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Poll: Menenez, Kean Jr Tied

A Strategic Vision poll shows both Menendez and Kean Jr with 35% of the vote. In March, the same poll had Kean Jr leading 32%-30%.

Senator Lautenberg has a 50%-36% approval rating, Corzine is at 38%-42% and Bush rounds out the bottom with a sad 29%-63%. By 45%-40%, New Jerseyans want to withdraw from Iraq within 6 months.

NJ <3's Bush

Wonderful news for Bush in the latest Survey USA poll. New Jerseyan’s love the guy. Republicans remain loyal by a whopping 49%-44%. Of those who describe themselves as pro-life, 44% approve while 51% disapprove. Regular church goers disapprove by a 2-1 margin: 64% to 32% and overall, just 26% of voters approve while 70% disapprove. With this environment, Kean Jr’s chances are about as hot as ice. And if Bush’s numbers continue to dive, and I see no reason to believe they won’t, Ferguson may want to start updating his resume.

4/28/06 News Roundup

  • Governor Corzine is proposing that along the Turnpike, motorists pump their own gas . The Governor thinks that by having motorists get all disgusting while trying to figure out how to work the pump, it will cut the cost of gasoline in the state. 
  • In the latest poll, the race for U.S. Senate is at a dead heat between U.S. Senator Bob Menendez and State Senator Tom Kean JUNIOR. With nearly seven months until Election Day, about 20% of voters are still undecided. 
  • Ron Rice, Newark Mayoral candidate, has called for federal election monitors to insure the legitimacy of the race. After what happened in 2002, this might not be a bad idea. 
  • A day after announcing that Hoboken has begun negotiations to aquire St. Mary Hospital, Mayor David Roberts is saying that he will need $26 Million, if this is to become a reality.
  • News Round-up for Thursday, April 27

    News Round-up for Thursday, April 27th:

    • According to a new Quinnipiac poll released this morning, Senator Robert Menenedez has a 40%-34% lead over State Sen. Tom Kean JUNIOR, with 20% undecided. These are similar results to a similar poll released a month ago. 69% of us dislike how Bush is doing, four points more than in March.
    • Good news- birds at the Meadowlands have made a comeback! A one-year study of avian species at the environmentally tenuous site states that at least 181 species of birds, many endangered, have been spotted at the site, showing that environmental recovery has begun to take hold.
    • Two missing tubes of Anthrax are not in the hands of terrorists but simply the result of bad record-keeping, according to a report submitted to federal officials by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services. The anthrax samples were taken from the Hamilton Township postal facility that processed anthrax-tainted letters in 2001 that killed five people. Nice to know there isn’t more missing, but I’d sleep better if they found the terrorist who did it in the first place.
    • The US Army has released a study showing that it would be cheaper and quicker to dispose of waste from the destruction of VX nerve agent at the DuPont plant in Salem County, with waste water flowing to the Delaware. Critics of the plan are afraid that trace amounts of the nerve agent or toxic byproducts could be missed during treatment and end up in the Delaware estuary.
    • Yesterday, Exelon executives stated that they may cease their acquisition attempt of PSEG if they are required to sell off the nuclear power plants. The Excelon/PSEG deal would create the country’s biggest power supplier, but has serious opposition from consumer groups, industry leaders and state officials who are concerned that it might cause steep increases in electric and gas bills, which are already at record highs. It’s definitely time to find one of these super-efficient houses. Gotta love that solar!
    • Protesters of Congressional policy toward immigrants and of the proposed Sensenbrenner-King Border Control Act rallied in Trenton yesterday, advising that May 1 will be Day Without an Immigrant. Protesters are urging immigrants to not work or shop on Monday in a demonstration of the influence of such workers.

    New Jerseyans Like Bush Even Less Than Cheney

    The latest Quinnipiac poll out today has bad news and worse news for the GOP. Menendez’s lead over Kean Jr has grown to 40%-34% (from 40%-36% last month). Take this number with a big grain of salt since most voters don’t know anything about either candidate. One interesting find is that 26% of Kean’s supporters picked him MAINLY because they liked his dad.

