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Barbara Buono’s Speech Tonight at Democratic State Conference

Barbara Buono is keynote speaker at tonight’s dinner at the NJDSC 2013 state conference in Atlantic City. Here are her remarks as prepared for delivery:

It is good to be among Democratic friends and colleagues. Together, we have worked tirelessly to make New Jersey – my lifelong home – a place where everyone has the opportunity to succeed.

And we cannot stop now.

The people of New Jersey need us – Democrats – the Party of a fair shot for every man and woman and child in this state – now more than ever.

After Christie bombs, Romney brings in a better actor … but then, WTF?

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ICYMI: Here is Clint Eastwood talking to a chair.

So, it wasn’t just us who thought Christie’s vaunted keynote tanked – Politico called it “a prime-time belly-flop,” the Washington Post said “Christie speech bombs”. He directly contradicted the speaker before him, only the nominee’s wife, and simply couldn’t shut up about himself. What he was meant to do Tuesday night, set the excitement level high in Tampa, he clearly didn’t do.

Right now, we’re watching the Republicans’ Plan B, a “surprise” appearance we’ve all known about all day, by Clint Eastwood. Pro-choice, pro-marriage equality Clint Eastwood.

I was about to write how desperate a choice that was, given how obvious a decision it was to get somebody likeable onto that stage tonight. And how that only makes Romney look duller, and less likable.

All true.

But we just watched Eastwood’s speech. And WTF was that? It was just weird. He carried on like he was having a conversation with Barack Obama in an empty chair, indulged in some loopy stand-up comedy (or whatever that was) and pointedly said we didn’t need an attorney to be president, and maybe we need a businessman. Romney is an attorney.

You could almost hear them backstage tearing their hair out and shoving Marco Rubio out into the light. Another guy with a higher likability quotient than Mitt. This is a weird freaking convention.

Christie Keynote Word Cloud

This is a word cloud of the top 50 words of Gov. Christie’s keynote; we have an advanced copy. There’s a lot of America and American. And you’ll see the word Believe show up big. Ever hear the saying about not trusting a person who begs you to trust him? to believe him?


Welcome to Blue Jersey’s Live-Tweet & Live-blog of Chris Christie’s RNC Keynote

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Tonight’s Christie keynote is pumped up to the degree that it has already overshadowed Mitt Romney (so easy to do), Paul Ryan, and Ann Romney, who is Christie’s lead-in tonight. The NJGOP delegates are already riding ecstasy between this moment and the (dubious) honor of the vote that put Mitt over the top today.

Tonight, Blue Jersey will be Live-Tweeting & live-blogging from 2 Christie Keynote Watch Parties – one in South Jersey, one in North – with the leaders of organizations that know Christie very well. Better than the national press. Better than the arena of Republicans so taken with Christie’s cult of personality.

These folks with us tonight know what Christie’s done the last 2 years. Because they represent a lot of the people he’s done it to.

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Christie’s no comeback kid

Promoted by Rosi – – Rob Duffey is policy and communications coordinator for the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, a coalition of community and labor groups dedicated to taking back NJ for the 99%.

A funny thing happened on the way to Tampa. Even as Governor Christie prepares for his keynote speech at the Republican National Convention in Florida, he is being forced to confront his own failed record here at home.

After news broke that the state’s sky-high jobless numbers had ticked up to nearly ten percent, Christie revealed that the fictitious “New Jersey comeback” he couldn’t stop talking about for months won’t even rate a mention in the most important speech of his life.  

Forget the Comeback, Christie will talk about himself

While Chris Christie continues to argue that there really is a comeback, despite numerous commonly accepted economic indicators, it does appear he’s starting to realize that dog just won’t hunt.  So now apparently he’s dropped it from his town hall meetings and won’t include it in his Tampa Keynote. Here’s a story from yesterday’s taxpayer-funded political town hall:

Conspicuously absent was “The Jersey Comeback” banner, along with another proclaiming “Doing the big things” that have appeared at the previous gatherings this year.

The Republican governor told the audience in Woodstown that his keynote speech would touch on who he is and how he got there. And, he said, it would be Jersey-centric.

“There will be plenty in that speech next week about New Jersey,” Christie assured the crowd. “I hope to continue to change people’s image of our state, and I think if we can do that we’ll have accomplished a heck of a lot on Tuesday night.”

So Christie believes he will change the image of New Jersey by focusing on himself and how he got there.  Ok then, that’s some team player willing to stand up for the party and his policies.