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The Bergen Machine Grinds to Life


Just like Jason or Freddy in some poorly made horror flick, the remnants of the BCDO are gathering themselves together and trying to reassemble like that molten metal cop in Terminator II. (I’ve seen too many movies – I know – I am mixing up my monsters.) But these folks collecting themselves are not a happy sight for the good guys. In real life – the good guys are the Democrats in Bergen County who want transparent government and actual democracy.

Just in time for the DCBC “convention” on March 5 (now called DCBC because the BCDO brand became too toxic), the arm twisting and fear-mongering have begun. The goal is to have Committee folks who still believe they were elected by the public to represent them by vetting and choosing the best candidates to grace our ballots in the June Primary, wake up on March 5 and think they are in Russia – or North Korea. You know, only having one choice all the way down the ballot. Aforesaid choice being hand-selected by the Ferriero wing of the Bergen County Democratic Organization, which allegedly includes Hackensack Democratic municipal chair Lynn Hurwitz – who was the Bergen County Chief of Staff for the $ 3 million dollar man, former County Executive Dennis McNerney.

According to reports from multiple sources within the Democratic Party, phone calls are allegedly being made and pressure applied to make sure that candidates Monica Honis and Robert Kovic drop out and leave no choice for Freeholder candidates. Honis was a Real Bergen Democrat and Kovic is a Hackensack Attorney who worked in the County Counsel’s office. Neither candidate is a “machine” candidate. Which is why the Ferriero-crats want them out of the running.

The goal is to take back the County government by the Ferriero wing of the Democratic Committee by anointing Jim Tedesco, former Mayor of Paramus, and Christopher Tully, Councilman and protégé of Kevin Clancy of Bergenfield. Lorraine Waldes, School Board President of River Vale is a concession made to the Progressives who support her. However, it is rumored that Hurwitz and her team are trying to make sure that the ONLY names on the ballot on March 5th for Freeholder are these three. Thereby interfering with the rights of the Committee members to have five candidates to choose from.  

Sadly the Democratic Committee of Bergen County appears to be anything but democratic.

The tactic allegedly being used here is fear to try to get folks in line and to prevent two of the non-machine candidates from either appearing on the Convention ballot or getting the votes necessary to win against the Ferriero-crat candidates.  Allegedly, the fear is being directed at the County Committee members of the 38th district with the prospect that their very popular District 38 team will be in danger should, God Forbid, democracy happen and the Committee choose Honis and/or Kovic for Freeholder candidates at the convention.

The DCBC folks forget one important thing. The average voter cares MORE about the Senate and Assembly seats than the Freeholder ones and many voters normally don’t bother voting for freeholders to begin with. The skewed perspective of the Ferriero-crats makes sense if you consider that they had spent $ 3 million on McNerneny’s seat (the County Exec seat gives you patronage power to award high paying jobs) while barely lifting a finger to help Paul Arohnson in the 5th Congressional District. They appear to care ONLY about their Freeholder seats so they can keep their machine in power at the County level and get even with Kathleen Donavan for eliminating the patronage mill. They are apparently willing to say and do anything to convince folks that the very popular LD38 team is in danger. (They’re not). The reason that the LD38 team may be being used as a chip here is because they are popular with Dems who are not Ferriero-crats. Like me, for example. The Ferriero crowd may be hoping to sway folks who have decidedly different views on transparency and democracy than they do, to help get the Machine back into power by scaring Committee members into supporting the machine candidates.

And so right now the Committees in District 38 including Paramus and Bergenfield (old stomping grounds for the ubiquitous Mr. Dennis Oury, former buddy of Joe Ferriero  and his Pay to Play antics) appear to be supporting the machine.  Should these rumors prove true, the folks from these few towns would be attempting to remove the Freeholder choice from the Committee members in the entire county of Bergen. If so, these District 38 Dems should not give in to fear and realize they may be pawns of the Ferriero-crats who would like their anointed candidates to ride on the coat tails of three very popular state legislators. That’s how coattails work, folks.