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More Threats from the Cino Campaign (w/poll!) – feel free to add your own tags

Remember when Michael Cino (NJ-5 Republican primary opponent of Scott Garrett) threatened us with a lawsuit for repeating things that were in the press? If you don’t you can read all about it here. And here. And here. And here.

Short story: Cino tried to blackmail Corzine a few years back: ”We have so much dirt on him we can’t decide which to throw out first.” He got upset that we repeated that fact, and threatened to sue. Repeatedly.

That was almost two months ago and I thought they had gotten over it. I was wrong. Earlier today I received more threats of a lawsuit from Cino’s campaign manager in an instant message exchange we had:

miata7: I’m going to request one more time that you pull all those lies off your website  our case is strong  and you think you may be in a strong position but you are not.

me: I’m going to request that the next time you want to contact me, you do so through an attorney. Please do not email or instant message me any more.

miata7: give me your attorneys name
miata7: I will call him and send him a letter

me: you can send it to me. I’ll forward it if I need to.

miata7: Listen man  do yourself a favor  give me your attorney’s name let me talk to him and forward to him the Court cases

me: Don’t assume it’s a man, and I’ll forward it along if I think it’s worth the time. I’m pretty familiar with the case law.

miata7: ok  let me get some info for you
miata7: give me your name and address so I can send it to my attorney

me: (gave name and address)

miata7: send me email  Im going to find this stuff  we have to sue you man  Im sorry  I wish you would just make it simple

me: The next time you contact me by email or IM about this topic, I will block your screen name and add your email to my junk mail filter. If you want to talk about other things, that’s fine. This is the last time I’m going to say this.

miata7: DREAM ON
miata7: Only one “m” in defamatory  we will have the lawyers correct that.

(He has been blocked and added to my spam filter, so unfortunately I probably won’t be able to report on any more of these fun exchanges unless I actually get a letter from an attorney. Stay tuned…)

Poll Hint: It’s not Ann Coulter

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Every NJ Congressional District Will Be Challenged

Update 3 (A big one, so I’m posting it up top): There WILL be two Democratic challengers to Frank LoBiondo in NJ-2. Fairfield Township councilwoman Viola Thomas-Hughes and Henry David Marcus will compete in the primary. This now means that every Republican House member in New Jersey will face a challenger in November.

According to the Division of Elections, Gary Schiavone has filed to challenge Chris Smith in the 4th Congressional district. With about two hours left until the filing deadline, no Democrat has filed in the 2nd yet to challenge LoBiondo.

The GOP has failed to file challenges to Rob Andrews (NJ-1) and Donald Payne (NJ-10).

Update 1: Donald Payne (NJ-10) will have a challenger in the primary, and Michael Cino has just filed to challenge Garrett in the primary. Assemblywoman Oadline Truitt (D) from the 28th legislative district will face a primary challenge.

Update 2: (via politicsnj)

Joe Vas filed petitions to run for the full 2-year term in the 13th district, but not for the Special Election.

John Ginty filed petitions to seek the GOP nomination for U.S. Senate today.  Ginty filed with 1,742 signatures.

James Kelly, a resident of a group home for the mentally disabled , filed as a U.S. Senate candidate in the primary against Bob Menendez.

We Are Still Suing SmearBoy

We Are Still Suing (0.00 / 0) 

What we said originally is clear:  if you repeat slander you can be sued.  This has been confirmed by the United States Supreme Court in a recent opinion.

You can go back all you want and repeat different things if you would like.

Your story is STILL WRONG – We made it clear that we requested that you STOP REPEATING THE SLANDER.  The whole story was made up to deflect attention away from the ethnic slurs of Corzine.  Now it has been reported that the star witness in the case is under federal investigation concerning a dental school slush fund as per Wally Edge and other website postings.  That is going to go well in Court.

It is not a difficult concept to grasp about repeating slander and seeking to smear someone who is innocent. 

It is clear from your posting that you are seeking to smear an innocent person – intent probably malicious, just as Corzine is and was malicious.  Our lawyers are preparing the case and we will argue this in court.  The file-sharing cases have made it clear we can obtain a court order in order to get your name and address and we can proceed from there.  The website will also be named in the lawsuit as per the Supreme Court decision.

Have a nice day.

Our case is really solid.

