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Christie Was With Trump When Video Surfaced, Considered Withdrawing Support

Chris Christie took another break from his day job as Governor of New Jersey to substitute as co-host WFAN’s Boomer and Carton morning show to discuss baseball, football and how disgusted he was by Donald Trump. Christie had been silent…
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Tom Kean’s sexism: The “nice lady” responds. With class.

Until he left the Star-Ledger, Bob Braun was, in my opinion, the sharpest and best columnist there. And now he joins the ranks of NJ political bloggers. His Bob Braun’s Ledger is excellent and making waves. He sure as hell has the Star-Ledger’s number. This is the first of his pieces he’s cross-posting at Blue Jersey. Welcome, Bob. – Rosi

Cross-posted with Bob Braun’s Ledger.

Former Gov. Tom Kean has done a “disservice to every single woman who wants to enter politics,” says Democratic gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono. Kean had patronizingly dismissed Buono, a state senator who has served 20 years in the Legislature, as a “nice lady” who is “unqualified” to be governor.

Buono was New Jersey’s first woman state Senate majority leader and first head of the powerful state Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee.

Kean, a Republican and strong supporter of Gov. Chris Christie, made the comments in a weekly column in The Star-Ledger in which he and former Gov. Brendan Byrne are paid to respond to questions from an anonymous newspaper questioner.

In answer to a reporter’s question later in the day, Buono answered Kean’s comment:

Don’t you be worrying about Steve Lonegan’s man Rick Shaftan. He’s still got Nick Sacco.

I would say that anybody who employed Rick “Hot Breasts” Shaftan before this happened is in the clear. I presume strategist/pollster Shaftan is good at his job, and I get why people hire him. He’s no dummy. But I have to wonder at a Democrat’s loyalty to Shaftan right now. What message is Nick Sacco sending to the women he represents? The gay people? The Democrat on Wednesday’s ballot?

via The Jersey Journal:

Rick Shaftan, who lost his Lonegan campaign gig after he ridiculed Lonegan opponent Newark Mayor Cory Booker in a lengthy interview last week with political site Talking Points Memo, has made big bucks working for Sacco’s campaigns since the 1990s. And Sacco spokesman Paul Swibinski said that won’t stop.

What a relief. Here I was worried that the mighty righty Rovian captain would be hurting for jingle. But fear not. The brains behind Shutdown Steve Lonegan is the brains behind the Democratic song stylings of Nick Sacco. Look at the choice of words Sacco spokesman Phil Swibinski uses to defend Shaftan’s behavior:

“He [Sacco] wishes that Rick had never made those comments. “They don’t sound like him … I’ve never known Rick to judge anybody based on their sexuality.”

Really. Let me clue you in: The Lonegan campaign has been one long series of clever innuendo implying that Cory Booker is gay, and that there’s something wrong with that.

  • That Lonegan “likes being a guy,” implying Booker is something less than one.

  • If Booker gets a manicure or pedicure (as was reported that the night owl sometimes does at 3am) it’s an unmanly fetish.

  • That it’s weird if Booker “won’t refute” gay rumors (that they pump out)

    It’s all very passive-aggressive. Just the kind of thing a clever strategist would know how to spoon out: Just enough to excite Tea Partiers askeered of teh gays, not so directly that it’s not deniable. Homophobic crap, no less serious because it’s cleverly framed. And Sacco’s never known Shaftan to judge anybody based on their sexuality? Bull. Sacco knows exactly who’s been framing all that homophobic innuendo. Seriously. Keep the guy if you feel you should, but don’t play dumb.

    Saw this coming, right? After the Sacco team’s chat with Jersey Journal, Swibinski called the paper back to insist Sacco “strongly supports Cory Booker”.

  • NYTimes Lead on Rutgers Basketball Ignores Misogyny

    Mmm hmm. Promoted by Rosi

    In what seems like good news for Rutgers basketball players and fans, the state university of New Jersey hired Eddie Jordan to coach their team.

    But in the New York Times’ reporting on it there’s something missing.  See if you can find it, or not find it.

    Rutgers is set to introduce Eddie Jordan as the university’s new basketball coach on Tuesday, less than a month after the former coach Mike Rice was fired after video of him abusing his players – including shouting homophobic slurs at them and throwing balls at them – was broadcast on television and on the Internet.

    OK, so I let the cat out of the bag in the subject, but it’s the use of negative references to women to belittle the young men on the team.  The anti-gay statements get referenced, but Rice also used p_ssy, c_nt, b_tch_s and other words to insult and rip his players.

    No slander and bigotry is OK, but it does seem like the insults to women often get short shrift when other populations are also being insulted.

    Top 10 Takeaways from the Rutgers Mike Rice Mess

    I didn’t go to Rutgers, I’m not a native New Jerseyan. Outside of dating a member of the offensive line at University of Michigan (go Blue), which made me a hot commodity on campus for about 5 minutes, I don’t follow college sports, or Rutgers b-ball. There’s an interesting convo going on in diary comments among people more conversant in Rutgers’ program. My interest is in the spike of this story. One day: video –> statewide scandal –> Rice’s exit. Boom.

    Top 10 Takeaways from the Rutgers Mike Rice Mess

    What are yours? This is an Open Thread.

    Mike Rice#1 “Cunt” v. “Faggot”: There’s considerable outrage at Coach Rice’s use of homophobic terms to abuse his players – “fucking faggots,” “fairies”. But where is the outrage at the misogynist terms Rice hurled: “cunts,” sissy bitches,” “pussies”?

    College sports can be rough-and-tumble on the court and on the field; a given. But when men use the language of homophobia and misogyny to control other men it is a very specific form of shaming. Translation: I cannot think of anything worse to call you than a woman, or gay man. Coaches yelling is going to continue – everywhere. But there’s some rethinking going on in some locker rooms today. And there should be.