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Far Be it From Me To Defend Tom MacArthur, But …

Red State proves once again that conservatives are great at outrage but pretty damned awful at knowledge and governing.

The nuts at Red State have decided that lifelong Republican, highly successful businessman and multi-term Mayor Tom MacArthur is a RINO because when he was a Councilman and Mayor taxes went up.  Oh, and he was in the insurance industry.

Where they truly show their ignorance is in this one, beautiful paragraph:

But in April 2013, the city council of Randolph, NJ under Tom MacArthur raised taxes 3.69% in one year, despite noting that the town’s ratable base actually contracted in size.

The Red State guys are confusing spending with tax rates.  Sure, the Randolph NJ tax rate rose 3.69% in 2013 but spending rose far less.  

How is that possible?

Because “the town’s ratable base actually contracted in size.”  See, the tax rate is a ratio of the value of land and buildings — knows as “ratables” — in the town divided by the dollars budgeted by the town.  If the value of the ratables in town fall then even a flat spending year will result in a rise in the tax rate.

So the “damning” “despite noting that” line is actually exculpatory for MacArthur.  

97 Years Ago Today: 1st Woman in Congress. Today: Zero Women in NJ’s Congressional Delegation.

Ninety-seven years ago today Jeanette Rankin, a Republican and lifelong pacifist from Montana took her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives. The first woman ever elected to Congress.

Today, there are no women in NJ’s congressional delegation. And though women may find lawmakers who represent them well, there are no women whose footsteps can be followed to Washington. And emerging women candidates now training at Ready to Run or Teach a Girl to Lead or emergeNewJersey, women are missing from that powerful club on the Hill.

But there’s a good chance we’ll change that this year. And the best opportunities are with Democratic candidates. Below the fold, an evaluation of where we stand a chance to send our Jeanette Rankin, or maybe even our Shirley Chisholm to the U.S. House. What do you think?

Aimee Belgard makes 1st round of DCCC’s Red-to-Blue

Aimee BelgardFor the first time in DCCC’s history, women have earned 60% of the coveted Red-to-Blue spots that bring extra benefits for Democratic House contenders – financial, communications, and strategic. But the biggest advantage is the stamp of viability that attracts money. Aimee Belgard, lawyer and BurlCo Freeholder since last year, was endorsed in the first round. Belgard:

“I am honored by the outpouring of support we’ve had here in the 3rd Congressional District. People from Burlington and Ocean Counties have joined our grassroots campaign to end the partisan gridlock in Washington, and stand up for our veterans, seniors and middle-class families,” said Aimee Belgard. “The strength of our campaign has earned us a spot in the Red to Blue program, and that means we’ll have the support and momentum it takes to win in November, and bring common sense solutions to Washington.”

The stakes are very high for serious House races, coming off of an era of the worst Congress ever and House Republicans refusal to govern or even act like grown-ups, change is required, whether it’s uphill climbing (Dems need to net 17 seats) or not.

Belgard’s campaign – endorsed by EMILY’s List last month – was already showing signs of strength last year when Rep. Jon Runyan announced he wouldn’t seek re-election. Runyan, though the kind of big hunky handsome that can help you get elected, was never intellectually prepared to serve the same House as Rep. Rush Holt (though he fit in fine with Boehner). The fact that CD3 is now an open seat turns up the flame on the district and on Belgard.

DCCC’s list also recognizes three districts where Dems are in primary fights – CA31, IA01 & ME02. You have to figure the D-trip is watching NJ’s 12th for the next round of Red-to-Blue. (correction: Rosi writing with a head cold is dangerous. CD12’s not red so Red-to-Blue doesn’t apply). It’s now open too, with Rush Holt’s retirement at the end of his term. That’s 3 open seats in Jersey. In CD1, as things in South Jersey go, an anointing of Don Norcross is expected, which takes the representation of that CD out of the hands of the voters. In CD12, two women – Bonnie Watson Coleman and Linda Greenstein – are angling for frontrunner status, along with Upendra Chivukula.

Also on DCCC’s list today, in the Emerging Races category, is Bill Hughes, challenging Frank LoBiondo in CD2.  

