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Thursday: Get Covered America hosting bi-lingual help session for uninsured New Jerseyans in WNY

Get Covered America to Assist Uninsured at Informational Event in West New York

Event will provide residents with bilingual information, in-person enrollment assistance for health insurance via the Marketplace

TRENTON, NJ – Tomorrow, December 5, Enroll America will bring the Get Covered America campaign to the City of West New York to hold an informational session and on-site enrollment with the Urban League of Hudson County.

The Get Covered America staff will offer assistance at the West New York United Pharmacy in both Spanish and English for participants who are seeking information about their options for affordable, quality health care under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

Get Covered America is a national campaign of Enroll America that is focused on educating consumers about the benefits of health insurance coverage and the new health care options that will be made available under the Affordable Care Act. Our grassroots team is powered by passionate staff and volunteers with one motivating goal: to give Americans the information they need to choose an affordable health insurance plan that’s right for them and their families.

What:                   Bilingual Informational and Enrollment Session for West New York Residents

Where:                West New York United Pharmacy, 6014 Bergenline Avenue, West New York, 07093

When:                  Thursday, December 5 at 4 p.m.

Who:                     Get Covered America

                             Urban League of Hudson County

Local contact:     Tatianna Castrillon, Organizer for Enroll America

How:                     To RSVP or for more details, please e-mail press@enrollamerica.org


More Questions- Grand Prix of America

About a month ago, I started asking questions about what is going on with the Grand Prix of America ( see here: http://www.bluejersey.com/diar… ).

It looks like others are now sharing my concerns.  Have you seen the following:




Since I first posted on this site, I called local and county offices and started asking questions about how the permit process is going, if the race was 100% on, where the money was coming from for the construction, etc. And no one could answer my questions.  As I continue to push, this makes me even more dubious about the race actually ever occurring here in Hudson County and fearful that we’ll be left with paying for road improvements and construction bills that were supposedly being paid for by race organizers.  

I am still hoping our elected officials, from the local level up to the legislature, can get some answers on this issue.  In the meantime, I will continue to push.  I hope others will start calling officials and offices as well.

Grand Prix of America- is it a good idea?

Although an avid reader of Blue Jersey, this is my first blog submission to the site.  

I’m really concerned about the Grand Prix of America (Formula 1) race coming to New Jersey for many reasons.  I live in Hudson County. I work in Hudson County.  I care about the county’s reputation, my community, and not to be too self-interested, I care about the time it takes during my commute as well.  The Grand Prix of America is going to impact all of these significantly, in my opinion.

I don’t trust the organizers of this race.  They say they have the funding, but then they say they need $100 million. Then they say they have all the needed permits to move forward with the race, but then I didn’t hear a single word about any permit applications being approved or even being heard in my town or on the county level.  While I don’t have the resources or time to really research what permits are needed and what permits have been received, I hope either our elected officials or bloggers/reporters would be willing to dig deep into this issue and take a magnifying glass to the whole race:  the funding, the permitting, and the organizers themselves (did I mention that I read the organizer of the race is being indicted in Europe for bribery)?  Do we want to invite this sort of thing into our community?  Before welcoming them with open arms, at least let’s find out what we are dealing with.  

What’s happening with Formula 1? Can’t get straight answers.

As a Hudson County resident, I’ve been following the Formula 1 updates and news closely.  I live in WNY, and the race is greatly going to affect my way of life for a few weeks.

If you’ve read the articles closely, you will see information varies greatly and often don’t provide facts to back up the claims of the Formula One officials.  We keep hearing about a contract having been signed.  I searched for it online and called WNY and Weehawken for more information, I found nothing.

Am I safe? I feel like cars racing at such high speeds should be in an enclosed track, not my skinny side street.

I hope officials in the area (legislators, freeholders and mayor/commissioners) get down to the bottom of this. I don’t have confidence that this race will happen or will be beneficial to my town.

I urge folks to ask their elected officials questions about this race. Let’s make sure we are doing the right thing for New Jersey before jumping into a disaster.  

Jersey City Mayor’s Race: What Makes a Democrat a Democrat?

Promoted back up top, because this was posted late-late last night. – Rosi

It’s difficult to imagine a Republican getting elected as the mayor of Jersey City*, the largest city in true blue Hudson County. So what are conservatives to do when they want to make inroads in the Democratic stronghold? (You know, other than call Union City Mayor and Chris Christie Superfan Brian Stack.) They find a Democrat who can be wooed.

