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Did Chris Christie Record an Ad for 101.5?

Just listening to 101.5 in the car on my way to work I heard a interstitial of Governor Chris Christie talking about how some Democratic legislators want to help towns with huge non-profit cemeteries make up for lost tax revenues.  It’s classic Christie, combative and misleading.

But at the end of the piece something weird happens: Christie says, “You’re listening to Town Hall Media” or something similar.  It’s like when musicians come in to a station and do a promo for it.

But that’s a a musician promoting a song or album that the stations plays at no cost to the musician (actually pays the musician in most cases). There’s a quid pro quo involved where both sides know the relationship is financially beneficial.

Christie is the governor, and 101.5 is supposed to be a news and commentary station covering New Jersey politics and news. Is Christie providing some quo in return for the fawning coverage he receives there?  I mean, we know 101.5 is in the tank for the guy but now he’s cutting promos for their parent company?