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This week: Gonna be some PHYSICS up in here (thanks to Princeton & PPPL)

New Jersey – at least its Democrats – have something of a history with Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory, a  U.S. Department of Energy national lab managed by Princeton University. Rush Holt, my old boss and NJ’s former scientist-congressman, was an administrator there before he came to Congress representing NJ’s left flank (and CD12), defeating supercomputers, advocating less hackable voting systems and better funding for science research & education. These days, Holt’s got a larger role repping science itself. But now another denizen of PPPL, its Science Education chief Andrew Zwicker, is running for Assembly in LD-16, which has more Ds than Rs (including heavily-Dem Princeton) but is longterm-repped by Republicans.

It’s why I still have a PPPL Google alert. So I wanted to pass on to those of you whose wonkiness extends from politics to science, this: All week, PPPL’s offering live-streaming of lectures on plasma physics & fusion energy that students in PPPL’s Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internship (SULI) and other programs are attending. The SULI Internship brings students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to the Lab from all over the U.S., pairing them with PPPL scientist mentors.  Lecturers include scientists from national labs like PPPL and Sandia and universities including MIT, Michigan, Columbia and TCNJ.

Yeah, it’s heavy. And you’ve already missed the introductory stuff this morning. But it’s all week and it looks fun to me. Here’s all the info:

Wind, Water and Hypocrisy at the Republican National Convention in Tampa

Mentsh trakht, Got lakht.

                               – Yiddish proverb

So people are making jokes about God sending Hurricane Isaac to mess with the Republicans in Tampa. Come on. This is a party that deals in God like agitprop; selling the suggestion that its self-conscious self-exceptionalism is God-given. Most of the 2012 GOP presidential contenders swear God whispers in their ear. Looking at you, Herman Cain. Rick Perry. Rick Santorum. Michele Bachmann – hell, Bachmann’s on record that hurricanes are God’s warning to Washington for liberal hijinks.

Grover Norquist is an Asshole.I don’t believe in divine intervention. And hurricanes are serious business not to be wished on anybody, even fools.

But there’s no escaping the hypocrisy. During the convention, we’ll mark the 7th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Good time to remember the last Republican president and how he bungled the last beautiful American city hit with a wall of wind and water I hope Tampa escapes. The GOP’s still run by the same characters so determined to shrink government that far too many of them simply don’t care if Americans slip through cracks, or slip underwater. Many of the GOP’s headliners, including Chris Christie, made their bones in this GOP, which pets the wealthy at the expense of everybody else, often claiming God-given authority to do so.

The storm isn’t payback. It’s only wind and water. And it’s only irony that defines the fact that tomorrow it slams into the largest pod of climate science deniers and kill-the-government fools ever gathered under one roof. May they be safe.

Chris Christie’s still on the schedule Tuesday night (far as we know). The GOP will tout their theme, We Built This in an arena built with public funds, and a speaker who built this herself, as it turns out, with plenty of help from you.

Hypocrisy. Nothing Christie can say, or Romney or Ryan, can erase it. We hope our New Jersey GOP delegates stay safe in Tampa. They make our case for us.