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Photos from Mark Zuckerberg’s funder for Christie in Palo Alto

What I love about my morning: messages from NJ political press asking if Blue Jersey was outside Zuckerberg’s house last night, because of the color commentary we posted last night just after Zuck’s Christie funder ended. That post was drawn from first-hand reports from some of the participants. And last night’s protest presence was something Blue Jersey had a hand in organizing, supporting DFA, Credo Action and their California friends who object to Christie almost as much as we do. Almost.  

We’ll write more on the week-long #UnfriendChristie project, that we helped drive and united many groups in NJ & California. But for now, here are some snapshots from last night in Palo Alto (h/t Sam Briggs, Credo Action). These are from outside, probably a better crowd of people than inside:

Mark Zuckerberg’s guests wade through a line of protesters to get to Chris Christie fundraiser

One, Two, Three, Four

This is not the Jersey Shore

Five, Six, Seven, Eight

Zuck send Chris back to his own State

Condoleezza Rice was among the swells who showed up tonight at Mark Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto house to glad hand the media showboat from New Jersey, Chris Christie. Another beneficiary of the Bush White House.

Inside chez Zuckerberg, on a tree-lined, sleepy residential street in the cushy heart of Silicon Valley, visitors plunked down the max of $3,800 to pump the already-pumped governor towards a second term here on the right coast. But before they got to the door, they had to make their way through at least 50 local protesters not nearly as happy to see Christie in the neighborhood. Valet parking at the house meant that everybody but Christie (who ducked in early, to avoid unfriendly faces) had to get out of their cars at the street level and walk through the line of protesters.

When I say Christie, you say “Go home”

When I say Mark, you say “Wake Up”

When I say Facebook, you say “Fail”

The street was packed with satellite and press trucks, caterers, cops and security (for very respectful protesters).

Hey, Facebook, Shame on You

Christie hurts women, now you do, too.

Sam Briggs of Credo Action, organized the street-level welcome along with area Democracy for America (DFA) leaders and other groups. He reports a very lively outdoor presence throughout the event inside, with particularly lively chanting pitched toward both the 5pm and 6pm local newscasts. They held signs – addressed to zuck + Chris – calling attention to Christie’s efforts to strip state funding from Planned Parenthood and health care for women. Briggs:

#UnfriendChristie goes to Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook & his house

With still a couple of hours till Chris Christie strides into Mark Zuckerberg’s Palo Alto, California manse, we hear from our #UnfriendChristie partners on the ground that protesters are already gathering, ready to greet the right coast governor with a hearty left coast jeer. A polite one, as the San Francisco Chronicle points out.

Tonight at 5:30pm PST, Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan are hosting their first-ever at-home political fundraiser, for Christie. Local police are planning for valet parking. So it looks like all the guests will have to get out of their cars in front of the protesters and walk into the house, unless logistics change. Fun.

Meanwhile, we’re taking to the Wonderkind’s own Facebook, to message Zuck. Join us. Change your profile pic and/or cover pic to one of the ones below or snap a shot of yourself with your own (um, polite) message to Zuck. Marriage equality? Women’s health funding? Whatever steams you.  And please post them here, too!

DFA’s #UnfriendChristie email

This week, Blue Jersey is helping to spearhead a coordinated message campaign – #UnfriendChristie- to let Mark Zuckerberg know we’re disappointed to see him raising money to re-elect the Governor. Read about it at BuzzFeed and also here, here and here.

Tonight, Democracy for America (DFA) jumped in with this excellent email that just went out to supporters across New Jersey and California – over Jeff Gardner’s signature (Jeff & I are two of the DFA leaders in NJ). DFA really nailed this. And tomorrow, DFA and Credo Action members in California will be outside that Christie fundraiser delivering petitions against Christie.  I’ll start the DFA’s here, and it finishes on the jump page:

A message from your local DFA Volunteer Organizer:


Tomorrow Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder of Facebook, will be hosting a fundraiser at his Palo Alto home for his “friend” Chris Christie. We think Zuckerberg should know that Gov. Christie is no friend to the LGBT community in New Jersey. Because of his veto and his pressure on Republican colleagues in the legislature not to override it, he is singlehandedly blocking New Jersey from having marriage equality.

That is why we have started a DFA petition asking Zuckerberg to Unfriend Christie.

