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Campaign training for women candidates: Are you what’s next?

We had three women running for Congress from this state, which has not sent a woman to the House since Republican Marge Roukema in left in 2003, and has not elected a Democratic woman in nearly 40 years, that was Helen Stevenson Meyner, elected in 1975 and returned for one term in 1979. Bonnie Watson Coleman will make history. Aimee Belgard ran the only race the national Dems rewarded with resources; she was hard-charging, but she lost. Janice Kovach ran a much weaker, and poorly funded race in a challenging district; she lost.

Women are underrepresented in New Jersey government – take a look at these numbers. How deep is our bench of women ready to make policy at the federal level? How many women who are natural leaders in their own community don’t even realize they’re exactly who should be elected to run those communities?

Maybe you’re who should be running? I want to bring two trainings to your attention that may be able to help you figure that out. Both of them are enrolling now, but they’re very different. Below the fold: Ready to Run & Emerge NJ. You should check them out:  

Rutgers’ CAWP tracks women in the Obama Administration

The groundbreaking Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP) at Rutgers University Eagleton Institute of Politics (a mouthful of a name) is tracking the women in President Obama’s cabinet and other high-level positions in his administration.

You can read CAWP’s full list (pictures & bios), but here are the ones I pulled out with New Jersey connections:  

Hillary Clinton, who may be the toughest thing standing in Chris Christie’s way in 2016 according to a national poll released today, the highest ranking woman in President Obama’s administration, the outgoing Secretary of State.

Valerie Jarrett, the President’s Senior Advisor and Chair of the White House Council on Women and Girls, who was at Rutgers two years ago to give the Senator Wynona Lipman lecture on women’s political leadership for the RU Ready Young Leaders Conference.

Elena Kagan and the wildly popular Sonia Sotomayor  – both Supreme Court Associate Justices and both Princeton-educated.

Lisa Jackson, chemical engineer by profession (her Master’s degree from Princeton), and Obama’s former EPA Chief, and former NJ EPA Commissioner and former Chief of Staff to Gov. Jon Corzine – the first woman and the first African-American to hold that post in New Jersey. Jackson’s decision to step down in December briefly fueled chatter she was considering getting into the race for NJ Governor.

Sara Manzano-Diaz, former Director of the Women’s Bureau, Department of Labor –  the only part of the Federal government specifically tasked with improving the lives of working women. Law Degree from Rutgers University School of Law.

And hey – CAWP’s bi-partisan campaign training for women Ready to Run starts at Rutgers two weeks from tomorrow. Not too late to get trained and find your way onto some future list like this one, above.