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Polls Trending Towards Menendez

A Strategic Vision (R) poll released today has Tom Kean Jr leading Bob Menendez by 32%-30%. Their previous poll a month ago had Kean Jr with a 33%-27% lead. This poll contradicts an FDU poll released yesterday showing Menendez with a 42%-37% lead. In January, that same poll showed Kean Jr with an 11 point lead. Both polls show a positive trend for Menendez.

Interestingly, the Strategic Vision poll also shows that Senator Lautenberg’s approval rating in the state is 50%-33%, which seems to contradict other polls showing him with a worse approval rating.

Bush’s numbers in the poll are abysmal. On his handling of Iraq, only 33% approve and 60% disapprove. The state is nearly split on his signature issue, the handling of the war on terror: 44%-46%. A plurality of 44% want to withdraw troops from Iraq within 6 months; 41% do not. 87% think a UAE owned company should not have control of our ports.

Bush Plays Approval Numbers Limbo – How Low Can He Go?

An FDU poll has lots of bad news for Bush and anyone that wants to associate themselves with him. Only 26% of registered voters in New Jersey (and just 49% of Republicans) think the country is going in the right direction while 62% think we’re on the wrong track. Bush’s approval numbers continue to plummet. Only 29% rate him “Excellent” (8%) or “Good” (21%) while 70% rate him as “Only fair” (27%) or “Poor” (43%). Compared to his approval numbers last month of 34%-65%, where he had a 31 point deficit, this month that deficit in his approval rating has grown to 41 points.

By 47%-16%, voters approve of the job Corzine is doing as governor. 50% would rate him as “Favorable” or “Somewhat Favorable” while 22% rate him “Somewhat Unfavorable” or “Unfavorable.”

Poll: NJ Overwhelmingly Supports Same-Sex Marriage

A new Zogby poll of 802 residents finds that by a 56%-39% margin, New Jerseyans support gay marriage. The poll had a margin of error of +/-3.5%. A similar poll conducted by Zogby in April of 2005 found similar support for gay marriage with 55% favoritng and 40% opposing. The change is well within the margin of error, but confirms the previous poll results.

         Feb 06  Apr 05
For        56%   (55%)
Against    39%   (40%)

The same poll found that 67% of New Jerseyans opposed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Poll: Kean Jr leads

A Strategic Vision (R) poll out today has Tom Kean Jr leading Bob Menendez by 33%-27%. That’s the end of the good news for Junior. A plurality (39%) still have not made up their minds.

Both candidates are largely unknown to the public at this point.

          Favorable Unfavorable Undecided
Menendez     23%        12%        65%
Kean Jr.     21%         8%        71%

The numbers will shift once they realize daddy isn’t actually running again. It gets worse for Kean.

By a margin of 58%-30%, New Jerseyans say they do not want the US Surpreme Court to overturn Roe v Wade. Kean Jr is pro-choice, but even pro-choice Republicans recently showed that when it comes time to approve Supreme Court justices, party comes before principles.

Only 37% of New Jerseyans approve of Bush’s job performance (57% disapprove), and just 34% approve of his handling of the economy and Iraq.

Menendez voted against giving the President the authority to go to war in Iraq. Even with the hindsight of this disasterous distraction and the knowledge that it was based on lies, Kean Jr has said that had he been in the US Senate in 2002, he would have voted for war. Do we need any more proof that Junior just wants to be a rubberstamp for Bush? That’s not what New Jersey wants.

Princeton students overwhelmingly support same-sex marriage

The Princeton University Undergraduate Student Government (USG) recently held a referendum on whether or not the USG should sign on to an amicus brief from the Princeton Justice Project (PJP) on behalf of seven gay and lesbian couples who want to get married in New Jersey who have a case before the NJ Supreme Court (Lewis v Harris).

The referendum asked two questions: whether students supported same-sex marriage and whether they believe  that the USG should sign onto the amicuss brief submitted by the PJP. While support for same-sex marriage was very strong, some supporters thought it was inappropriate for the USG to speak on behalf of all students about such politically-charged issues. Still, both referendum items passed. The results:

As a student of Princeton University, do you support the right of all consenting adult couples to marry, regardless of sexual orientation?

73%  Yes
27%  No

Shall the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) be directed to sign on the amicus brief submitted by Princeton Justice Project (PJP) on behalf of the plaintiffs in Lewis vs. Harris, same-sex couples seeking to marry in New Jersey?

51.6% Yes
48.4% No

It’s encouraging that tomorrow’s leaders are way ahead of the general population when it comes to civil rights.

NJ for Dem Poll: Codey gets the numbers, but Rush Holt gets the hearts and minds

There’s s a guy named Dave who went to a great deal of trouble to write his own name in under the OTHER option in NJ for Democracy’s on-line poll asking who Corzine should pick for the Senate. And a few people really really like Bruce Springsteen (duh).

Other than that, we’re comfy the poll is pretty clean: 872 responses, open for one week, designed to discourage interference by accepting only one vote per IP address. We don’t claim it was scientific, because it was on-line. Full results here: www.njfordemocracy.org.

Codey – who may be dropping out today – was the numbers winner but is it Rush Holt who really scored here?