Report on Project #UnfriendChristie (so far)

Thanks to strong participation – including from the Blue Jersey community – our week-long #UnfriendChristie outreach to Mark Zuckerberg is rolling into a nice success. As you know, Gov. Christie is in California for a big fundraiser at the home of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan – the first-ever time they’ve hosted a politician in their Palo Alto home. That’s Wednesday. But all week, Blue Jersey’s helping drive a now-national howl at Zuckerberg’s decision, particularly galling since Facebook has a good record in LGBT policies, and Christie is the only thing standing in the way of gay NJ couples in love marrying here. Here’s a quick report on what’s already launched, and what’s coming Wednesday and beyond in Project #UnfriendChristie:

Yesterday (Mon): We got great coverage on Day #1, including this national story at BuzzFeed. Yesterday was the launch of the #UnfriendChristie Twitter Bomb (what’s that?), made more audacious by the massive participation of all our allies, very much including the Blue Jersey readership. We tweeted to Mark Zuckerberg (@finkd on Twitter, if you were wondering) like mad, scores and scores of tweets letting him know the many reasons we object to his raising money to re-elect Christie. Most retweeted? That would be Rep. Frank Pallone (@FrankPallone, RT’d 19 times). Big thanks to him for that, and to all of you, including the many people who pushed out BuzzFeed at Facebook and Twitter.

Today (Tues): 3 petitions just went into circulation. Please sign any: (1) Democracy for America (2) Garden State Equality (3) NJ Working Families Alliance. Wednesday, as Christie’s being feted at chez Zuckerberg-Chan in Palo Alto, DFA and friends will be protesting outside and trying to deliver those petitions.

Tomorrow (Wed) – What you can do: Wednesday’s the fundraiser. And we take to Zuck’s own invention – Facebook. We’ll be asking you to swap out your Facebook profile pic and/or cover pic for a picture of you telling Zuckerberg what you think of his raising money for Christie (um, please keep it clean). Check back here tomorrow; we’ll show you what we mean.

This is a full-scale project, drawing on the membership, the press outreach and the social media skills of such groups as Democracy for America (here in NJ, and in California), Garden State Equality, Working Families, and CWA. Twitter Bombs. Facebook actions. Rally. Petitions. Press releases. And it’s an experiment, which means we’re all learning as we’re doing. Got suggestions? Ways to make it stronger? We want to hear it.

But you’re driving it. So, big thanks for that. (Just joining in? Catch up here & here). And, oh, if you’re on Twitter, are you following @BlueJersey?

Zuckerberg and Christie May Seem Perfect Together, But …

This post by Bill had only been up top for a few minutes when I posted updated news about Sen. Buono’s car accident, so I’m promoting it back up, with my apologies to Bill – Rosi

Both Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and Governor Christie are extremely popular, frequently talked about and even held in awe by some. They have a lot in common. They share a similar philosophy on education which culminated in a $100 million secretive grant to Newark and a love fest TV moment with Oprah Winfrey and Mayor Corey Booker. They exude confidence and exert significant power. They both know many wealthy people and are wealthy themselves, although Zuckerberg’s assets are in the stratosphere while Christie’s income only barely puts him in the top 1%.

Both Christie and Zuckerberg also share a darker side as some members of the public view their practices with suspicion and financial analyts are skeptical about what they say and do.

Facebook has had its share of issues involving privacy and security of personal information. Last month the ACLU warned us that a new Facebook search capability means its time for us to review our privacy settings (again!) This new tool to find content and data on Facebook could wind up making information about you far easier for anyone to find. Both disclosed and undisclosed features of Facebook can be injurious to us. Much the same might be said about disclosed and undisclosed activities of our governor. Whether it’s AshBritt, halfway houses, or budget machinations there are reasons to be suspicious.

Just as rating agencies have questioned Christie’s budget projections and expressed concern over NJ ‘s indebtedness, other Wall Street analysts have been skeptical about Facebook. It’s stock price has ranged from $45.00, during its initial public offering (IPO) in May 2012 to as low as $17.55. Earningsforecast.com points out the company’s IPO investors are experiencing about 26% loss since last May, compared with 11% gain for the Nasdaq Composite Index. On Wednesday Investors/Observer issued a critical alert on Facebook. Progressives and others have issued their own critical alert on the governor who may in time lose 26% of his popularity.

They might seem to be perfect together and even best buddies. However, at Facebook there is a positive pro-LGBT approach whereas in our Executive branch there is not. Hopefully as a result of this Garden State Equality petition effort Zuckerberg will soon unfriend Chris Christie and reaffirm his support for all LGBT families and for marriage equality in the state of New Jersey. And just maybe some of that reaffirmation will rub off on our governor.  

