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Really, PolitickerNJ?

I love me some Politicker sometimes – I do. But take a look at this reader poll up today there, bylined PolitickerNJ Editor (Max Pizarro). Check out the last choice asking readers to rate Wiz’s choice to back Bernie Sanders: “I…
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Chris Christie Bridgegate Perjury Watch – Take our Poll

CHRISTIE BRIDGEYesterday, Bridget Kelly’s lawyer rejected as a lie David Wildstein’s story of GWB conspiring with Kelly and Bill Baroni. Then he promised he’d subpoena anybody to prove her innocent. That includes Gov. Christie. Today (in Mississippi), Christie said he would testify.

Our poll below pre-supposes if Christie says he knew nothing about scandal or the cover-up, that that’s a lie. Know what? His honesty on Bridgegate isn’t on solid ground with most New Jerseyans. He’s made cone jokes, denied any retribution against Sokolich for not endorsing him (Wildstein says Nope), made innocence noises for 2 hours to the press …

But none of that was under oath. So, that raises the question of whether New Jersey’s former top federal law man (super-parsing like a champ now) will actually lie under oath.

What do you think, Blue Jersey? Perjury? YES? NO?

Take our poll below:

QOTD: Lapdog Republicans won’t cross their supreme leader

The Star Ledger has an editorial up today blasting Assembly Republicans for failing to stand up and override a veto from Governor Downgrade of legislation that would have allowed SNAP enrollees to receive additional food stamp benefits when they qualified for $21 in home heating assistance. Then they provide us with the quote of the day:

“The override vote failed because the lapdog Republicans in the Legislature decided feeding children and seniors wasn’t worth crossing their supreme leader.”

Take the poll below and tell us if you think Assembly Republicans will muster up the courage to stand up to their fearless leader and override any of his vetoes before we have our next Governor?

Watch: Menendez talks Keystone XL pipeline on Senate floor

Here’s video of Bob Menendez on the Senate floor a short time ago, speaking against the Keystone XL pipeline, and in support for Sen. Edward Markey’s amendment to ban the export of all oil shipped through the pipeline – an alteration to the bill his office says would make it serve American consumers, rather than Big Oil. Senate Dems have been trying today to add amendments to the legislation that would greenlight the pipeline, to make it serve this country better. That is, instead of what is now;  a too-big environmental risk, which won’t improve this country’s energy needs or job creation.

Cory Booker also opposes. NJ House reps Donald Norcross and Albio Sires made news in November breaking with their caucus to support building the pipeline. Star-Ledger’s unscientific reader poll posted a few days ago, is running about 54-45% against the pipeline. A Washington Post-ABC News poll released yesterday shows more clearly American trepidation, showing 61% of respondents favor a full review of the project to make sure it’s actually in this country’s best interest.

UPSET ALERT: Roy Cho “within striking distance” of smug Tea Party favorite Scott Garrett

Scott Garrett: He’s been the worst in the New Jersey House delegation for years, a small-government ‘conservative’ ideologue who doesn’t even serve as a sensible counter-balance to the most angry, stingy and poorly informed vectors in the Republican Party; rather he has become their darling. A Tea Party crazy with a vote in the House of Representatives.

That district – the 5th – has waited for years for the right candidate. It may have found him. Roy Cho, young, organized, articulate and well-funded, is just 5 points behind Garrett, according to the Monmouth University Poll. Among likely voters, Garrett is at 48%, with Cho coming up with momentum at 43%, with 6% still undecided, and just 3% for 3rd party candidate Mark D. Quick. Pollster Patrick Murray says “[t]his race was not even a blip on most political prognosticators’ radar screens. And it should be now.”

What’s interesting is that Team Cho did this on their own, with a strong campaign structure and considerable grassroots support – but very little notice from the almighty DCCC. In New Jersey, only NJ3’s Aimee Belgard made their resource-bonanza  Red-to-Blue program, and only NJ2’s Bill Hughes is on the Emerging Races List.

“Nobody was looking at this race. I think the Democrats should take a close look at this right now. It may be one of their one or two last pick-up opportunities.”

                                 – Pollster Patrick Murray in the Ledger

Garrett, a terrible politician, has provided Cho with plenty of opportunity. That includes his sloppy efforts to paste over his disgraceful track record on Hurricane Sandy relief with campaign ads trying to rewrite him as some kind of on-the-ground local hero. Among others, the Ledger called him out on that beautifully.

CD2: Bill Hughes Jr. zooms up within 6 points of Frank LoBiondo

If you’re an upstart Democrat running against an entrenched Republican, this lede is the stuff of your dreams. Philadelphia Inquirer:

WASHINGTON – Is an upset brewing in South Jersey?

They’re talking about the Stockton College poll – out late yesterday, and the momentum it shows for Bill Hughes Jr.. LoBo’s lead is down to just 6 points over Bill Hughes Jr. with 18% of respondents coming up undecided or not expressing a choice. Eighteen? That’s a lot of room for movement now that voters are starting to pay attention.

Hughes’ CM Keith Rosendahl calls last night’s Stockton numbers “the most encouraging poll numbers for a Democratic challenger to Congressman LoBiondo in over twenty years.” LoBiondo’s changed in his couple decades in Congress, Rosendahl argues, “walking in lockstep with partisan leaders in a broken and irresponsible Congress for too long.”

The question will be the degree to which voters will lump backbencher LoBiondo into the catch-all of their disgust with Republicans vs. the pull of incumbency to mindlessly return him for another 4 undistinguished years. Team Hughes has to feel good that Americans’ disapproval of congressional Republicans is at a dismal 72%.  

PolitickerNJ has No Bias At All

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Folks over at PolitickerNJ have regularly denied having a political bias, and they may not be aware of it.  However, often it is quite clear.  Here’s a wonderful example.

A Fairleigh Dickinson University’s PublicMind poll asked both Democrats and Republicans what they thought of potential Democratic and Republican wannabes for Governor: