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Menendez Indicted

UPDATE #2: LA Times reporting Menendez to step down “temporarily” as Ranking Dem on Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

UPDATE: Star-Ledger and Asbury Park Press both now calling for Menendez to resign, while NJ Democrats are hunkering down in a defensive posture, with a Twitter account @IStandWithBob.

WayneVia Associated Press, Senator Bob Menendez has been charged with using his office to improperly benefit Dr. Solomon Melgen, the Miami eye doctor and high-donor who the Senator has described as a family friend.

A New Jersey federal grand jury today issued a 13-count indictment of Menendez on charges which include conspiracy to commit bribery and wire fraud.

Both Sen. Menendez – in a press statement early this month, after which he took no questions – and Dr. Melgen have denied any wrongdoing.

Dr. Melgen’s Florida offices were raided by the FBI several times over several months, the most recent time early this year. In 2012 Melgen received more than $21 million in Medicare reimbursements more than any one doctor in the country. The investigation has been going on for more than two years. Prosecutors believe Menendez made improper efforts to help Melgen in a dispute with federal regulators over Medicare charges, and also in an attempt by the doctor to gain a port security contract in the Dominican Republic.

You will remember that the Dominican Republic also figures in a wild story pushed by right-wing rag Daily Caller, run by operative Tucker Carlson, that alleged underage prostitutes were procured there for Menendez. The young women involved later recanted their story.

The investigation also centers on trips Menendez took on Melgen’s private plane. The Senator has acknowledged that he flew on Melgen’s plane to the DR without properly paying for it. He later reimbursed the cost of the flights.

Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has previously said he’s done nothing wrong and that he and Melgen have been close friends for a long time.

Until the Republicans took control of the U.S. Senate, Menendez was Chair of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee; he is now Ranking Member.

He is only the second U.S. senator to face a federal corruption indictment in the last 20 years.  

Right Wing Media Outlet Used by Communist Country to Smear Menendez

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Imagine if we saw this come across the wires:

The bombshell report in The American Prospect that Senator Ted Cruz had visited prostitutes while on vacation in central America turns out to have been planted by Cuban propagandists to discredit the Texan.  

A CIA report indicates that the liberal magazine was used by the communist regime to discredit the one-term Republican Senator during his reelection campaign.

Team Christie’s effort to damage-control the news cycle & discredit the New York Times

Christie’s expected on 101.5 at 7pm. Think he’ll bring this up? Listen LIVE (link)

Supporters and friends of Chris Christie got the document below today. It was first picked up and published by The Daily Caller, the Tucker Carlson-founded right-wing website that made up last year’s hot potato that Sen. Bob Menendez had sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic.

Its target is Friday’s blockbuster revelation (reported Kate Zernike) by Christie operative David Wildstein that Christie knew about the GWB lane closures while they were going on. At issue, a change the paper made an hour after publication, swapping out that Wildstein “had the evidence” to prove it for the phrase “evidence exists”. Times Public Editor Margaret Sullivan discussed the change today.

To Team Christie, this is a big deal, a chance to call into question not just that phrase, but the Times itself and the widely understood implication of Wildstein’s allegation, that Christie is a liar. Did they succeed? You tell me. For now, I’ll just point out how many of the sources for journalistic outrage are right-wing sites, some with their own jounalistic ethics issues.

Click here for a larger version if what’s below is too small.

Who Paid to Smear Menendez?

The Washington Post reports that the escort in the Menendez smear “has never met or seen the senator before” and was paid to make it up:

The woman identified a lawyer who approached her and a friend to make the videotape, according to affidavits obtained by the Post. That man has in turn identified another lawyer who gave him a script for the tape and paid him to find women to fabricate the claims, the affidavits say.

Who paid that lawyer? How far will this trail lead?