In Which I Apologize To Michael Cino

Earlier I posted a comment on a post that said Michael Cino, a primary candidate for the Republican nomination for Congress in NJ5, threatened Jon Corzine in 2000 and was looking for a job in return for not attacking him.  This is what I wrote:

This is the guy who, back when he was a Demcorat, called Corzine’s home and threatened him — on the answering machine! — that if Cino didn’t get a job he would attack Corzine for making an Italian joke about cement shoes.

Someone posting as Reagan 977 threatened to sue me and Blue Jersey for slander in response and has demanded that I identify myself and provide my address.

My name is Nathan Rudy, and I am chair of the Blue 7th PAC which publishes the Dump Mike blog.  Hence the posting name.  Others may use the name to post stuff for the PAC, but I wrote the comment.  If Reagan 977 wants to find me, that ain’t hard.  Also, you can see a picture of me over in the left-hand column holding my daughter for our effort to raise money for childhood cancer research.  Shameless plug: DONATE TODAY!

It turns out that I was a little wrong in what I wrote.  I had heard that Mr. Cino had demanded a job and that he did so on a home answering machine, but that appears to be incorrect.  According to the New York Times, he never asked for a job and the aswering machine was not at Corzine’s home.

At the news conference, Mr. Corzine’s lawyer, Stanley Arkin, played a copy of a voice-mail message apparently left by Mr. Cino at 9:49 a.m. on Friday, in which he demanded that a ”peace conference” with Mr. Corzine be held today — or else.

”We also have more material, so I think it’s in everybody’s best interest and the interest of the Democratic Party to have that meeting on Monday, O.K.?” the caller says on the voice-mail extension of Karen Goldman, a Corzine campaign worker. ”This is your last chance, Karen.”

That night at 11:17, according to Joanne Corzine, Mr. Cino called the Corzine home and again demanded to meet Mr. Corzine today, warning, ”We have so much dirt on him we can’t decide which to throw out first.”

Ms. Corzine said that the caller, his voice growing louder and louder as the 15-minute call went on, added: “If Jon would just meet with us Monday, this would all go away. Your staff promised we would be taken care of.”

Sam Fumosa, the other co-chairman of the Columbus Coalition, said that he had recommended Mr. Cino for a job with the Corzine campaign. “I had the utmost confidence in the guy,” he said today, after learning of the telephone calls on Friday. “This is a side of him I’ve never seen. I want to be as far away from him as possible at this point, believe me.”

I apologize to Mr. Cino for getting the information wrong.  My memory of silly incidents from six years ago is not as good as it should be. 

The whole article from the NY Times, which is behind the Select firewall, is after the jump.

News Roundup for 2/25/06

Saturday, February 25, 2006 News Roundup

  • Michael Cino, after threatening to sue us, is Atrios’ Wanker of the Day.
  • Governor Corzine has announced that he will not be raising the gas tax to pay for transportation projects funded by the Transportation Trust Fund.
  • A hearty congratulations go out to New Jersey’s lobbyists for spending an impressive $28.5 MILLION in 2005.
  • Corzine, in the Democratic weekly radio address, feels that the UAE port deal is severely lacking common sense.
  • The Colbert Report did a bit on the 13th Congressional District. Absolutely hilarious and worth watching .
  • Let’s all welcome our new state treasurer, Bradley Abelow, who was unanimously approved  by the State Judiciary Committee.
  • It’s officially fundraising season . But please remember, political donations are not tax deductible.

    Happy Saturday!!!

  • Too Busy Crying to Move Forward

    Believe it or not, I have friends (even family) who are Republican.  Yes, we tend to disagree on many thing, but we’ve learned over time to be respectful of each other and agree to disagree.  Because there is a level of respect to begin with, we are able to give and take on issues when we debate them.

    Ah, the gentlemanly art of politics!

    Unfortunately, contemporary politics have become more about slash-and-burn, take-no-prisoners, with-me-or-against-me whining.  If you can’t deal with someone’s stance on the issue, don’t bother trying to educate yourself and the public as to what is wrong with it, simply lob grenades at them.  If all else fails, run to the courts and cry foul.

    That’s what is wrong with Democrats at the national level and Republicans at the state level.  Perhaps it comes with being a slight minority and not having the creativity to make up the slack. 