    The news only gets worse from there. New Jersey voters disapprove of Cheney by 63%-27%. As the poll director notes, New Jersey may be the only state where Bush does even worse than his face-shooting friend. He’s got an embarrassingly  low 69%-26% disapproval rating. Even 34% of Republicans and 78% of independents disapprove.

    Jersey voters think going to Iraq was the wrong move by a 63%-31% margin, and they disapprove of Bush’s handling of Iraq by 71-25%.

    News Round-up for Wednesday, April 26

    News Round-up for Wednesday, April 26th

    • UMDNJ is eliminating about 20 management jobs in a move to restructure its administration. A new CFO is also on the horizon for the scandal-ridden school.
    • The State Supreme Court will hear arugements next week about funding for the Abbot school districts. The proposed state budget keeps funding flat for the “special needs” districts, but the districts themselves state that this would mean strong cuts for them. Newark filed its own separate appeal as well.
    • During a budget hearing, Assemblyman William Payne yesterday questioned the lack of diversity in the state’s DOT in executive positions . Payne advised the state transportation commissioner, Kris Kolluri, that employees in different departments have complained to him.
    • A report being released today by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation about states’ access to health care shows that residents of Our Fair State are above the national averages of uninsured adults being unable to receive certain health care services.
    • Absentee ballots have changed the initial results in the recent Atlantic City school board race. Challenges and recount requests are, of course, being filed.
    • Human remains found in a Bucks Co. PA landfill are believed to be those of John Fiocco Jr., the TCNJ student who went missing a month ago. State police are holding a press conference this morning and are expected to confirm reports.
    • Today is Governor Corzine’s 100th day in office, and the honeymoon is over. The Quinnipiac poll numbers show that the governor’s approval rating is down to 35%, but 87% acknowledge that the governor inhereted the budget mess.

    Quinnipiac Poll: Corzine Sinks, Voters Clueless, Dems Find a Wedge Issue

    Corzine’s approval has dropped to 35%-42% this month, compared to a favorable 43%-21% approval rating last month. Voters aren’t happy about the budget, though 87% concede that Corzine inherited the state’s budget problems. Which leads to the obvious question: who the HECK are the other 13%? They think he created it? In three short months? That requires an intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

    Across party lines, voters prefer to have state taxes raised rather than local taxes by a margin of 65%-19%. But 60% say that the penny sales tax hike is not needed, and by 54%-39%, voters want a 10% increase in their property tax rebates while 86% say that state aid to school districts should stay the same (50%) or increase (36%). Quinnipiac poll assistant director Clay Richards noted that “voters take the seemingly contradictory position of backing a hike in state taxes to avoid the almost inevitable property tax hike that would occur as a result of Corzine holding the line on aid to public schools and local governments.” Yep – sharp as a sack of wet mice.

    An interesting finding in the poll is that voters support stem cell research by an overwhelming 73%-15% – even Republicans support it 61%-27% and by a 15 point margin, voters support spending upto $250 million to fund the research in the state. Only fundamentalist crazies would choose to save a petri dish of cells over life-saving medical advances. If there were ever a no-brainer wedge issue, this is it. Politicians shouldn’t be afraid to expose the narrow and selfish ideology of the John Ginty’s and “Right to Life”ers of the state.

    Abate raises $12,000 [or possibly $9137] in first quarter (with POLL!)

    According to a filing with the FEC, Camille Abate’s campaign raised $12,004 for the first quarter of 2006. There were no prior expectations of a competitive quarter from Abate, a late entry to the Fifth District race who filed with the FEC in March.

    Democrat Paul Aronsohn, finished the quarter with a $125,000 lead over Abate in cash-on-hand. The presumed Republican opponent, Scott Garrett, had a lackluster quarter but currently leads Aronsohn by $240,000 in available funds.

    The next quarterly reports will be filed in early July, at which point Democrats and Republicans will already have chosen their nominees.

    Message Poll

    What message do you think is most effective for gaining support for Democratic contenders?

    Pretend we actually have a contested primary somewhere in the country and each Democratic candidate is making one of the statements below.  Which one would you support?