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Timely v. Immediate: What a difference a Governor Makes

Tom Kean Jr. was a frequent critic of the Corzine administration, particularly on the issue of transparency. But he seems to have taken a healthy dose of patience now that his man is in the Governor’s office. Let’s hop in the way back machine:

Consider 2008, when then-Gov. Jon Corzine created a nonprofit organization to promote his signature plan to pay down state debt through higher tolls. Kean (R-Union), the Senate minority leader, urged the Democratic governor to “immediately” disclose information about donors to “Save Our State NJ Inc.,” saying it should be made public before the Legislature voted on Corzine’s plan.

Corzine’s effort never got off the ground, but they still disclosed who supported the effort. Now back to today:

So The Auditor wondered how Republican Kean felt about “Reform Jersey Now,” the nonprofit launched last week by leading Republicans and allies of GOP Gov. Chris Christie to support Christie’s agenda. It is structured exactly the same as the group that pitched Corzine’s plan.

“The leaders of Reform Jersey Now should voluntarily follow Gov. Christie’s continued commitment to a more transparent Trenton in a timely manner,” Kean said. But he declined to say exactly how “timely” it should be.

Hopeful wrote about the Governor’s new pay to play organization last week. I’m guessing a timely manner means no time soon, I’m sure it’s longer than immediate. Clearly contributions to support Governor Christie aren’t as important as those to Corzine. Way to be consistent Junior.  

Breaking news: DOJ replacing 85 prosecutors

The United States Department of Justice will

DoJ Logo

announce that it is firing 85 federal prosecutors this Monday morning, BlueJersey has learned. The prosecutors, all of whom receive salaries in excess of $100,000, are being dismissed to make way for lower-paid attorneys as part of an effort to trim the federal budget. The new hires would receive starting salaries of $8 per hour, and contribute 5% toward their health care premiums.

A source inside the New Jersey U.S. Attorney’s Newark office, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, confirmed that Christopher Christie is cleaning out his desk. “The mood here is pretty glum. We weren’t expecting this, especially after what we did for [gubernatorial candidate Tom Kean] Junior in 2005.” Christie had been considered the front-runner for the 2009 Republican nomination for governor of the Garden State.

The significance of the news was not lost on BlueJersey Investigative Reporter huntsu, who noted, “This is the first time a leak from Christie’s office was not related to the investigation of a Democrat during an election cycle. Apparently, being a loyal Bushie has its limits when your job is on the chopping block.”

“Democrats for Junior” – Federal Inmate Issue

Turns out that the latest individual to join “Democrats for Junior” is none other than the disgraced and convicted Former Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski (prisoner #25038-050).  From the Star Ledger:

A researcher working for Republican Tom Kean Jr.’s campaign became pen pals with a jailed Democratic political boss in an effort to dig up damaging information on Kean’s opponent, U.S. Sen. Robert Menendez.

Former Hudson County Executive Robert Janiszewski, now serving time in a federal prison in Kentucky on corruption charges, offered political history and strategic advice to the Kean campaign in a chatty, friendly letter obtained by The Star-Ledger.

“Political intrigue is … well … intriguing,” Janiszewski writes in the opening, summing up the unlikely alliance between himself and an agent for a Republican campaign. The letter, dated June 11, suggests an ongoing, secret correspondence.

Janiszewski, a sometime-ally, sometime-rival of Menendez’s in Hudson County, offered a long list of local politicians who hold grudges against the senator and may be able to provide damaging information about him.

One of those people mentioned by Janiszewski — Oscar Sandoval, a Union City psychiatrist and former FBI informant who helped land Janiszewski in prison — rocked the U.S. Senate campaign this week by disclosing a secret recording he had made of Menendez’s closest adviser.

For those of you keeping score at home, “Democrats for Junior” now consist of astroturfers posing as Democrats, a racist and a federal prisoner.  With friends that dirty, Junior can’t claim that he’s clean as a whistle.

