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Jersey Girls Caucus Power List

Loretta Weinberg Binder
Sen. Weinberg looks over the Binder Full of Women

PolitickerNJ’s Power List came out for 2012 a few days ago. It’s a fun list, and we sure did like it when Blue Jersey founder Juan Melli was listed by predecessor PoliticsNJ as Politician of the Year just months after Blue Jersey launched. I don’t always think the same things are important as Politicker does, which is not to disparage them, merely to say when it comes to what’s worth talking about, we have different viewpoints. Nevertheless, fun list. I particularly enjoyed seeing rising Dem leader Vin Gopal show up there.

But Sen. Loretta Weinberg took a closer look. And as you can read in the comment skirmish between her and Politicker’s Darryl Isherwood, the two of them don’t see power quite the same way, and the appearance of so few women on the list – which Darryl defends – is a concern.

Of Politicker’s 100, only 15 are women; there are only 4 in the Top 50. Mary Pat Christie’s highest ranked (6), followed by Christie Communications Director Maria Comella (13), Christie mortgagor Michelle Brown (33) and his Deputy COS for Policy, Deborah Gramiccioni. Weinberg:

PolitickerNJ released their list of “100 most powerful political players in New Jersey.” By the boldface type in the article, readers were warned, “Please keep in mind that, as usual, the list doesnot include elected officials, judges, or former governors.” They forgot to mention, that this year’s list also does not include most of the states most powerful political players who happen to be women. Only 15 women were included in this year’s list of 100. For those lucky 15, many of them are fortunate to have close connections to male “players” listed well above them.

The Jersey Girls List is alphabetical – egalitarian that way. I’m on it. And yes, that makes me stammer a little, blush and kick at the imaginary pebble at my feet. But it’s by no means a Dems-only list. For that would be wrong.

Jersey Girls Caucus Power List, below the fold.

Impressive Resources Launching for NJ Dem Women

For finding, training, and supporting great progressive women candidates, and more sharply informing and organizing around Gov. Christie’s dismal record on women, impressive resources are launching all at once. All good stuff:

Jersey Girls Caucus:

Blue Jerseyan and Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg, who convened the Jersey Girls Caucus in one rollicking session with the sea of intelligent, tough women who were in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention is now expanding it. The goal? To keep the heat on Gov. Christie re: his failed record on women, to organize, to make sure we let other women know what’s going on. Here’s how to latch on:

  • @JerseyGrlCaucus – Follow Jersey Girls Caucus on Twitter.

  • Jersey Girls Caucus on Facebook. (Hit LIKE)

  • JerseyGirlsCaucus@gmail.com is how you can let Sen. Weinberg & the Caucus know what’s on your mind.

    Emerge NJ: Thursday night’s the big launch for NJ to be the 12th state to open a group devoted to helping get more Democratic women elected. Women don’t have parity when it comes to holding elected seats – we’re 17% of seats in Congress, 23% of statewide offices nationally, 24% of state legislative seats. In NJ, of the 120 in the legislature, only 35 (29%) are women. For federal, it’s worse: NJ last elected a female federal lawmaker almost 10 years ago. Only 5 women in NJ’s history have been sent to Congress from here. Only 89 women are mayors of the State’s 566 townships – that’s 15.7%.

    Thursday night’s kickoff is a fundraiser in Morristown. Senate Majority Leader (and Blue Jerseyan) Loretta Weinberg and Speaker Sheila Oliver will both speak. I’ll be there with my candidate Marie Corfield, running hard to defeat the Republican installed in the LD-16 Assembly seat following the death of incumbent Pete Biondi 48 hours after November’s election.

    There’s still time to attend Emerge NJ’s launch.There are some fabulous New Jersey women behind it. Check out the list after the jump …