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Michele Brown, Why do we so often find you in the middle of Chris Christie’s malarkey?

We already know that if Chris Christie doesn’t like the rules, he won’t follow them. Scandals under investigation by both federal and state officers (including a federal grand jury investigating possible criminal charges) are looking at possible gross violations of ethical conduct, abuse of power and possibly even illegal acts that may have been committed by Christie or by his close operatives in an administration we know he holds the reins tight. Today we find out – poof! – rules everybody else has to play by have been pushed aside so yet another friend of the Governor’s can rake in the cash. And once again, who do we see right in the middle of it? Michele Brown.  

Changes at the Economic Development Authority Will Cost The Taxpayers

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After serving over 18 years and Governors of both parties, it was announced the other day that Caren Franzini would be resigning as head of the Economic Development Authority. Also announced, her replacement will be long-time Christie aide Michele Brown.

Ms. Brown’s appointment was recommended by the chairman of the authority’s board, Alfred C. Koeppe, an appointee of Mr. Christie, and was approved unanimously by board members on Wednesday. She will make $225,000 in her new post – a raise from the $140,000 she earns as the governor’s aide.

The Record let readers know what Christie thinks of the EDA:

Brown’s arrival puts a Christie confidante at the head of the EDA, which he describes often as “the state’s bank.”

I’ll have more on her salary momentarily, but first the NY Times had this interesting section about her qualifications for the “state’s bank:”

It was not clear what background Ms. Brown has in economic development. She spent 18 years in the United States attorney’s office and then worked as a white-collar criminal defense lawyer.

In a memo to other board members, Mr. Koeppe described Ms. Brown’s position as being strategic in its focus. The board also created a new post of president and chief operating officer and appointed Timothy J. Lizura, a senior vice president of the economic development authority, to it. The organization is often described as one of the largest state-sponsored development banks in the country.

That basically sounds like she isn’t qualified past knowing Christie, so the job of one person has now become the job of two.  Follow me below for the impact on the taxpayers and what it all means.