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Who is the Democratic fool who said this about Barbara Buono?

Who’s the jerkoff “top Democrat” in the NJ Democratic Party who gave this quote to The Daily Beast?

“She kicked the governor in the crotch at every opportunity, and that is how she became known, but she is also the default candidate,” said one top Democrat. “It was 2 a.m. and the bar was closing, and Barbara was looking pretty good, frankly.”

Hey, “top Democrat,” whoever the hell you are: Anybody who talks like that about Sen. Buono or any woman in elected office in New Jersey had better not meet me in a dark alley.  

Great work. Outstanding. We’ve got a governor who routinely insults women legislators, defunded healthcare for women in need, and is protecting Jersey’s wealthiest at the expense of the kind of struggling family most single mothers I know are leading.

To have a shot at unseating the showboat that is the current governor, this Party will have to call Chris Christie out on his record with the majority sex in this state. Thanks for playing, genius.