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Election Season Podcast, interview with Rep. Rob Andrews

I sat down with NJ Congressman (and fellow south Jersey homeboy) Rob Andrews the other day to try to make sense of the election day tea leaves. During our podcast-able interview, the Congressman and I hit a lot of topics including an Iraq war teaser (note to peaceniks: Andrews is calling for a radical new course in Iraq), his thoughts on blogs and alternative media, Camden county poll numbers, George Norcross, and even rollplaying Tom Kean Junior without a trustfund. And yeah, we talked a lot about the election, too. I decided to leave this interview largely unedited because I found that polishing it up took out all the best (and most releavling) moments.

My lasting impression of Rob Andrews is that he’d make a fantastic New Jersey Senator one day. I have a few reasons why I say that, but I’ll share just one with you here: the way he spoke of his wife and two daughters. The guy is clearly smitten with the ladies in his life, and it has turned him into a feminist. And any man who’s a bona fide feminist has a tremendous lot of ego strengh which to me is a big deal. Just my two cents. Now go make yourself a cup of tea (or hot chocolate) and listen for yourself.

DoubleSpeak Visits New Jersey

DoubleSpeak, an online radio show hosted by brothers Matthew & Peter Slutsky, recently paid a visit to New Jersey. They spent two days here and interviewed Governor Jon Corzine, DSC chair Joe Cryan, and Menendez internet director Scott Shields. They do a really entertaining show. Check it out.


Blue Jersey Podcast with DFA Chairman Jim Dean

Here at Blue Jersey we are pretty excited about the podcasts we’ve done thus far.  And with an eye on the future, we’ve lined up some really intriguing interviews for the near future.  Titillated?  Stay tuned, I promise it’s only gonna get better!

Our latest podcast installment is ready for public consumption:


It’s an interview with Democracy for America chief Jim Dean, who was gracious enough to oblige my request for a sit-down.  In the interview, Chairman Dean shares his hopes and insights for Election 2006, and beyond.

We’re trying something new with this podcast. This one has some photos from the intervew embedded into it. If you have itunes or an ipod, you can see the photos while the podcast plays. Click here to subscribe to our itunes feed:

So check it out and feel free to let us know how you like it.  The whole podcast medium is still so new  and we’re open to feedback.  Like I said, we’re committed to getting the best scoops (and the most compelling figures in the NJ political landscape) and your feedback makes us better.

Under the Dome with Assemblyman Gusciora

Asm Reed GuscioraWe’re excited to present the second “Under the Dome” podcast from Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (click for all past segments). In this segment, Reed interviewed Senator Loretta Weinberg and Assemblyman John McKeon. Reed will attempt to interview all caucus members, so keep checking back for updates. Click below to listen, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Blue Jersey podcast to automatically get these podcasts in iTunes as we release them.

Loretta Weinberg John McKeon
Loretta Weinberg John McKeon

News Roundup, Friday, July 7, 2006

Da da da daaaa!  News Roundup for Friday, July 7, 2006, and what a news roundup it is!

  • The top story of the day for all of New Jersey is that the budget impasse has ended and the state is back on-line.  After a six day shutdown of all but essential state workers, the State Assembly and the Governor reached an agreement on the budget last night, enabling 80,000 workers to return to their jobs.  For the full story:  here’s how the Star-Ledger tells it, here’s how the Daily Record tells it, and here’s how the Courier Post tells it.  Many media outlets are playing this as “Corzine v Roberts”, like it was some kind of boxing match.  There’s all kinds of talk of egos and so on, but probably the most sensible take on the whole thing is this editorial from the Herald News, which tells us that it didn’t have to be this way.  Too true.
  • Don’t miss the podcast on this page in which Assemblymember Reed Gusciora interviews other members of the assembly for their views on vital stuff.  I mean, really, it’s all about stuff.
  • In other important news, the latest drought status report from the NJ Department of Environmental Protection says that we are no longer in a drought watch.  We’ve been in a mildew watch at my house for weeks.
  • A seventeen acre parcel of land is being put on sale by the Edison Housing Authority, but residents claim that development of this piece of wetlands would jeopardize the wildlife that is there.  The land was auctioned off a month ago, but the auction was invalidated because there had been no public notice given.  The new auction requires bid submissions be in by today.  This one bears watching as “[r]esidents called the entire process suspect.”  Hmm.
  • Mayor Corey Booker of Newark followed up his swearing in by announcing a new federal task force to make the city safer.
  • A plot by terrorists to blow up the Holland Tunnel has reportedly been stopped.

    FBI agents monitoring Internet chat rooms used by extremists learned in recent months of the plot to strike a blow at the city’s economy by destroying vital transportation networks, one official said.

    Good work, FBI.

  • Just to liven up your day and give you something to mention to your co-workers, here are some fun facts about New Jersey.  The state flower is the African Violet and the state tree is the red oak…African Violet?  Is the African Violet native to New Jersey?  Shouldn’t the state flower be native to the state?  I’ve seen plenty of red oaks around the state and even have one in my yard, but most people can’t keep an African Violet blooming in their own bathrooms.  CORRECTION:  Reader RedDesert corrected my information regarding the state flower, which is the common violet, not the African violet as I had been misinformed by a certain web site that I will never trust for information on New Jersey again.
  • Under the Dome with Assemblyman Gusciora

    Asm Reed GuscioraAssemblyman Reed Gusciora was on assignment for Blue Jersey. During all the madness in the State House, he found time to briefly interview Assemblymen Lou Manzo, Fred Scalera and Paul Moriarty earlier today. We’ve spliced together the three short interviews into one convenient 5 minute podcast. Reed asks the hard-hitting questions the Star Ledger is too afraid to ask, including “what is the best rock band of all time?” Click below to listen, and don’t forget to subscribe to the Blue Jersey podcast to automatically get these podcasts in iTunes as we release them.

    Lou Manzo Fred Scalera Paul Moriarty
    Lou Manzo Fred Scalera Paul Moriarty

    Camille Abate Interview Is Live!

    Much has been written about the Democratic primary contestants in the 5th Congressional District of New Jersey on this web log, and both candidates have written here themselves.  Now you can listen to one of them speaking her mind in another in the continuing series of Bluejersey.net podcasts.

    Camille Abate addressed a meeting of the Northwest New Jersey Democracy for America in Hackettstown on April 5.  Minutes later, Bluejersey.net interviewed Ms Abate.  What followed was a wide-ranging interview in which she said much of what she has said in her postings on this web log, as well as discussing civil liberties and the war in Iraq at some length.  Listen as Camille Abate gives us her views and offers the information the Demcoratic voters in the 5th need to decide who will represent them in the election and, potentially, in Washington.

    Subscribe to Blue Jersey’s podcast with iTunes:

    Steve Rothman Podcast: A Moderate Stands Firm

    It isn’t hard today to find Democrats who think the Party needs to stampede left.  The reason we are losing, they claim, is that we have followed the Republicans as they ran to the right.  As a consequence, a whole bevy of disenfranchised, unrepresented lefties stays home on election day after election day.  This has led many to conclude that anyone who calls themself a “moderate” must automatically be a DINO.

    New Jersey’s Ninth District Congressman Steve Rothman proves this is simply not true.  In this exclusive Blue Jersey podcast, Congressman Rothman dispels the notion that a moderate cannot stand strong on principles and fight hard for his constituents.