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Bye-bye Tea Party Frank

UPDATE: Late reports indicate that the South Jersey Democratic machine will encourage and support the most conservative Democrat in the State Senate, Jeff Van Drew, to run for the seat. WIll The Resistance be able to overcome The Machine? In…
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CD2: Bill Hughes Jr. zooms up within 6 points of Frank LoBiondo

If you’re an upstart Democrat running against an entrenched Republican, this lede is the stuff of your dreams. Philadelphia Inquirer:

WASHINGTON – Is an upset brewing in South Jersey?

They’re talking about the Stockton College poll – out late yesterday, and the momentum it shows for Bill Hughes Jr.. LoBo’s lead is down to just 6 points over Bill Hughes Jr. with 18% of respondents coming up undecided or not expressing a choice. Eighteen? That’s a lot of room for movement now that voters are starting to pay attention.

Hughes’ CM Keith Rosendahl calls last night’s Stockton numbers “the most encouraging poll numbers for a Democratic challenger to Congressman LoBiondo in over twenty years.” LoBiondo’s changed in his couple decades in Congress, Rosendahl argues, “walking in lockstep with partisan leaders in a broken and irresponsible Congress for too long.”

The question will be the degree to which voters will lump backbencher LoBiondo into the catch-all of their disgust with Republicans vs. the pull of incumbency to mindlessly return him for another 4 undistinguished years. Team Hughes has to feel good that Americans’ disapproval of congressional Republicans is at a dismal 72%.  

CD2: Bill Hughes first TV spot – “These Streets”

Here’s the first TV spot from Democrat Bill Hughes, who is challenging the heretofore comfortably entrenched Republican Frank LoBiondo. Hughes is the son of 20-year CD2 congressman William Hughes, who defeated LoBiondo when the Republican challenged him in 1992, then decided not to seek the seat after terms that kept him in Congress from 1975-1995.

Now his son, a former federal prosecutor, is challenging LoBiondo, in a campaign LoBo is trying unsuccessfully to ignore as he continues to cozy up to NJ’s economic failure Gov. Christie. Hughes is the only NJ House candidate on DCCC’s Emerging Races list. This is his first TV spot, up on both cable and broadcast, a six-figure media buy reaching the entire district – a district that’s hurting with the sinking fortunes of Atlantic City and tens of thousands of South Jerseyans out of work and getting, Hughes says, no leadership from their congressman.

What do you think, Blue Jersey?

Hughes for Congress “These Streets” from RSH Campaigns on Vimeo.

QoTD: “An Unemployed Congressional District”

Quote of the Day goes to Bill Hughes, candidate for Congress in CD2 against Frank LoBiondo:

South Jersey is not a Democratic congressional district. South Jersey is not a Republican congressional district. South Jersey is an unemployed congressional district. Atlantic County was just placed last among 372 metropolitan areas in job gains and losses! It is obvious new leadership is needed.

The quote, via his Hughes for Congress Facebook page was responding to the disastrous economic news as area residents bleed casino jobs by the thousands. And it was a call to action for his campaign.