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The Battle for CD 5

The public battle against incumbent Rep. Scott Garrett is heating up while a challenger battle is percolating slowly. There are more than enough issues to counter Rep. Scott  Garrett’s seven-term incumbency in CD 5. Yesterday in Glen Rock Garden State Equality protesters were incensed over Garrett’s bigotry. In addition, many of his votes in Congress are an outrage to the average New Jersey voter. However, few residents pay much attention to what their representative does in Washington.

A key to defeating Rep. Garrett in the 2016 election is a challenger to put out a strong positive message and explain why Garrett is so bad for the district (and America.) This is expensive. Even with $1 million the well-regarded last challenger Roy Cho could not make big TV buys and lost by 13 points. Because this incumbent is so entrenched the challenger will need to launch mayor TV ads, mail rounds of circulars, hire a strong staff, and implement effective street-outreach and get-out-the-vote – an effort much more substantial than in most other districts.  

Adam Silverstein, a consultant for unannounced Dem candidate Josh Gottheimer calculates a successful campaign could necessitate as much as $4 million. In just a few months Gottheimer, according to his June 30 FEC report, has raised $631,000, largely out-of-state, from some 150 individuals contributing $2,700 and others donating lesser amounts. In addition he received $6,500 from PAC’s and committees. He has $586,000 cash on hand.

More on strategy below the fold.

How Not To Use The Tip Box

Many of you have noticed and used the anonymous tip box we have in the left hand column. Most seem to understand its purpose and use it correctly (thanks, all you anonymous people). But sometimes, not so much. Here is an example of what not to send us:

his name is (removed) and he drives an aqua Ford Mustang with Florida plates. He is a hazard on the road due to his constant drug use and I believe he has already been arrested once for a DUI but his driving under the influence concerns me as a member of the community.  I think that it would be in the best interest of the citizens of the area to have him off the road and even moreso if he is in fact dealing.  He is a huge marijuana and cocaine user and I believe he is putting his coworkers, his employer and anyone who may be on the road when he is in jeopardy.

As fascinating as this might be, we’re just bloggers – we have no way of confirming what color Michael Cino’s car is. I can understand how we might be confused for the state police, but try to keep the tips relevant. If we were to go around trying to bust Republican drug rings all day, we’d never have time to blog about their wacky ideas. Plus, we’d be too busy fending off countless imaginary “slander” suits.

(and for whoever sent that in, try this instead)

Primary Election Prediction Thread (Free Shirt)

Use the comments below to predict the results in tomorrow’s primary (and your justification for it, if any). The person with the most accurate guess for the NJ-5 (D) results will get a free Blue Jersey t-shirt. In case of a tie, the earlier prediction wins.

US Senate (R): Tom Kean Jr / John Ginty
NJ-5 (D): Camille Abate / Paul Aronsohn
NJ-5 (R): Michael Cino / Scott Garrett
NJ-13 (D): Joe Vas / Albio Sires
Bergen County Executive (R): Kathleen Donovan / Todd Calaguire
Harrison mayor (D): Raymond J. McDonough / Michael Hinchcliffe

Megalomania will Embarrass You – But You will Enjoy It

Michael Cino is no stranger to us here at Blue Jersey.  He has, shall we say, entertained us to no end.  I’ll be sad to see the primary come and go because “The Gas Man” as he likes to be called will then be running on empty.

Now, the formal name for Megalomania is “Narcissistic Personality Disorder”.  It is characterized as a “dramatic, emotional or erratic disorder”.  Here is the official list of symptoms:

*is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love
*believes that he or she is “special” and unique and can only be understood by other special people
*requires excessive admiration
*strong sense of entitlement
*takes advantage of others to achieve his or her own ends
*lacks empathy
*is often envious or believes others are envious of him or her
*arrogant affect

Now, I’ve never met Mr. Cino, and I’m not qualified to diagnose him even if I do meet him.  Still, take a look at his latest press release desperate grab for attention and decide for yourself.

Abate raises $12,000 [or possibly $9137] in first quarter (with POLL!)

According to a filing with the FEC, Camille Abate’s campaign raised $12,004 for the first quarter of 2006. There were no prior expectations of a competitive quarter from Abate, a late entry to the Fifth District race who filed with the FEC in March.

Democrat Paul Aronsohn, finished the quarter with a $125,000 lead over Abate in cash-on-hand. The presumed Republican opponent, Scott Garrett, had a lackluster quarter but currently leads Aronsohn by $240,000 in available funds.