    We’re Being Sued. Maybe?

    Republican Congressional candidate Michael Cino has repeatedly threatened to sue us for a comment that was posted in response to a diary he posted earlier this week. Those threats also appear in the diary. The comment quotes politicsnj from April 11, 2000.  A politicsnj article on April 4, 2000 contains similar information. This article talks about Corzine’s “cement shoes” comments.

    I’m not sure which part of the comment is inaccurate, but if those sources are inaccurate, we invite Mr. Cino to set the record straight.

    We’ve been told that “the lawyers are already preparing to go to Court on Monday” and suggested that we “contact an attorney and ask him about the law concerning repeating libelous statements…Anyway, we have your name, we can sue you and go from there.”

    For future reference, my personal information is not a secret and is available to anyone else looking to sue. Just drop me an email.

    Corzine’s Star Witness

    A quote from PoliticsNJ’s Wally Edge a few days ago is worth looking at:

    (just remember Christy Davis was in the middle of Corzine’s ethnic slurs against Italians and the slander of Michael Cino)

    Wally Edge:

    In case you missed this story over the President’s Day Weekend

    Christy Davis Jackson, the Campaign Manager for Jon Corzine’s 2000 U.S. Senate campaign and the wife of a politically powerful Black Minister, is the subject of a federal criminal investigation related to allegations of a political slush fund at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, according to a Star-Ledger report.

    Jackson resigned her post as UMDNJ Vice President of Government Affairs in December.

    The Star-Ledger obtained a confidential memo that says UMDNJ “maintained a political fund to funnel thousands of dollars in contributions to top New Jersey elected officials.”

    The memo was written by Carol Caprarola, who was a longtime aide to State Senate President Donald DiFrancesco before going to work for Jackson at UMDNJ.

    A Grand Jury is reviewing allegations that UMDNJ officials were instructed to contribute to political campaigns and then get reimbursed by the school.

    Jackson is married to the Rev. Reginald Jackson, the Executive Director, New Jersey Council of Black Ministers.

    Posted by Wally Edge at 09:43 AM

    Cino Says United States Navy Should Take Over Ports

    Cino Says United States Navy
    Should Take Over Ports

    Cino Says National Security Paramount

    Michael J. Cino Congressional Candidate in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District states that the United States Navy should step into the Port Deal, exercising eminent domain on the basis of National Security Concerns, and take over all the ports covered by this transaction.

    The Attorney General should then be directed to properly compensate the current seller in this transaction.

    The United States Navy would then have a new ports from which we can DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE OUR HOMELAND SECURITY.

    “The Sailors in the Navy are already on this Nation’s payroll.  How hard is it to have the Navy expand its role in Port Security?  Commodore John Barry would not believe any of this – he would be shaking his head,” Cino stated.

    Commodore John Barry, of Irish descent, was recently recognized by the United States Congress as the First Flag Officer of the United States Navy – Michael J. Cino is a Candidate in the June 6 Republican Primary in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District which includes Northern Bergen County, Sussex, Warren and Upper Passaic Counties.

    Cino Claims Victory in Congressional Republican Committee Convention

    Cino Claims Victory in Congressional Republican Committee Convention
    Says Garrett is Disqualified from Convention Ballot

    DEMAREST, February 20 – Today I claim a Victory in the Bergen County Republican Convention for Republican County Committee’s endorsement in New Jersey’s 5th Congressional District and I base this Victory on one simple fact that no lawyer can ever dispute and that the Chairman of the Bergen County Republican Committee will never ever forget: Shall means Must.

    We do not need a Latin teacher, we do not need a foreign language teacher all we need is a dictionary.

    A dictionary and the Republican Committee’s own Bylaws will tell you that Scott Garrett has disqualified himself from the Republican Convention’s ballot AND by the Republican Chairman’s own precedent Garrett and his entire staff CAN NOT EVEN BE IN the Bergen County Republican County Committee’s Actual Building on the day of the Convention.

    Quite Astonishing.

    However true.  You see the Bergen County Republican County Committee has been run, well how do I put it, as best can be described, as well, a circus.  At the Policy Committee Meeting on February 1, 2006, many Policy Committee Members acted more like third graders than in the dignified manner that one should conduct oneself if one finds oneself a member of the Policy Committee of a County Republican Committee.