know some people, like that first ammendment 7 person are always writing stuff about how the CWA is being dishonest or being stupid about the stuff they do to make things better and maybe he has a point because based on all the stuff I saw on Miss Merrills web, she hates a lot of people who are members and have family that she thinks are going to hell.

I hope that the people that run the cwa do somtehing about her and I dont mean just hide her words because hiding the words doesn’t change her personal hate and dis-respect for many people she is supposed to be looking out for.

Words Have Consequences

With the tragic mass murder in Arizona we have to ask the question, was this expected? The only answer can be that yes, it was.

Right wing politicians and pundits have created an atmosphere of hate and intolerance through their words and actions over the last few election cycles and now their words may have become manifest.

With Sarah Palin using a map with rifle scope targets to indicate areas where elections must be “Won at any cost” and using terms like “Don’t Retreat, Reload!” With radio personalities like Rush Limbaugh calling for violent resistance and candidates like Sharon Angle claiming that if the elections don’t swing in the direction of their candidates, that they would be forced to “explore 2nd amendment solutions.”

We watched a campaign cycle following Barack Obama’s election in which many right wing organizations and individuals promoted propaganda and statements that denigrated both him and those who voted for him. They used terms like “Traitor” and “Socialist” or “Nazi” in order to make the impression that they were somehow dangerous to or the enemies of America. At hundreds of rallies and town hall events across the country, people used racially charged images and words to build hatred and anger. They suggested that the violent overthrow of the standing government was somehow a patriotic concept being necessary if the upcoming elections didn’t go in their favor.

Even in New Jersey, the level of anger and vitriol created by Chris Christie can be viewed as beyond civil. Using the bully pulpit to target civil service employees and teachers, berating and belittling people who disagree with him. Having people physically escorted to the stage to be glowered over and then physically removed from events when they have questioned his ideas and actions. This behavior  promotes a perception that those on the other side are somehow insubstantial and less than deserving of respect and their right to be heard.

Listening to the callers into NJ 101.5 seething and raging about state workers and educators or the veiled suggestions by the on air personalities that the state would be better off if they were “Gone”.  All of this has contributed to a level of barely controlled fury that only needs a small spark to become wholesale violence.

Many public workers described a level of fear and uncertainty about their safety following the onset of Chris Christie’s attacks and accusations. As he used terms like “Drug Pushers” to describe teachers and put the pains of New Jersey tax payers squarely on the shoulders of the public sector, how could he not see that he was dividing the people and creating two camps in a war? Listening to the words of his followers on NJ 101.5 defined the atmosphere with a disturbing clarity. He admitted that he was a listener and can’t claim he wasn’t aware of the impact his words were having. Quite the opposite, he relished and nurtured the situation with every town hall gathering and press conference.

There is a message to be discerned in the acts of those like Sarah Palin in the hours following the shootings in Arizona when she started having her images and remarks “Targeting” politicians on the Left with rifle scope icons and violent words scrubbed from her press releases and websites.

It may turn out that the Arizona gunman doesn’t align himself with any political ideology, but that doesn’t matter in regards to the hatred and anger that has become so central in the political discourse of the Right.

This has become our political reality. For the hard Right, it isn’t about who’s right or wrong anymore but rather about who can incubate the anger and hatred to swing the argument in their favor or scare the other side away from the polls.

We have to demand better from our representatives and refute the hatred that is being used to promote campaigns and ideologies.  

Why All the Hate?

Any New Jerseyan who has spent significant time out of state knows that various precautions that must be taken. It is not always easy for our kind to accept that there just isn’t an abundance of decent pizza or bagels outside the Garden State. We scare off the local foreigners with our aggressive driving, and we confuse them by sitting for twenty minutes at a gas pump with our passenger’s seat window open a crack. Yet perhaps the most bizarre thing that we encounter in our endeavors across the Delaware and Hudson Rivers is the seemingly endless onslaught of verbal assaults that come as a follow-up to the simple phrase, “I’m from New Jersey.”

I recently completed my freshman year at a college outside of New Jersey, though one may never know that by looking at the student body; a private institution on the Eastern Seaboard naturally draws a sizable amount of students from the tri-state and Philadelphia metropolitan areas. In simpler terms: lots of Jersey kids.  

Thank You! – Statement from the Grewal Family of Hardwick, NJ

The following is a statement to supporters of the Grewal Family, who signed up at the Hardwick Township Unity Rally on November 15th, which was held in response to the cross burning incident on their lawn on November 6th.

The cross was wrapped in a bed sheet that their daughter had made to celebrate Barack Obama’s victory earlier that week.

Arianna, Alina and Gary would like to thank you for participating in the Hardwick ?Unity March,? physically or in spirit.   Thanks for caring!!!  The ?Yes we care chant? still rings in our ears.  Your support by being here goes a long way in restoring our faith and belief in our community and our wonderful country.

The rally was a powerful message, especially to Arianna, that we are not alone as she starts to live her normal life again.

The hundreds of people who were here sent a very strong signal that such bias and racist crimes are not accepted in the world we live in now.  We are all Americans and as Americans we are free to choose our beliefs, our values, our religion, where we live and whom we vote for.  No citizen has the right to dictate to others how they should live. If these cowards thought we were going to roll over and play dead they had another thing coming.  They WILL catch them and bring them to justice.

Again, thank you for your sincere support and have a wonderful holiday season!!

The Grewals

The link below is a moving video of the Hardwick Unity March put together beautifully by Robert Daniel II, LEPOCO Peace Center


“We are choosing hope over fear. We’re choosing unity over division, and sending a powerful message that change is coming to America” OBAMA Jan.2008


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