The next quarterly reports will be filed in early July, at which point Democrats and Republicans will already have chosen their nominees.

Guess Who

“This guy can’t just change his name like he thinking he is Puff Daddy”

Can you guess who made this statement today and who it is about? First correct answer wins a round of applause and 200 points.

Update: We have a winner – Fran for Dean wins absolutely nothing. Congratulations. The entire press release is below for your entertainment.

Mike Cino and the Case of the Disappearing Candidate

Jinkies!  A real mystery!

Here’s the latest is a sad, sad story about a sad, sad man making a sad, sad ass of himself:

Michael J. Cino for Congress
23 Woodland Road
Demarest , NJ  07627
(201) 768-4468

  April 17, 2006

State of New Jersey Division of Elections
Department of Law and Public Safety
Ramon De La Cruz  Director
PO Box 304
Trenton, NJ  08624

Dear Sirs:

Please accept this letter as confirmation that I am challenging the Nominating Petitions for Member of the House of Representatives in the 5th Congressional District of a “Scott Garrett” on the basis that the person named on the Petitions is NOT registered to vote at the address stated in the petitions and apparently DOES NOT EXIST as per Court cases and case law which is presently on the books in the State of New Jersey today.

Thank you very much.

Michael Cino Threatens To Sue….Again

This time, he’s threatening the Star Ledger. In a hilarious press release the campaign just sent out, it appears he’s mad that the Auditor reprinted his threats against Corzine:

Among the 29 New Jerseyans who filed to run for Congress last week, Michael Cino of Demarest might be risking the greatest public humiliation.

You might remember Cino as one of the men who criticized then-Senate candidate Corzine for making anti-Italian jokes in a private meeting during the 2000 campaign. (Corzine later released an audiotape in which Cino appeared to be threatening the candidate with further embarassing disclosures if he didn’t get a job on Corzine’s staff. Cino denied the charge and said he was just trying to be a “peacemaker.”)

Hmmm…first he threatens Corzine, then he threatens anyone who repeats the fact that he threatened Corzine…:

Michael J. Cino…today promised to seek huge damages against the Star Ledger and one of their “mystery” writers who on Easter Morning printed slanderous statements which were proven wrong and malicious over six years ago – and then appeared to have the newspaper endorse higher gasoline prices.

The Ledger endorsed higher gasoline prices? No, they’re just mocking him:

Now, Cino wants to be known as the “Gas Man.”

Cino, a gasoline wholesaler, is running in the GOP primary against incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Garrett in the 5th District. His slogan: “Republican for Lower Gasoline Prices.” He hopes the media picks up on that.

“It’s a great idea, right?” said Cino, dismissing any notion that voters might make sport of a man and his gas.

Then there’s this gem in Cino’s release:

“The Star Ledge is got to be kidding.”

No, you is got to get a grammar checker.

His entire press release is below. If you’re reading this in the morning, finish drinking your milk before you read.

News Roundup Friday April 14

  • UPDATE:I can’t believe I missed this MOST EXCELLENT John Farmer column regarding the latest Sy Hersh revelation that Bushco are gonna nuke Iran.
  • Happy Birthday! BANG!
  • It seems that leaving government to work for the  side you were supposed to be working against is not just a phenomenon limited to DC political appointees. Former DEP head, Brad Campbell, is going to work for a law firm that handles “development” projects.
  • They had their carrots, now here come the sticks. Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, and Camden school districts will undergo “tough” state audits. No word yet if these “tough” audits will be of the same level of “toughness” we have grown accustomed to in this “tough” state.
  • Parsippany High Schoolers are going to be suspended for slandering fellow students and teachers using MySpace.com. Michael Cino’s lawyers have not been contacted for comment on wether or not they will represent anyone in this case.
  • After 7 months since the Bergen Record did an excellent job of exposing the toxic waste dump that Ford left behind in Ringwood, The EPA has once again put that site back on the Superfund list. This is now the 6th time this site is on the list. No word as to wether or not this 6th time, it will be clean and carcinogen free.
  • Cory Booker sues Newark for creating an $80 million dollar slush fund. Way to go!
  • Fred Snowflack gets letters!
  • Despite attempts to protect casino workers from second hand smoke, the smoking ban goes into effect tonight at midnight. Sorry smokers. Look at the bright side, its springtime and beautiful outside! In other news, Atlantic City scientists have discovered that human beings become immune to airborne carcinogens simply by entering a Casino.