How toxic is President Bush? Just ask Junior’s spokesperson!

Courier Post:

More New Jersey voters say it would be better to elect a Democrat than a Republican to the U.S. Senate in November, according to a new poll released today.  Poll results show that 49 percent of those asked said it would be better to have a second Democrat representing the state in Washington, compared with 28 percent who say it would be better to send a Republican

So that’s the good news.  I’ll save the really good news for last, after trying to parse the numbers a bit first.

Too Junior For Jersey

A vast wealth of information on Kean Junior is now available in one convenient location thanks to a new website from the DSCC. TooJuniorForJersey.com  (but just right for Bush) neatly documents Junior’s record: from his support for the Iraq War and wreckless tax cuts for the rich to his deep ties to the oil industry. Want to know who’s funding his campaign? It’s the same gang that has driven the country into a ditch. Junior has received over $20,000 from Bush’s “rangers” and “pioneers” and $5000 from Rick “man on dog” Santorum. There’s much more, including top secret photos of Junior and his frat brothers at the Fall Rush toga party. You don’t want to miss those, because chances are you’ll see them here soon as a caption contest.

4/8/06 News Roundup

  • John Ginty has enough signatures to challenge Tom Kean Jr for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate. This came after Kean tried to distance himself from the Bergen County Republican Organization by not asking to run on their ticket. Good job junior. Real smart to make enemies with your own party and force a primary when you pretty much had the nomination wrapped up.
  • Attorney General, Zulima Farber, is creating a unit to investigate and combat corruption. This should help with investigating the multitude of not-so-legit political dealings here.
  • There definitely isn’t a shortage of suggestions as to help make the state budget more palatable. These suggestions range from reducing government payrolls to legalizing and taxing prostitution.
  • Newark Councilman, Hector Corchado is extremely mad after finding out that the Essex County Superintendent of Elections ,Carmine Casciano, went with two of his staffers to campaign for Corchado’s opponent in the North Ward, Anibal Ramos.

    We were passed along this invitation to a Dick Cheney/Tom Kean Jr fundraiser that’s happening next week…

    Notice of Republican Investment Opportunity: Dick Cheney To Host Fundraiser For Tom Kean Jr

    All proceeds to be deposited in:

    Jr & Jr Inc
    A Political Hedge Fund

    George Bush Junior & Tom Kean Junior
    ‘Investing In The Political Alliance’

    A GOP IPO (Invitation to Political Oblivion)

    “Our campaign will be for those who are ready to aim higher.” – Tom Kean, Jr


    What Will Junior Do?

    So Tom Kean Jr. has 3 days until Tuesday to make a decision and Bergen County Republican Chair Guy Talarico says the clock is ticking…

    According to PoliticsNJ, Bergen County GOP Chairman Guy Talarico has given U.S. Senate candidate Tom Kean Jr three days to decide whether he will run on the organization line. READ the letter

    This is made more interesting by the fact that it’s set against the backdrop of the infighting withing the Bergen County Republican Organization

    Junior has to choose. Will he run on the line of Party chairman Talarico and Todd Calguire? Or will he run on the line with Alan Marcus who is callenging Talarico for chair along with Kathleen Donovan? Donovan and Calaguire are both vying in the primary to unseat Democratic County Executive Dennis McNerney in November.

    I’m gonna sit back, make some popcorn and enjoy the show.  Won’t you join?

    Look! There Goes Junior’s Raison d’être!

    We haven’t seen Kean Jr’s first ad yet, but we know what to expect.  As a moderate Republican in a blue state that doesn’t like Bush much, the logic that Kean Jr. will likely come out with is this:

    Yes, I know 60% of you don’t like George Bush.  I’m not a Bush Republican..he doesn’t speak for me.  But the Republicans are in power at the Federal level, and I can get you more as a Republican, as an inside guy, than if you keep electing people who will be on the outside.  I’m in the room.  Oh yeah, did I mention that my dad was…..