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An answer from Moran

Well, Tom Moran just hung up on me after asking me to return his call for a technical snag he had in posting, and after calling me a bunch of not-nice things. He thinks we’ve called him racist, which we have not, so I imagine he thinks we have some insults coming to us. More on that later. The post he so strongly objects to is An Open Letter to Star-Ledger Editorial Board Director Tom Moran by Marie Corfield, Ani McHugh & Jersey Jazzman and posted here, and at their 3 sites and at Diane Ravitch’s. Meanwhile, no matter what he says, we’re glad he posted what he has to say here. He’s always invited back. – Rosi

I was struck by the open letter to me as Star-Ledger editorial page editor after my recent column on Cami Anderson. The letter is below. My column is here.

I don’t have time to answer every one of these criticisms. Times are tough in my industry these days. But a few thoughts:

What’s with the Rush Limbaugh tone of this site? Can we have an honest disagreement with the personal insults? “ill-informed” “reckless” “shame on you” “ridicuous” “shredded your integrity” and so on. I was not the least bit to see the go-to attack of people who have weak arguments: I’m a racist.

Geez. All that’s from the first few paragraphs of a long-winded diatribe. I’m surprised my dog can even stand me.

Maybe you folks should take a pill, and engage people who disagree with you in a civil manner. You might find that I’m not as evil as you think. Who knows.

As for my alleged refusal to consider these arguments, please. I have spoken at length about these issues with Diane Ravitch, and Ras Baraka, and a ton of other Cami critics to hear them out. I have visited several schools, attended board meetings, read extensively. So give me a break. I engage with a lot of smart people who disagree with me on this. I never call them racist or rely on personal insults to make my point. It’s amateur.

And by the way, I included a sharp critique of Cami’s failure to consult the community sufficiently. Did you guys even read the damn column? Did you read Bob Curvin’s quote?

As for the substance, let’s start with charters. Newark parents want charters. Thousands are on wait lists, and when given the choice this year, charters were picked overwhelmingly. You suggest these parents have been tricked. And I’m condescending? Please.

As for the dark profit motive, that is just ideological blather. Yes, companies make money selling products and services to schools. But they make that money selling to charters or conventional districts. The hedge fund philanthropists who gave money to Team Academy are not making money. Dave Tepper, a  hedge fund guy who spends a lot on ed reform, made $2 billion in a single year on Wall Street. What is the logic of his trying to find a way to siphon money from the public schools? How would that work? That’s crazy talk.

More below…

Tweet of the Day: Rush

This tweet’s bounced around the last couple days or so:

Forbes:there are no scientists in politics? We have Rush Holt,rocket scientist, they have Rush,oxycontin specialist http://t.co/ylBVOzC #p2

and it reminds me of the year Rush Holt was elected to Congress, 1998, when I was on staff. I had my own reasons for working on that campaign, I’ll get to that, but struck me was how interesting his everyday volunteers were. It was common to walk into the kitchen at his Pennington farm to fellow physicists, novelists, truck drivers, Indian restaurant chefs, editors, engineers and teachers licking stamps and folding campaign lit. Also at that table, Helen Holt, the first woman Secretary of State in West Virginia’s history, and Rush’s mother, his late father, Rush Holt, Sr. was the youngest person ever popularly elected to the US Senate. Conversations around that table went on for days, with revolving personnel. My all-time favorite was a 3-day extravaganza: Resolved: All physicists are Democrats and all engineers are Republicans. Discuss.

My Congressman IS a Rocket ScientistVern Ehlers, a Republican (MI-3, he retired from the House in January) was the first research physicist ever elected to Congress. Rush Holt was the second. I remember Holt joking he and Ehlers should start a House Physics Caucus, because all they’d need was a blackboard and chalk. Republican Bill Foster (IL-14) was the third physicist elected to Congress, but he lost his first re-election in November. As far as I know, that makes Holt the only physicist now in Congress. I think he’s also still the only Quaker.

When I was at University of Michigan, the best learning experience I had was in a class I had no business in, Physics of Music. It was an advanced class, and I was struggling with simple concepts everyone else walked in the door with. I was 17. But the prof personally pulled me through by spending massive time on dumb me, just for the sheer pleasure of watching me grasp concepts in science he thought were thrilling. I passed. And on the last day, he told me why he spent so much time making sure I didn’t fail, even though I was a theater major; because “science is wonderful, and scientists can see all kinds of possibilities other people sometimes miss, because of the way we’re trained to find facts. And that’s something the world needs more of.” I never forgot that, and I agree, and it’s one of the reasons I went to work there.

Rush Holt is still un-slick, still speaks more slowly than other people in politics. But his approach to the issues decided on in the House still represent me better than my own congressman, Leonard Lance (I was redistricted out of NJ-12, into NJ-7).

who can speak with some experience about the need to restore science to its rightful place, who said during the dark days of the Bush 43’s presidency, the United States Congress’ Nerd in Chief

Rush Limbaugh professes his love for Chris Christie

Well isn’t this cute. Listen to what Rush Limbaugh had to say on his show today about the Governor’s announced cuts in his budget address:

“Ladies and Gentleman, is it wrong to love another man? Because I love Chris Christie!”

