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The Stump Speech I’m Waiting to Hear

Cross Posted from Retire Garrett

This country is not for sale.  Despite actions by Republicans like Scott Garrett, this country is not for sale.  Since the inception of our Republic, special interests have attempted to curry favor with decision-makers in the political arena.  I can say now without fear of contradiction that like no time before, the stakes have never been higher, and the playing field has never been more tilted in their favor.

The combination of Citizens United and career politicians like Scott Garrett have created in Washington a situation in which the foxes are truly guarding the hen-house.  Representatives are sent to Washington to protect the interests of their constituents.  Many of these constituents have business interests that need protecting as well.  However, when the balance between protecting the interests of business and the needs of the people shifts so dramatically against the people, we cannot afford to remain silent.