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Hey, Jackson, NJ.

Make America … Great Again … Before Hillary Deletes … This Message. On CR 537 in Jackson in Ocean County, near the Outlets. Hat/tip for vigilance and keeping her eyes on the road to our Twitter follower @Aboutinsects.

Woman says Christie staff confiscated her ‘Resign Christie’ sign at “town hall”

I guess when Gov. Christie says he wants to hear from the public, what he really means is he wants to talk about what he wants to talk about. And today, that was Hurricane Sandy, and a return to more comfortable territory where Christie built his brand as a caring, take-charge advocate. But as the Ledger reports, a Keansburg woman named Isabel Newson brought 3 copies of a sign reading Resign Christie which she printed on computer paper and tucked into her jacket as she sat in the front row of the bleachers. She says Christie staffers twice told her she’d have to remove the signs or leave. She refused, and said twice they took the sign out of her hands. She pulled out a third copy and a Middletown police officer asked her to leave. She would not, citing her own First Amendment rights. She was asked to lower the sign, and says she “kept it in front of her the whole time.”

Gov Christie’s office released a video of their own from the town hall – a pleasant little exchange complimenting the Gov on his weight loss. Yes really. I’ll post that below the fold – REE.