The purpose of this diary is not to forecast the future change in Christie’s popularity level nor Facebook’s stock price. Nor is it to explain Zuckerberg’s position on marriage equality nor what Christie might say about the matter in the future. Nonetheless, while Christie and Zuckerberg seem perfect together, it’s time for all of us to join the effort to convince Zuckerberg to unfriend Christie. Friends don’t let friends veto equality.

Crowdsource with us to Mark Zuckerberg: #UnfriendChristie

Facebook same-sex marriage iconsSee the icons on the right? Those are Facebook’s new icons, for their users getting married. That’s same-sex married. Gay married.

None of my friends in New Jersey get to use these. And that’s what this week’s #UnfriendChristie actions that Jeff laid out for you this morning are all about.

It’s been a little over two hours now on the first part of this week’s #UnfriendChristie actions, so I wanted to give you a little update on what’s happened so far in today’s big project, the Twitter Bomb (what’s that?).

Please join in. There’s a lot of great support already – Garden State Equality, CWA, Democracy for America, Blue Jersey and all our friends – here’s where you can read all the #Unfriend Christie tweets. We hope you retweet any (or all!) of them, and use the hashtag #UnfriendChristie so your friends can find them. (And we’d love you to follow @BlueJersey too!)

Hope you help us crowdsource this in every way you can this week. Make it our Valentine’s Day gift to New Jersey couples in love.

In June, Mark Zuckerberg attended the same-sex wedding of Facebook co-Founder Chris Hughes, in Equality State New York. He was there with his own bride Priscilla Chan, who’s co-hosting the Christie fundraiser Wednesday at their Palo Alto, CA home.  Now, Hughes is expressing ‘serious concern’ over his longtime friend Zuckerberg’s decision to help Chris Christie get re-elected. A couple weeks ago, this is what Hughes told ABC News:

There are tens of thousands of couples in New Jersey that can’t share their love and be recognized under the law because of that decision. I’m not a single issue voter, and I think most people aren’t either, but for me personally, it would raise serious concerns about supporting someone like him.

On the issue of marriage equality, Chris Christie is on the wrong side of history. It’s weird that Mark Zuckerberg, whose company has been lauded for fair treatment of its LGBT employees and recognition of its gay users in love, is on the wrong side of history on this, too. Zuckerberg pal Chris Hughes’ new husband is now running for Congress. Hell, even the Boy Scouts are coming around. Slowly.

Help us reach out to Zuckerberg, using the social media universe he helps drive (Wednesday, we hit Facebook). Crowdsourcing is all about participation. Yours.  

Friends Don’t Let Friends Veto Equality

If you’re on Facebook, you’re probably being inundated with all things Papal this morning. And, if you follow news of Facebook, you’re probably aware that Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a fundraiser for Governor Christie this week in California.

Both Zuckerberg and Facebook have made major strides in the past few years, turning the world’s largest social network into a more open and inclusive place for the LGBT community. But guess what? Friends Don’t Let Friends Veto Equality. That’s why, at 1p today, @GSEquality, @BlueJersey, @DFAaction and allies and friends are kicking off a Twitter Bomb using the Twitter hashtag #UnfriendChristie to let Mark Zuckerberg know that’s not how friends treat each other.

That’s right, the young, hip, tech-savvy billionaire – who famously, publicly married his wife just last year – is raising money for our anti-equality and anti-(you fill in the blank) governor at his Silicon Valley home on Wednesday.

So, how would you like to take a break from news about the Pope to let the Facebook founder know how you feel about his raising money this week for the man who is single-handedly blocking New Jersey from granting me and thousands of others the same freedom to marry he enjoys? The same governor about whose record no progressive – in New Jersey or California should remain silent.

Earlier this month when the news first broke – there was some great pushback against Zuckerberg on Twitter (where #UnfriendChristie briefly trended), on Facebook (where Garden State Equality received historic traffic), in the traditional media (this sweet Wall St. Journal article, and among politicians, with lots of buzz on the Chamber Train Trip. But this week, with the event scheduled for Wednesday, should be even bigger.

And there will be more actions to come all week, leading up to this Saturday’s anniversary of Governor Christie’s veto of marriage equality. But, at 1p today, I hope you’ll join @BlueJersey and friends in a Twitter Bomb using the hashtag #UnfriendChristie to let Mark Zuckerberg know: Friends Don’t Let Friends Veto Equality.

Tomorrow #UnfriendChristie

promoted by Rosi, who doesn’t much Like Mark Zuckerberg right now.

