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CD12: Paula Sollami Covello out, throws support to Bonnie Watson Coleman

It’s looking more and more like we may get a woman following Rush Holt in the solidly Dem congressional seat he’s announced he’ll retire from. This morning, Mercer County Exec Brian Hughes announced he wouldn’t run, because “We need a progressive woman in Congress” (he didn’t specify, but Bonnie Watson Coleman lives in his home county of Mercer). And now, via Facebook, Mercer County Clerk Paula Sollami Covello is taking herself out of the running, to support Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman:


As I expressed to you yesterday, I am deeply humbled and appreciative of your overwhelming support. So, I am sharing with you first this news of my decision regarding my candidacy for Congress, District 12.

After two days of intense conversation with my family and political advisors, and some other candidates interested in running, I have decided to withdrawal my name from consideration for the 12th Congressional seat race this year. I will endorse Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson-Coleman for the race.

Bonnie has been a great representative of my legislative district in representing all of the towns therein. Further, Bonnie shares many of my values when it comes to being a progressive voice in government. She truly cares for people and she will fight for human rights, voting rights and for middle-class families. She is also a strong voice for women.

As for myself, I have work to continue to perform in the Mercer County Clerk’s Office. My family is still young and I hope and believe that I can run for Congress or another leadership position in the coming years. For now, I am running for re-election for my current position as Mercer County Clerk in 2015.

Thank you so much, and let’s continue to enjoy one another’s friendship.

And Now There Are Three

In the upcoming N. J. elections for the U. S. House of Representatives there are now three vacant seats. These Representatives have announced their resignations: Rob Andrews (D-CD1) first elected 1990, Rush Holt (D-CD12) first elected in 1998, and Jon Runyan (R-CD3) first elected 2010. Soon Democrats may take over a Republican seat, retain two Democratic seats with new members, and add two women to our delegation.

This is an unusual opportunity. In several recent past election there have been no vacancies and all incumbents have been re-elected. In a few past elections there has been one vacancy. For two vacancies you have to go back to 2008 – Mike Ferguson (R) succeeded by Leonard Lance (R) and Jim Saxton (R) succeeded by John Adler (D) – and 1996, Robert Torricelli (D) succeeded by Steve Rothman (D) and Dick Zimmer (R) succeeded by Mike Pappas (R). You have to go back to 1992 when there were three or more vacancies. In that election (22 years ago) there were actually four vacancies (Dwyer, Rinaldo, Roe, and Guarini.)

See more about this opportunity below the fold.

Webber and Hughes discuss the Christie revelations on NJN

On NJN news last night, host Jim Hooker had a discussion with GOP state Chairman Jay Webber and Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes.

Webber said the latest revelations do no damage to Christie and that they’re a side show cooked up by the Corzine campaign (although NJN discovered the story which Hooker challenged Webber on). Webber continued to do his best spin job deflecting things back to Corzine and said that “an ethics champion like Chris Christie does the right thing when he makes a mistake.”

Then Hooker turned to Hughes, who said this raises questions about his claim that he pays attention to detail if he can’t even fill out these forms correctly, as they’re not difficult things to do. Webber again tried to turn it around on Corzine when asked about the connections between Brown and Christie and whether he had a pipeline to the office. He said that the Democrats have no facts to back up their allegations, to which Hughes said it was connecting the dots and he laid out the dots. Webber said the issue is a minor bump in the road and that there is no chance he won’t be on the ballot.

Mercer County Campaigns

Hi Everyone!

We wanted to give the BlueJersey community an update on the campaign for Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes and let you know what we’re up to leading into Election Day.

Also, we’ve got two commercials online that you can view.  A little more about the race and where you can go to help out any of the campaigns in Mercer County after the jump.

Good News!

No, the casinos are still closed, you still have to pay tolls on the Parkway, and the budget crisis is nowhere close to being resolved. But Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes has some great poll results. Isn’t that exciting?

Hughes commissioned a poll in advance of his reelection campaign this year and found that he has built considerable political appeal across the board.

His job approval/disapproval rating throughout Mercer County is 65/12. Among registered Democrats it’s 68/9; among Republicans it’s 69/9; and in Hamilton, long considered a Republican stronghold in the county as well as a bellwether for state political sentiment, Brian’s approval/disapproval is 73/10.

Brian Hughes’ win in 2003 and Paula Sollami-Covello’s election as clerk this year completed the Democrats’ takeover of all Mercer County offices. If these poll results are any indication, that won’t change any time soon.