At least that’s what seems to be happening in Hudson County, where current councilman and long-time mayoral hopeful Steven Fulop is attempting to unseat incumbent Jerramiah Healy. And despite having run and served as a Democrat throughout his career in Jersey City, Fulop is receiving funding and political support from his connections among Monmouth County Republicans. This story first emerged in December when it was revealed that a former Executive Director of the NJ Republican State Party and counsel to the Romney campaign  – Brian Nelson – had been soliciting contributions for a Fulop fundraiser. Then, this week, Monmouth County Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon pushed out a press blast specifically targeting Jersey City’s use of red light cameras, despite the fact that such cameras are in use throughout the state and in municipalities much closer to O’Scanlon’s than Jersey City.

All of this comes months after a leaked email from Fulop revealed that he was meeting secretly with Christie’s Commissioner of Education Chris Cerf and Fulop’s hand-picked Board of Education members. Cerf, who is also a registered Democrat, is at the forefront of the Republican agenda of privatizing public schools and union busting. True, Democrats aren’t generally known for their hostility toward organized labor and wanting to reduce children and teachers to test scores; but that doesn’t seem to phase folks like Cerf, or apparently Fulop.

Jerramiah Healy’s imperfections as a mayor and candidate are not a secret, but his accomplishments don’t get nearly enough attention. And his challenger’s associations dash the notion that Fulop is somehow a more pure or forthright alternative. Why would Republicans from another county want to see him in office, enough to help with both their money and political cover? Fulop has long shouldered accusations of careerism, and getting help from those who seek to undo the work of the Democratic party doesn’t help him shake that cloud.

(* Jersey City’s last Republican mayor was Bret Schundler – Christie’s first Education Commissioner and Race to the Top blunder scape goat – in 1992. He had been the city’s first Republican mayor since 1917.)

Time for a Progressive Movement in Hudson County

promoted by Rosi

“You’re going to get slaughtered.”  That’s what Augie Torres, who writes the “Political Insider” column for the Jersey Journal, told me with a big grin back in August when I first told him I was running for State Assembly for District 33 (Jersey City, Hoboken, Union City, Weehawken).

Five months later, and five months to go until the Democratic Primary on June 4, 2013, I’m still running for State Assembly and I’m still in one piece.  In the span of one year, I’ve built a campaign from the ground up, funded largely by small-dollar donations and a shoe-string budget.  As a civil rights attorney and community leader in Jersey City Heights, I’ve learned the lay of the land, the problems facing our neighborhoods, and areas where State and local government must do better.  As a candidate, I’ve been talking to residents about crafting a budget that works for (not against) middle class and working families; fully funding our public schools; environmental sustainability; and marriage equality.

In other words, I’m running as a progressive candidate in a solidly Democratic District – one sorely lacking real, progressive candidates and a political organization to support them.  And one that badly needs progressive leadership if our District is to transcend decades of urban decay and an aura of corruption that many voters have unfortunately resigned themselves to.  

Protecting the Future of Christ Hospital – for our community

By Michael Yun, President, The Central Avenue SID and Ann Twomey, President, Health Professionals and Allied Employees

For nearly 140 years the residents of Jersey City and surrounding communities have been relying on Christ Hospital and its dedicated staff for safe and effective health care.  Each year, the staff helps deliver more than 1200 babies; cares for over 8000 hospitalized adults and nearly 600 hospitalized children; treats more than 45,000 residents in the Emergency Room; and provides the largest inpatient pediatric service in Hudson County.  

Christ Hospital belongs to the community it protects, and its future should not be decided by a handful of people behind closed doors.  That is why community, civic and religious leaders have teamed up with healthcare providers and elected officials to protect our community hospital and its mission to provide care to all who need it.  

Is Mayor/Senator Brian Stack Threatening Teachers for Political Purposes

With the Board of Education election just next week it’s striking that Union City teachers received pink slips today. This happened last year and very few teachers were let go.

Are these pink slips a political motivated reminder to teachers and staff that they better vote for Brian Stack’s BOE supporters or else? Is the era of Hudson County political bosses abusing public workers alive and well in Union City?

While teachers have a known opponent in Chris Christie are the political bosses of Hudson County, HCDO head Mark Smith and Mayor/Senator Brian Stack just as abusive toward educators and public workers?

If so how can we end this?


UNION CITY AND BEYOND — Approximately 150 teachers and another 300 Union City School District employees got notices this month saying their contracts won’t be renewed for the next school year, but the same thing happened last year and most got hired back, according to a published report.

Superintendent of Schools Stanley Sanger was quoted as saying that they were given the notice as a “precautionary measure” since state aid has been precarious in recent years, and the district doesn’t yet know how many teachers will retire this year.

The story on NJ.com states: “Last May, over 450 employees, including 210 teachers and approximately 240 non-instructional staff, received pink slips but virtually all of them were brought back.”

Read more: Hudson Reporter – 150 Union City teachers get layoff notices again