By now you might have heard that Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is hosting a high-dollar fundraiser for Governor Chris Christie in California in a few weeks.

So, its up to all of us in New Jersey – who know the real Chris Christie – to show Zuckerberg exactly who he is aligning with. Tomorrow, let’s spread the word about Christie’s real record by tweeting some thoughts and facts under the hashtag #UnfriendChristie.

Like we all did holding Chrsitie’s feet to the fire during his RNC speech by getting the hashtag #ChristieFacts to trend, let’s try and really get the word out there tomorrow, as well.  It’s up to us.

We must speak up loudly about how Christie has turned his back on the middle-class and working families, while unemployment hovers around 10% and New Jersey residents suffered a gigantic net jump in property taxes since Christie took office – at one point reaching 20%. In case you need some info on Christie, please check out our “Christie By-The-Numbers” page, and an old New Jersey Report Card ,as well as some of our recent press releases and op-eds.

Tell Mark Zuckerberg to #UnfriendChristie:

Does Zuckerberg “like” stopping people from marrying the ones they love?

*Christie is the sole reason that NJ does not have marriage equality.  He vetoed it…and has pledged to veto it again every time it comes across his desk

Does Zuckerberg “like” stopping people from earning a living wage?

*Just this week, Christie vetoed a bill that would have increased NJ’s minimum wage $1.25 to $8.50…instead saying he wants to bump it up a measly 25 cents.

Does Zuckerberg “like” vetoing women’s health funding?

*Christie vetoed women’s health funding…Four times.

Does Zuckerberg “like” having the Koch Brothers call the shots?

*Christie spoke at the Koch Bros secret confab in Colorado

Does Zuckerberg “like” that Christie fundraised & campaigned for Right-Wing Congressmembers who voted against Sandy aid?

*Just this Fall, Christie campaigned for Steve King, Susan Brooks, Ann Wagner, Tom Latham and V.P. candidate Paul Ryan….all of whom just voted against Sandy aid for New Jersey.

Does Zuckerberg “like” sticking his head in the sand on climate change?

*Christie pulled New Jersey out of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative…and allowed corporate polluters to rewrite the rules governing them.

Does Zuckerberg “like” failing on jobs?

*Under Christie, New Jersey has chronically trailed the rest of America when it comes to jobs…with unemployment hovering at 10%

Does Zuckerberg “like” stopping middle-class families from affording college?

*Tuition at New Jersey Colleges and universities spiked under Christie…while Christie cut funding for low-income students.

Does Zuckerberg “like” 1% priorities?

*Christie turned his back on New Jersey’s middle-class & working families…while giving handouts to casino moguls, bailouts to mall developers and calling for borrowing money the state doesn’t have to subsidize a tax cut for multi-millionaires.

There’s no better way for this to spread virally than to take to twitter and make your point under the hashtag #UnfriendChristie. Heck, do a few tweets – because there are more than enough facts to open Zuckerberg’s eyes to.

Now, I always thought Myspace was branded as the right-wing social networking site after Rupert Murdoch purchased it, but now Facebook, too?  Guess we better keep our eye on Friendster next.

Then again, perhaps Zuckerberg only knows about Christie from his carefully cultivated national image. But as noted above, the truth is that Christie’s out-of-the mainstream ideals and policies fly in the face of the narrative he’s conjured up via his manufactured youtube moments, softball network interviews and puff piece packages on the national news.  Let’s show the world the truth about Christie’s record of misplaced priorities and failures.

Does Zuckerberg Support Christie’s New Jersey Record of Misplaced Priorities & Failures:

NJ’s unemployment hovers at 10% – and has consistently trailed the rest of America for the entirety of Christie’s reign

• NJ was just named the Number One state people are moving out of

• Yahoo Financial ranked NJ among the 5 worst-run states in America

• NJ’s state economy ranks 47th

• NJ residents suffered a gigantic net jump in property taxes since Christie took office – at one point reaching 20%.

• NJ’s business climate slipped to 41st

• As rates nationally have fallen to their lowest levels since 2008, NJ now has the 2nd highest percentage of mortgage loans in foreclosure in the nation

• NJ commuters are dealing with higher train tickets, bus fares & tolls

• 55% of NJ highways are in poor or mediocre condition.

• 35% of NJ bridges are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete

Tomorrow, let’s keep up the fight for middle-class families in New Jersey…and throughout the country….by showing Mark Zuckerberg who he’s raising money for.  #UnFriendChristie