Now that they’ve realized their feelings, maybe they’ll help us fight for Marriage Equality. Especially since they’re so passionate about cutting everything else.

Limbaugh calls Menendez a “buffoon” after he told listeners to turn Rush off

From Media Matters:

Limbaugh got his daily health care diatribe going by airing a sound clip of Sen. Robert Menendez (D-NJ) on the Senate floor last night calling for people to “turn off” Rush Limbaugh and leave politics “in the cloakroom.” Rush derided Menendez, calling him a “buffoon” and declared that ideology was the only way to beat the bill.

Here is the segment from Rush’s show. First he played the Senator’s comments and then made the statement:

Well of course Rush is in charge of issuing the buffoon membership cards. I’m sure the Senator won’t be able to sleep tonight knowing how Rush feels about him.

They will try to Wellstone Ted Kennedy. Don’t let them.

Not too long ago, there was a conversation between some of us political bloggers; it went on across the country and across state lines. We talked about this: How long do you think it will be before somebody on the right takes Ted Kennedy’s memorial service, and what will inevitably be said there, and trashes it like they did Paul Wellstone’s?

That struck me. I count two things as the engines behind everything I’m doing in politics right now. Howard Dean’s What I want to know … speech. And the massive arena celebration of the lives of Paul & Sheila Wellstone. Sen. Wellstone was not perfect; he was not angelic. But what he was, was brave. An ordinary, everyday guy with a Minnesota Senate seat.

Ted Kennedy was a very different guy. Tried most of his life to connect with the ordinary. And you bet there’s going to be an effort to remind grieving congressional Democrats that health care was the cause of Kennedy’s life. They’d better damn well pass it. And there’s no way the right will not challenge that.

The answer to that question – How long?is now. Today, Rush Limbaugh ridiculed Wellstone’s memorial, that arena brimming with people who knew early that change was coming, and there was work to be done. Forward-thinkers, progressives, and fearless local organizers. There was more loss, and backlash, before there was winning. But that memorial – those people, those speeches – meant everything to me. And I can’t just sit and listen to what was just said on the radio, without saying this:

Paul Wellstone didn’t die. Not like they wanted him to.

He’s now called Wellstone Action.

He’s called Democracy for America.

You can call him the 2008 Senate, House & White House, if progressive.

He’s called Barack Obama. Called Michelle Obama. Aim higher, he’d say.

He is called first-time voters, and change.

Canvasser. Phonebanker. Local organizer.

He’s called Organizing for America. PDA.


They call him janitor, and educator, and factory worker. New immigrant.

He is called the Congressional Black Caucus, and Progressive Caucus.

He’s the survivors of Hurricane Katrina, and those who didn’t made it.

He’s a first-time candidate, who thinks politics isn’t about winning, it’s about improving people’s lives.

He’s not going to let up on Marriage Equality.

He demands the public option.

He’s called the Democratic Wing of the Democratic Party.

And he’s called 50-State Strategy.

He is called Loretta Weinberg.

Paul Wellstone is called Senator Al Franken now.

And he’s called Blue Jersey.

Take that, Rush Limbaugh. You disrespectful son of a bitch.

Star-Ledger Columnist Paul Mulshine smacks Limbaugh and calls him a “streetwalker”

In today’s column in the Star-Ledger conservative columnist Paul Mulshine took some real hard shots at the big guy.  He criticizes Rush, and other wingnut blowhards, for taking noncash payola in the form of gifts and free services from advertisers on their show.  He cites Rush in particular as using his program to shill for General Motors in 2007 as an example of what he referred to as a “classic American car company doing it all”.

He goes on to compare Rush with the world’s oldest profession, “Limbaugh may be a hooker with a heart of gold. But he’s still a hooker. And that is the category into which all of these radio talkers rightly belong. Limbaugh loves to deride honest journalists as members of the “drive-by media,” but he’s part of what I like to call “the streetwalker media.”

It seems Mulshine isn’t the only conservative writer distancing himself from rightist gasbags like Rush.  Other writers and pundits are piling on as well.  Some of it may be resentment at Rush’s financial success and some of it may be genuine disagreement.  Whatever the motives the Taliban wing of the GOP seems to be imploding within itself in a frenzy of backstabbing and an orgy of anklebiting.

Challenge to Garrett: Condemn Limbaugh!!!

Rush Limbaugh has openly called for Barack Obama fail (and Scott Garrett has not condemned Limbaugh’s un-American attempts to sabotage America’s economy).    Evidently Garrett and Limbaugh want America to fail and to fall into an economic pit.


Because Rush Limbaugh and Scott Garrett are themselves corrupt creatures of a brand of toxic ideologically radical partisanship that puts its own power/agenda first, and damn the price that the American people will have to pay for their “victory”.

Limbaugh and Garrett are turds of a feather who lie together!

It’s time for progressives to take off the gloves and call out these people for being the primary cause of our current economic mess.    

