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Changes at the DNC

I want to flag something for you – which is potentially very good news – before another day’s news cycle gets eaten by the horror movie parody that is the Donald Trump for President campaign. Do you know the name…
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One word. We can sum up the message conveniently now.  In just one word. Thanks to former President Bill Clinton. He gave us not only a roadmap on how to win this election in a 45 minute “clinic”. He gave it to us as a monumental message, wrapped in a huge bow.  “Arithmetic.”

That one word, warms my heart as an engineer. When the talking gets too loud and shouty, when it seems that  all the world makes no sense, when there are “your facts” and “my facts” and false equivalency, and opinion and spin, there is still one word that slices through that Gordion knot like a hot knife through butter.  A word few can argue with. It doesn’t know passion, or artifice, or how to lie. Arithmetic.