Does Bonnie Watson Coleman in CD12 Help CD7 and CD3?

promoted by Rosi

Aimee Belgard has a shot at turning a red seat blue in CD3, though it is likely an outside shot. Janice Kovach has a much smaller chance at CD7 given the district’s demographics, a late start and the seeming radio silence since jumping in.

But Bonnie Watson Coleman appears to be consolidating support for herself in CD12 in an effort to replace Rush Holt, and the district looks to be a fairly solid Democratic one assuming no major missteps.

That gives us three Democratic women running for Congress, and at least two opportunities for electoral success.

Given a chance to take an all-male delegation of 12 New Jersey Representatives and make it 25% female, what are the odds that national money and support will flow to the Garden State?  It would be a huge shift, and a great chance to show that Democrats really do support women and to contrast it to the GOP’s spotty record.

So what do you think?  Does Watson Coleman’s surge mean good things for our delegation, and possibly a shift of two GOP seats into the Democratic caucus?

Republicans Step Right Up To Run In CD3… Lots of them

Nothing brings people out of the woodwork to run for office like an open seat and the race to replace Jon Runyan in Congress from the 3rd District has many Republicans lining up for party support:

GOP leadership has heard from 17 candidates in Ocean County interested in taking the reins of the congressional seat set to be vacated by U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan. At least one of the individuals, Evesham Mayor Randy Brown, took their name out of the running as late as this week – leaving up to 16 candidates left.

Ocean County leadership interviewed eight candidates this week and is slated to review the remaining hopefuls sometime next week. Burlington officials, the other county that makes up CD 3, are said to have interviewed at least 10 people earlier this month.

On Cancer in New Jersey

In 2011, there were 49,080 people in New Jersey who were diagnosed with cancer for the first time.  In the same year, 16,370 New Jerseyans died of the disease while countless others suffered its debilitating effects.

During his campaign for the United States Senate, Tea Party darling Steve Lonegan made it clear that he opposes improving the overall health of the American people by railing against Obamacare.

Now Lonegan wants to carpetbag in the Third Congressional District and run for the open seat being vacated by Jon Runyan. Lonegan’s Democratic opponent would be Burlington County Freeholder Aimee Belgard.

Compare their views on health care:

When questioned on this topic, Lonegan said, “I hate to see you have cancer, but that’s your problem, not mine.”

Belgard, on the other hand, has devoted years to cancer fundraising, research, and care as a volunteer executive with the American Cancer Society.

What type of person do we want in Congress? A man whose responses are flippant and uncaring? Or a woman whose actions speak louder than words?

Shelley Adler ad: “Free Agent”

NJ-3 challenger to Rep. Jon Runyan Shelley Adler released her latest ad today again with a football theme, a “free agent” for outsourcing. It shows a big, helmeted wrecking ball of a guy in a suit knocking people over at their workplaces, and literally soaking a family. Adler, at the end, makes an appearance to literally lift up one of the workers Runyan shoved. What do you think, Blue Jersey?

QoTD: Adults in the playground

Correction: This was yesterday, I listed it incorrectly as today. h/t Deciminyan

Shelley AdlerToday’s Quote of the Day belongs to Shelley Adler, widow of the late Rep. John Adler and a candidate with a groundswell of support driving her challenge to a Republican solidly in the he’s-gotta-go category. Adler had an interview yesterday morning with Burlington County Times Editorial Board, and NJ-3 residents were encouraged to send in questions for the board to ask her (this is just a great idea, cheers to Burlington County Times). Adler:

“I’m interested in going to Washington to be an adult in the playground, and I think it’s time to bring some more adults to Washington.”

Not an adult? You don’t have to look far to bring this guy to mind, or the hijinks of the modern-day GOP House of Representatives Jon Runyan cleaves to. I don’t agree with everything Adler’s running on – I’m unclear on her lack of support for the Affordable Care Act, which her husband also did not support – but stacked up against GOP incumbent Jon Runyan, who was and is supremely unprepared for the job the voters gifted to him, there is no question. Shelley Adler is also our best chance at classing up the NJ congressional delegation with a little estrogen. Boom. Burlington County Times put this morning’s whole thing on video (another good idea). Quality’s not great, but if you want a record of this interview, here’s what they talked about. If you emailed topic suggestions, maybe you’ll hear your question asked. Video’s 42 minutes.