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Is LD39 winnable?

Good article in PolitickerNj leaves me with the impression this district might flip to Democrats. Republicans are at each other’s throats, Bob Schroeder is a major embarrasment to the GOP, Gerry Cardinale is ten years younger than Frank Lautenberg but appears ten years older. There’s also a good chance Rob Hermansen won’t go away quietly and may primary Schepisi and Auth for Assembly. He’s a strong candidate and could do considerable damage to the GOP ticket.

It seems to me that with a strong ticket and some serious money this district could change from red to blue and retire Gerry Cardinale, who looks like he needs a bib along with his bowl of Farina for breakfast.

Maybe now Schroeder will get the hint?

There is a growing chorus of people who want Assemblyman Bob Schroeder out of the Legislature, but he hasn’t been willing to leave on his own as of yet. Here is the latest not so subtle hint to get out from his own party:

Embattled Republican Assemblyman Robert Schroeder of Washington Township was stripped of his deputy minority whip position on Tuesday by Jon Bramnick, the Republican leader in the Assembly.

Bramnick of Westfield has also formally asked Assembly Speaker Sheila Oliver to remove Schroeder from his seats on the Assembly’s labor and homeland security committees. Bramnick made his request through a letter that was hand-delivered by a staffer on Tuesday.

Speaker Oliver said that she will heed the request through a spokesman.  Schroeder was formally indicted on December 21st, but news of his bad business dealings began to surface in August when he was charged with passing bad check. Following the formal indictment in December, Christie through his spokesman said it was time for Schroeder to resign. And the sharks clearly smell blood in the water as Bergen County GOP Freeholder Rob Hermanson has said he intends to seek the seat Schroeder holds.

Schroeder has donated over $425K to GOP campaigns, including that of Chris Christie since 2001, so it’s no surprise they want him to go away quietly.  So far though, Schroeder hasn’t taken the hint as he attended the Governor’s state of the State yesterday.

GOP State Party Chair Lost His Voice On Schroeder

An interesting note in Charles Stile’s column, which starts off by focusing on the Republican infighting in Bergen County, but then makes a note about the connection between GOP State Party Chairman Sam Raia and recently arrested GOP State Assemblyman Bob Schroeder:

Sam Raia, the Saddle River mayor who doubles as the Republican State Committee chairman, has no interest in running to replace 39th District Assemblyman Robert Schroeder if the Washington Township Republican decides to resign, according to Douglas Mayer, spokesman for the state GOP.

Raia’s name popped up in the speculation mill last week following Schroeder’s arrest for allegedly writing almost $400,000 in bad checks to two investors. Schroeder is also facing, as Record staff writers Melissa Hayes and Christopher Harris reported last week, a “cascading series of complaints from investors and associates” accusing him of failing to repay debts.

Last Monday, Joseph D’Urso, a Washington Township councilman and a longtime friend, sued Schroeder, alleging a failure to repay more than $330,000 in loans, plus interest and fees.

Schroeder, however, is refusing to resign, and is facing no immediate pressure to do so.

And that last line is what caught my eye.  The Record only asked if Raia wanted to run, but shouldn’t the party of Chris Christie, that supposedly fights corruption at every turn be doing more than they are? Yes, I ask that with extreme sarcasm. We already know that Christie isn’t interested in this one other than to say it’s “troubling”, which i guess means no one else in the Republican party is allowed to care either. But there is also a financial impact:

Relying on his personal wealth, embattled Assemblyman Robert Schroeder has been a prolific contributor to Republican political campaigns across the state.

Since 2001, the latest records shows the Bergen County Republican has donated more than $428,000 to GOP campaigns, including $3,400 to Gov. Chris Christie’s 2009 run and nearly $100,000 to the Bergen County Republican Party.

Come to think of it, maybe it’s not surprising they’re hoping this just all goes away.  

Schroeder blames Obama for his Check Kiting Scheme

This just in: Asm Schroeder says his dog Obama also ate his homework. – promoted by Rosi

We already know that Republicans think everything is Barack Obama’s fault, but Assemblyman Bob Schroeder is taking this one a little bit far.  After a criminal complaint for check kiting was announced, Schroeder found someone to blame and I’ll give you a hint, he lives in a big white house:

A Republican lawmaker known for generous contributions to GOP politicians and campaign funds across the state is blaming President Obama and the poor economy for his financial and legal problems, which now include criminal charges that he wrote nearly $400,000 in bad checks to investors in his military contracting business.

“We’re having tough business times like everybody else,” said Assemblyman Robert Schroeder, who represents the 39th District. “Business has been in decline during the Obama administration.”

Ah yes, it’s the presidents fault. But that’s not what the Attorney General says:

“Deliberately writing checks when you know that you don’t have the funds to back them is a crime, and when it involves the kind of money alleged here, it’s a very serious crime,” said Attorney General Chiesa. “We’ve charged Assemblyman Schroeder with respect to a small number of investors, and we have an ongoing investigation into allegations that he wrote bad checks to numerous other individuals who invested in his company.”

It’s funny that Schroeder isn’t railing about government spending when he’s getting the paycheck, but now is complaining that they haven’t actually spent it on him when he wrote the checks. The Attorney General makes pretty clear that they believe Schroeder knew he didn’t have the funds and still wrote the checks. I thought Republicans tried to say they were all about personal responsibility?

Does this mean Schroeder will let all those people paying their bills from the Earned Income Tax Credit blame Christie if they can’t pay because he cut the funding? You just can’t make this stuff up.