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County Clerk Rejects Lonegan’s Resolution

Bogota Mayor Steve Lonegan received a major set-back Friday in his fight to unite America under one language.

Lonegan had proposed to make English the official language of the borough.  The resolution to put the question on the November ballot was passed last week by a 4-2 vote of the borough council.

But Lonegan’s victory was short-lived.  Bergen County Clerk Kathleen Donovan decided not to put the question on the November ballot.  In a legal opinion by attorney John Carbone, the clerk’s office stated that ballot questions may only address issues that municipalities may act upon.  Declaring an official language falls under the jurisdiction of the federal or state governments.

Lonegan, as one would expect, is not giving up the fight just yet.

“I’m going to take this all the way” through the court system, Lonegan said. “This is a gross violation of our right to vote.”

Does using the tax-payers time and money to pursue this in the courts contradict Lonegan’s small-government-conservative ideals? 

Tax and Spend Radical Conservative Republicans

Mayor Steve Lonegan of Bogota, NJ is a self-styled radical conservative who got trounced for Governor, went on The Jersey Guys to slam Governor Jon Corzine for tax increases in the budget, and slapped McDonalds around for using Spanish in a billboard.  Generally he is a big-mouth media whore who attacks everyone else for increasing taxes.

And now he is jacking property taxes in Bogota by 3.7 percent and justifying it the way every other town does. 

Borough residents will see a 3.7 percent municipal tax increase under the 2006 budget that was narrowly adopted Monday.

The $7 million spending plan is up $428,400, or 6.5 percent, from last year.

Mayor Steve Lonegan said the increase is fair considering that the borough took big hits this year in pension payments, fuel costs and back pay to the Police Department. He noted that the municipal tax rate is still lower than it was in 2002.

“We just keep a tight rein on everything,” said Lonegan, whose vote broke a 3-3 tie to pass the budget.

The deciding vote was his.  Hee hee.

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Pajero del Dia: Steve Lonegan

Our tosser of the day, via Think Progress:

Mayor Steve Lonegan (R) of Bogota, New Jersey is “calling for a McDonald’s boycott if the fast-food chain does not take down a Spanish-language billboard advertising iced coffee.”

Lonegan said the advertisement is “offensive” and “divisive” because it sends a message that Hispanic immigrants do not need to learn English.

“The true things that bind us together as neighbors and community is our belief in the American flag and our common language,” Lonegan said. “And when McDonald’s sends a different message, that we’re going to be different now, that causes resentment.”

Se envuelve en la bandera para ocultar su racismo. Y qué exhibición de ignorancia de los principios del mercado libre!  Ándate a la mierda, pajero.

Suppose They Gave a Protest and Nobody Came

A few days ago, I received an email from the NJGOP inviting people to join an “Anti-Tax Rally” at Seaside Heights organized by “Americans for Prosperity New Jersey”. It was originally going to be at the Statehouse, but in order to attract more people, it was moved to the boardwalk. Several hundred people were expected. Free bus transportation was available from Atlantic, Bergen, Monmouth, Morris and Sussex Counties. There would be “prominent legislators”, “Free Live Music!,” “Fun on the Boardwalk” and each bus rider would get a free t-shirt! It was going to be the most fun ever. They had everything you could want. Except one little thing.


Despite coordinating FIVE BUSES to provide free rides to the beach, they only got about 50 people to turn out. Even those who attended admit turnout was low.

The state director of the group, Steve Lonegan, said “he was not disappointed by the turnout even though thousands of state workers showed up in Trenton last week to support Corzine’s plan to raise the sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent.” Lonegan added:

“It’s easy to get a bunch of people to go do something.”

Yeah, unless you’re Steve Lonegan.