To believe Garrett and Limbaugh you have to believe that the world was created by Barack Obama on the day he took the oath of office.    If that were true; then they could legitimately blame him for the status quo….but that’s how far one would have to reach to actually believe their lies.

The truth is that Obama is stuck having to clean up the mess that the Limbaugh Republicans have left us.



Limbaugh said, ?I disagree fervently with the people on our [Republican] side of the aisle who have caved and who say, ?Well, I hope he succeeds.??

Limbaugh told his listeners that he was asked by a major American print publication? to offer a 400-word statement explaining his hope for the Obama presidency. He responded:

   So I’m thinking of replying to the guy, Okay, I’ll send you a response, but I don’t need 400 words, I need four: I hope he fails.

Every Republican in New Jersey must be called to account for Limbaugh’s anti-American hateful remarks.  

It’s not enough for them to say, superficially, “I want Obama to succeed”……at this point they all need to openly condemn Rush Limabugh’s destructive toxic “hope”.

Limbaugh’s ugliness occupies the place where the Republican parties “heart and sould” should be.

Scott Garrett, as the most radical Republican in our congressional delegation, must be held to special account for Limbaugh’s negativity.

So, Scott Garrett, come out and condemn Rush Limbaugh……or be prepared to wear him around your neck, like the Albatross he is,  for the rest of your short political career.


Looks like we’re in for some big snow later tonight….so let’s all go out and do our shopping and go to this afternoon’s Town Hall meeting in Demarest while we’re on the road.   See ya later!!!

Pallone’s Takedown of Limbaugh and Republican Hypocrites

Here’s Pallone’s speech blasting Rush Limbaugh for calling military personnel who question the war “phony soldiers.”

Rep. Frank Pallone: “Yesterday Limbaugh called service members who support a withdrawal from Iraq ‘phony soldiers.’ Is Limbaugh serious? Is a soldier who is honorably serving our naiton in Iraq any less a soldier if he questions what appears to be a never ending war? Last month seven soldiers from the US Army 82nd Airborne Division wrote an op-ed in The New York Times questioning our continued war efforts, but also stating, and I quote, ‘we need not talk about our morale, as committed soldiers weeks will see this mission through.’ Now since publication of that op-ed, two of the soldiers have died. As this op-ed showed, soldiers may question the war, but it does not mean that they’re any less committed to their mission, and now I wonder if Republicans who showed so much outrage towards MoveOn.org yesterday will hold Rush Limbaugh to the same standard – and I wouldn’t hold your breath.”

So far not one of our Republican members of Congress have condemned Rush Limbaugh for his slander against our troops, yet all of them voted to condemn MoveOn.org.

Give them a call and ask when they are going to condemn Rush Limbaugh.

Representative Frank A. LoBiondo (R-2) :  202-225-6572

Representative Jim Saxton (R-3) :  202-225-4765

Representative Christopher H. Smith (R-4) :  202-225-3765

Representative E. Scott Garrett (R-5) :  202-225-4465

Representative Mike Ferguson (R-7) :  202-225-5361 

Representative Rodney P. Frelinghuysen (R-11) :  202-225-5034

And, while you’re at it, give WABC-AM a call and ask them how they can keep Limbaugh on the air after a comment slandering our active duty, in combat troops?

WABC Switchboard:  1-212-613-3800, e-mail

Anyone want to identify some advertisers on WABC and see if we can’t give them a little nudge to get off his show?

Pallone Blasts Rush Limbaugh, Implies Republicans are Hypocrites

Earlier today Republican hero and recovering drug addict Rush Limbaugh slandered thousands of American soldiers who are risking their lives overseas as “phony soldiers.”  Why?  Solely because they question the rationale for the Iraq War.

Last week Republicans and a few cowardly Democrats — including New Jersey’s own Congressmen Andrews, Pascrell, Rothman, and Sires — voted to condemn a newspaper ad from MoveOn.org that questioned the bonafides of a single soldier, Iraq theater commander General Petraeus, for twisting facts in support of the President’s war. [Reward the NJ Dems who voted against the resolution on our ActBlue Standing Up page]

Today Frank Pallone — who voted against that idiotic MoveOn resolution — took to the Congressional floor to call Limbaugh out for his chicken hawk attack on people risking their lives daily at the command of our President, and then he turned on his Republican colleagues and asked if they were going to condemn Limbaugh the way they condemned MoveOn.  But he already new the answer.

He said, “Don’t hold your breath” and walked from the lectern.

One thing to remember is that the Democrats control both the House and the Senate, and they get to decide what resolutions come to the floor for a vote.

For some reason the Democratic leadership allowed the MoveOn resolution to move forward, and now they have a chance to be equally tough on a right wing blowhard who insulted not just one military soldier but thousands.  They have a chance to undo the damage done with the idiotic MoveOn resolution and make the Republicans condemn Limbaugh or show themselves for the hypocrites they are.  But will the Democratic leadership do that?

Unfortunately, I think that Pallone may have answered that questions, too.