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Three Reasons to Vote ‘Yes’ on Question 1

With a presidential election and the devastation of Sandy, it’s no wonder that little space or attention has been given to the “Building Our Future” referendum question on Tuesday’s ballot.

But it’s still important to vote “yes” on the ballot question – NJPP president Gordon MacInnes lays out the 3 big reasons why in this blog post (after the jump) cross-posted from NJPP.org.

The Governor Needs to Come Home and Sell the Higher-Ed Bond Issue

As Blue Jersey readers are well-aware, the governor’s been out of state A LOT lately, campaigning for a wide array of GOP candidates. The latest piece from NJPP’s Gordon MacInnes argues that the governor needs to be at home campaigning instead for New Jersey’s future – in the form of the higher education bond issue that’s on our ballot.

An excerpt:

It’s a proposal the governor supports – after all, he signed the bill that put the measure on the ballot – and argues for it emphatically and effectively on occasion. But for the sake of the future of our state and our students he must do so more often as the November 6 vote approaches.

Read the full piece after the jump…