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Drew Sheneman From Downtown on Bob Menendez Accusations

There are a lot of allegations swirling around Bob Menendez these days regarding a donor, airplane rides and prostitutes. The only problem is that the person who made the accusations appears to be as real as Manti Teo’s girlfriend, and the evidence of any wrongdoing other than late reporting of plane rides is … absent like a 404.

The problem is that the recent FBI raid of the donor’s offices — which no one but the fibbies knows the intent of — made this a story and a few semi-reputable outlets covered it, then reputable outlets covered it, then the semi-reputable outlets use the reputable outlets as proof it’s a real story!

That’s how Donald Rumsfeld and Judith Miller got us into war in Iraq.  Which was based on falsehoods in an echo chamber.

Drew Sheneman hits it right on with this cartoon from the Star Ledger, noting that it’s hard for Menendez to defend himself when there is no accuser or, really, a significant accusation.

This has become a staple of the right wing media as typified by The Daily Caller that “broke” this story months ago.  Throw mud at the wall, find something to connect it with, echo it on other right wing sites, and once it’s picked up in the real media go to town as if you hadn’t created the scandal out of whole cloth.

And the establishment media falls for it every time.