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Waiting/forgetting/not knowing which to do

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worse kind of suffering. Paulo Coelho

There is too much waiting, forgetting, or not knowing which to do nowadays:

  •  U. S. Senate Sandy legislation: Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid signaled yesterday afternoon that he would try to push ahead with a package to aid Superstorm Sandy victims even as debate continues on revisions to the Senate’s filibuster rules. However, it is not on today’s Senate schedule and may not be taken up until after the rules situation gets resolved. Come on Senators, people are hurting and need the funds.

  •  Undecided Democratic candidates for Governor: The primary is not until June 4, but time has about run out. For example, anyone seeking the Bergen County Democratic Party “line” must notify the committee in three weeks – by Feb 15. Bergen’s nominating convention is on March 5. Senator Barbara Buono has stepped out onto the stage. At this point any bashful candidates hiding behind the curtain should know it is beyond time to come out into the spotlight.

  •  Governor’s decision on raising the minimum wage bill: Christie must either sign, veto, or conditionally veto this legislation by early next week. He has said he opposes the indexing feature which automatically raises future rates based on the CPI. With a veto the legislature should move to put the matter on the ballot. Christie could have announced his decision earlier, but sadly we can expect a depressing press release some evening soon.

  •  Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief Fund: In spite of pledges of $31 million this group has yet to distribute any monies. $1 million has been allocated in its first round of grants, which may go out by mid- February to long-term regional recovery committees, which in turn will then make awards to local agencies. Slow as molasses.

  •  Halfway house reform: The NY Times broke its story about the correctional horrors (particularly at CEC) in June last year. The legislature rushed to hold hearings, and then to Christie’s delight dropped the ball. Whatsup?

  •  Roe v. Wade: This ruling has been trampled on in the last 40 years and awaits a rebirth with strong current popular support, while state legislatures simultaneously passed 135 laws restricting it in 2011 and 2012. The US Supreme Court, legislatures and Christie should take note and rejoin the 21st century.

  •  Federal climate change, immigration, energy and gun safety legislation: Little action so far but they are no-brainers.

    Whether it’s waiting, forgetting, or not knowing which to do, it’s painful.